Simple Plan tur

The 2020 Simple Plan tour will also featured New Found Glory and KnucklePuck. The tour will kick off at the end of May in Florida and wrap up with two shows in Texas at the end of June. Simple Plan tour 2020 concerts will include shows in New York, Boston, Seattle, Anaheim and more, Vivid Seats will have full Simple Plan tour dates and info below. Canadian punk rockers Simple Plan are a Vans Warped Tour staple, having played there every summer from 1999 to 2005. In 2011, Simple Plan joined the Warped Tour once again treating ticket buyers to high-energy live concerts anchored by hits like 'I'm Just a Kid,' 'I'll Do Anything,' and 'Shut Up!' We wanted give an update on the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour with Simple Plan. We have been working very hard to try and reschedule this tour for 2021 but it’s taking longer than we had hoped. What we can tell you is that the tour will be happening next May/June 2021 and we expect to announce those new Simple Plan - Taking One For The Team Available Now Official Website. Find concert tickets for Simple Plan upcoming 2020 shows. Explore Simple Plan tour schedules, latest setlist, videos, and more on Be the first to know about our tour dates, video premieres, special announcements.

Siem Hong: a Course of Action

2020.09.09 01:50 ComradeMoose Siem Hong: a Course of Action

The massacre of innocent women and children was shameful and a grave transgression in the eyes of the Yunguncat tribe. To commemorate the massacre, Imhansak and his friend Horujin carved a crude stone monument with a poem of mourning.
A rough translation of the poem read as:
On a journey with bitter winds in summer,
All that’s left behind are waters, still as winter frost
Holding back the night over withered fields
All that’s left are waters which cover the Earth
Tears fall and arrows fly.
The stone demonstrated a cultural element of the Yunguncat where they composed death poems in relation to battles, however, what made it so unusual is that it was written as a testament to the vengeance that would be unleashed upon the Siem Hong. After the completion of the stonework, Imhansak immediately set to planning what to do. The conversation that unfolded between him and his companions, particularly Horujin was disjointed with long pauses between sentences.
“Horujin, there’s only maybe twenty of us, right?”
“Yes. But what can we do with that? All we can do is raid hamlets and maybe smaller villages, but even then we cannot do much.”
“I know. I want you on my war council. I want to lay fire upon them in such a way that they would believe the Sun, Moon and sky were against them.”
Shocked, Horujin’s voice began to show faster tonal fluctuations. “What are you talking about? How can we even think of having a war council? You yourself only just said we have twenty men! So how possibly could we fight them?”
“Simple, we get allies. Who is it to our east and to our north?”
The directness of the question that Imhansak was unusual for him, at least when he went by Pohajamak. Horujin thought a moment before speaking.
“There’s the clans of Rapatajanak and the Puroyats led by Daamujin Tur and Hansa Tur to the north and the Curkajinad band led by Curkan Tur to the east. Perhaps Curkan Tur will be sympathetic to our cause but neither Daamujin Tur and Hansa Tur would be as they had been rivals of our band and clan for years. Especially in this case, we will need to be careful with Curkan because he will expect something great in return for helping us and even then, all we could do is harass small farming villages.”
“I see, well, I’ll just have to call on Siruukojem1 then.”
“Siruukojem? Really? You must be mad.”
“I am, and I’m mad as hell. This is my destiny and I will not be denied my satisfaction. So, who is the weaker? Daamujin Tur or Hansa Tur?”
“From what I recall, Hansa Tur is younger than Daamujin Tur but has less experience in the ways of combat. Daamujin Tur has particular skill with a blade, so I’d have to say Hansa Tur is the weaker.”
“Good, I’ll challenge Daamujin Tur.”
Horujin’s jaw dropped and the words that followed had a great amount of indignancy in them.
Suroteyic,2 what is wrong with you? You’re not kin to Daamujin Tur, so how can you call on this?”
“Simple, my grandfather made himself a suroteyic to Daamujin Tur’s father and exchanged their daughters, making them the same as blood-kin, thus Daamujin Tur is my relative.”
Horujin just put his hands to his head and shook it. “Fine, okay, if you’re so determined to die then go ahead. I’ll follow you, you’re my sworn brother but I must advise you against this.”
They informed their band and after two days of preparation they left for the north to Daamujin Tur’s main camp. Once there, Imhansak called for the Tur.
“Daamujin Tur, I am the grandson of Nyatojacan and thus your siruukojem.”
  1. Siruukojem, n., from the words “siruk” (blood) and “mojem” (fruit). Siruukojem is a type of challenge to the leadership of a clan, band or tribe that can be presented by blood-kin.
  2. Suroteyic, n., from the words “siruk” (blood) and “deyic” (sibling). A term used to demonstrate being a sworn brother to someone.
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2020.06.23 01:50 thorefingers [MoaFW] 15. Job Within a Job

[First Chapter]
Night has fallen, and I have retired to my room. It is quite spacious; thinking about it, this is probably the nicest room I’ve stayed in. Not the nicest I’ve ever seen, mind you. That honor goes to master’s treasure hall.
Just prior to this, I had dinner with the Locksleys. The food was good, as you’d expect of a noble household, though with my current cooking skill I could easily outdo it.
Eating to keep up appearances certainly felt strange. Since my high-level body is extremely energy-efficient, I don’t need to eat for weeks at a time. I can mostly live off my internal mana reserves, and then my natural mana regeneration takes care of any depletion. During my training, I got used to eating exclusively for entertainment and the occasional energy boost, but now I’m going to have to change my habits or people paying attention to me will get suspicious.
During dinner, Henrietta introduced me to her family and explained that she had hired me. Her father James immediately took a very close look at me—it seems he has inspect status—which I gladly let him do. After all, I took great care in creating William, my false identity. It would be a shame if no one saw his status.
William Gaston Level 45 (XP to next level: 21,574/63,800) Age: 52 years Job: Expert Alchemist Titles: N/A HP : 945 STR: 54 STA: 49 AGI: 59 INT: 76 MP : 810 Skills: Cooking 2, Scavenging 5, Alchemy 8, Calligraphy 8, Appraisal 5, Geography 4, Mana Manipulation 7, Mana Sense 6, Formation Setting 6, Earth Magic 5, Water Magic 5, Fire Magic 5, Wood Magic 7, Metal Magic 5, Pure Magic 5, Tainted Magic 4, Null Magic 5, Etiquette 4
I could clearly see James’s surprise. William’s number of magic skills, as well as his skill in talisman-related pursuits, is quite high, but his strength is otherwise on par with other high-level professionals in the mortal world. If I were to put it in terms of my home continent’s Hunter’s Guild, he would be at the level of an average B-rank hunter, but as a craftsman, he is certainly exceptional. After some internal debate, however, James seemingly decided to shelve the issue.
I also took the opportunity to examine my new host family.
James Locksley, the Earl of Hathsburg, is the strongest of the bunch at level 40. His specialty appears to be swordsmanship of some sort, and he gives me the impression of someone who would lead his troops from the front lines. Of course, he isn’t just some musclehead, at least as far as his level 6 persuasion and level 6 leadership skills are telling me, and the fact that he is still going strong at age 55 backs that up.
Henrietta compares favorably to her father, if only level 30 herself. She made it to that level at the young age of 25, which is rather impressive in the mortal world. Well, she’s the family heir, so it makes sense that she would have received rigorous training from the time she was young.
Other than those two, there is Henrietta’s younger brother Thomas, and her mother, Mary. Mary is a few years younger than James, and Thomas is in his teens.
The Locksley family is also evidently blessed with inheritable magic, at least judging from their skills. Both father and children have three magic skills: metal, wind, and pure. If it were just James and Henrietta, I could have attributed it to them acquiring them later, but since Thomas also has them, I can only conclude they’re inherited in some way. This is frequently the case in noble families, or so I’ve read.
In any case, dinner passed peacefully, and I was able to keep up conversation well enough by relying on my etiquette skill and my newly acquired acting skill. Henrietta decided to keep the “curse” under wraps, intending to tell her father in private. This is what she’s doing right now, which I know because I’m listening in with my mana sense. The mansion is large, but not large enough that I can’t spy on the whole thing at once.
Once Henrietta finishes her story, her father sighs in amazement.
“I see. Well, you certainly ran into a talented individual. You probably don’t know this, but his level is even higher than mine, and his skills are something else entirely. He will without a doubt be able to do the job, but I will ask you again: you’re sure he’s trustworthy?”
Henrietta nods firmly. “He has only just arrived in Daltmer, and I have seen no evidence to prove otherwise. A significant portion of our conversations were spent on familiarizing him with our current events and local geography. I would be stunned if someone from one of the other factions had sent him to us as a spy or saboteur. Besides, no one but us knows we need high grade talismans.”
“Very well, I will trust your judgement. You shall be his direct contact for as long as he’s here. Craftsmen of his caliber are hard to come by in the first place, so it would be good to use your debt to him to strengthen his ties to our family. Showing hospitality now will bring benefits in the long run. Now, let’s hear your report on the capital.”
“Yes, father.”
Hm. I feel a bit bad about them thinking they’re indebted to me, but at the same time, they’re getting a good deal, so it should be fine.
I listen for a while longer, getting some details of the conflict these people are wrapped up in.
Greedy politicians eyeing neighboring countries and suspected traitors spying for said neighbors? If Daltmer is showing signs of war approaching, it could be the influence of the otherworld invaders. They’ve started conflict before to cover their movements or aid in their plans.
The conversation wraps up, and my two hosts separate for the night.
Nobles really are the people to hear this kind of gossip from. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.
The job Henrietta wants me to do is quite simple—make some talismans, then go with her to a location and set up a magic formation there using them. She apparently already has the design for the formation, but because it is a family secret, won’t show it to me until the time comes for me to set it up. No matter, because I’ve already made sure it isn’t anything I would regret building. The mana sense restriction on the Locksley secret chamber can only impede those below the level of Mastery of Mana.
The point is that I have an excuse to hang around Henrietta for a while longer, which gives me more opportunities to study her abnormality while I wait for a reply from Admi. It would be preferable if I could figure out what it is on my own, really, but I don’t have confidence that I’ll be able to under any reasonable time constraints.
Now that I’ve finished my work for the day, it is time for nightly training. There are many things I still need to improve on, so I’ve decided that from now on when I’m working as a moderator, I’ll reserve the time when everyone else is asleep for self-improvement, since I’ll usually have nothing better to do.
I sit down cross-legged on the bed and activate the sealing barrier formation I laid down earlier, so as not to disturb my surroundings. First, I train my ki, working on increasing volume, intensity, and flexibility. I’m trying to get the advanced version of my ki manipulation skill: Ki Mastery. After that, I move on to mana-related training, and spend some time thinking about talismans and spell formations. I skip anything physical in order to keep the mansion intact; the Cauldron of Hemadon isn’t exactly forgiving when I increase its weight.
Time passes quickly, and before I know it I hear a knock at my door. I set aside my partially finished analyses and theories to check who it is. On the other side of the door, I see Bell about to knock again, so I call out to her to come in.
The door opens, and the servant girl curtseys in the opening. “Breakfast is ready, sir.”
I open my eyes and glance out the window at the sun starting to rise, and am once again struck by the oddness of adhering to the day-night cycle after ignoring it for so long. Then I follow Bell down to the dining hall, where the Locksleys are also gathering.
One peaceful breakfast later, I sit across from James in his study, with Henrietta standing off to the side.
“Henrietta tells me she has already informed you of what the job will entail. We need you to make several high-grade earth element, metal element, and tainted element talismans of different types. I would have offered you mages to help you complete them, but now that I’ve met you I can tell you won’t have problems in that regard.”
Well, of course. And you say high-grade, but they’re high medium-grade at best.
“That is what she told me,” I nod. “ I will be able to do this, but I will need a few weeks, as well as the materials for the ink. I carry some inks with me, but have none of the ones needed for these talismans.”
“Not a problem. We have the materials already, and the time it takes doesn’t matter as long as they are properly made. As for payment, we will give you a quarter now, and the rest on completion. There are some preparations we need our collaborators to make as well, but the sum will be quite substantial.”
“Good to hear, good to hear. My hosts are very generous people.”
“Haha, what are you saying? I would never treat my daughter’s savior unfairly in a simple business matter such as this. Ah, but of course you must not forget that yours is a clandestine role, not to be spoken of to outsiders.”
“Of course.”
We exchange some pleasantries and I take my leave. Henrietta accompanies me.
“We are preparing a workspace for you, Mr. Gaston, so until it’s ready, you are free to do as you wish. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask me.” She gives a charming smile.
This girl barely returned home herself, and she’s already playing the host brilliantly. I can hardly believe she’s younger than me. Though to her I look about twice her age, haha.
I clasp my hands behind my back and consider my options as we walk. ”In that case, I think I would like to see some more of the town, particularly in the direction of where the formation is to be placed. Would you mind finding a guide for me?”
I say that with the expectation that she will step up to the role herself, which she does. Some minutes later, we’re strolling through the town along with Frederick and Bell.
Hathsburg, though not particularly impressive in size, is located in a strategically significant spot. It is near the border between Daltmer and its western neighbor Tur, and its placement on the river Gant is such that it can cut off any riverboat travel into Daltmer from the northwest. Most of the trading vessels that sail here pass by the town to go further down the Gant and visit more lucrative trade hubs, but Hathsburg has nevertheless seen benefits from its location in the form of increased monetary support from the crown.
Therefore it’s no surprise that the Locksleys are in the loyalist faction, content with the defensive posture the royal family has held through most of its history. Hathsburg would after all be among the first to be targeted if war were to flare up, alongside a fort further to the west. It is those nobles who are out of favor, suppressed and power hungry, who are trying to rile people up so they can use the chaos of war to their advantage, while using the location of their own fiefs to stay out of harm’s way.
My job for the Locksleys is not to bolster the defenses against external threats, but internal ones. The Locksleys are apparently trying to lay some traps for those that wish their country harm for selfish reasons, and one of those is the one I’ll be building—a devious maze that guards a nonexistent defensive treasure. It’ll go on the outskirts of town, under a cluster of hills that were mined out some hundred years in the past.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying getting wrapped up in political affairs. But that’s to be expected. The stories of kings and heroes that I heard in my youth were always just that to me: stories. However, now that my place in life has changed so drastically, all of them are within my reach. I feel it wouldn’t hurt to spend some of these ten years I have on helping decide the fate of a nation. Something about the way I’ve been forced into being a moderator makes me want to see for certain that my actions can have the impact that I want them to.
[Previous Chapter][Next Chapter]
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2020.06.18 22:04 Sagara_Sigal So you gave me a demo, I have to give you a review

First of all, thanks. Despite the fact that many opinions have already gathered here.
In fact, due to the fact that some people (who are they, beta testers?) Played the game for a lot of time, I thought that it was in the best condition. For me, it doesn’t matter that there are bugs in the game. I also do not care when they are fixed, before the release or after. In this matter, I'm pretty loyal.
I am new to the lore of the game and I did not watch or read news about it, so as not to catch spoilers. But I read the reviews the last couple of days and I agree with most of the complaints about the game. Anyway, I'll write what I think after six hours of play.

I tried the quest with waves of enemies. They simply crush with their quantity, there are not enough resources. I am not against challenges; I don’t even have any complaints about the complexity of this task. But in trying to find the right strategy, I noticed that:

- machine-gun bunkers suck, enemy infantry flees at them like a whole crowd of Alexandrov Matveyevich Matrosovs. In turn, the "machine gun bunker" .. but, as I said, it sucks. It should become more reliable and faster kill infantry.

- poor responsiveness of units. Infantry behaves badly and often does not follow orders. Doesn’t throw grenades when I order. Sticks to the trench.

- a very long raising of grenades. If an entire platoon of infantry replaces its weapon, it may take some time. But when one person from a platoon raises a grenade, it should not take so much time.

- a very slurred hand-to-hand combat. half of the platoon shoots, half runs into melee. This should be more effective.

- mechs whom I ordered to pass several points of the path, stop and enter into battle with the enemy, if he meets on the way. It is very uncomfortable. I give an understandable order - to go through the points and be in the rear of the enemy. After which I switch to other soldiers who are also waiting for orders, and when I finished with them, I find that the robot just got halfway and violated my whole plan.

- retreat. This is not a very convenient button. When I give such an order, I mean that I want to save the unit and cure it. But I have to treat them manually. Perhaps it’s worth adding the second version of the button so that the units are treated themselves upon arrival at the base.

- the enemy infantry is just storming my trenches. I’m not a military man, I don’t know, maybe this is what happens. But it is annoying. At least it should not be so simple. It may be worthwhile to increase the incoming damage to the infantry, which runs into the trenches of others.

- barbed wire. If you interrupt the engineers during its construction, he can not continue where they left off. This is extremely inconvenient. Give them the opportunity to continue to build one line, and not start nearby, because of which there are windows. (perhaps it is worth giving the opportunity to surround the trench with wire so that it would not be stormed so fiercely?)

- I still did not understand how to make a robot (I write a robot because it’s an online translator and it’s inconvenient for me to fix it) to attack it with a bayonet. Can he? In general, this is not very intuitive.

I put up with the fact that the construction of various buildings was removed from the game. I also understand why there are not so many units.
I am pleased that there will be three companies with 13 missions. This reminds me of a war front (it had three nations and two companies with 12 missions) and I spent a lot of time there. Therefore, I am waiting for the company. I hope she will be interesting.
BUT, for units it was possible to make more abilities / functions. for example, to give small robots the opportunity to hide behind buildings. Engineers surround structures with obstacles such as sandbags or wire. In general, there are few units, but there should be many possibilities for their use.

PZM-24 "Tur" he was so titanic in the arts, but became so small and uninteresting in the game. And his ability to launch rockets is useless. In addition, I have questions for all the big guns and artillery pieces in the game. What caliber is it? No, I understand that we have stranger design decisions, but what caliber is this? It looks a little strange, because it's bigger than the Dora’s guns, but they’re not able to destroy the pathetic platoon of infantry. In addition, he should be able to shoot far.

Mines. Does he work? How? I need to place them exactly, where will the enemy come? Why are there no minefields for infantry? In addition, why do they require a unit from the amount of the army?

Some skirmishes are too long. Especially if this robot attacks the infantry. Also, perhaps robots should be able to crush infantry? Analogue hand-to-hand combat. A big robot does damage to a small collision.

Here's what the game needs: make more emphasis on ... that certain units do more damage to other specific units or things. And some less damage.

I think the game needs more variation in everything. I still hope for the company. The existing gameplay in skirmish is not very exciting
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2020.05.01 18:12 vinnybones The 5th best non-dfe LR: LR SSJ3 Goku & Why he places above K/C - In otherwords; "If I don't do it, Who will?!"

First of all, I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on my prior post! Everyone who posted a legitimate argument, I took your concerns into consideration.
I take no offense in hearing out another user's qualms with my opinion - especially one as controversial as this.
The only people I'm disappointed in are those who didn't refute anything and instead decided on personal attacks.
I can understand if you think this is too hot of a take, or perhaps I'm even idiotic, but, I also think it's unfortunate that you feel that way before you've even seen the breadth of my argument.
However, that's all unimportant in the scope of what I attempt to accomplish today.
Today, we're first going to explain why SSJ3 Goku is specifically - in my personal consideration - superior to Kale & Caulifla. And then, of course, we will move on to explaining why he ranks #5 overall, and who places above him next.
So! To some, it is completely unfathomable that SSJ3 Goku can be considered as a unit superior to LR K/C.
He lowers his own defense in order to do damage, doesn't work outside of SSJ3, and has been long since out damaged by units like LR TEQ Broly, LR Goku & Frieza and especially LR Kale & Caulifla.
Why in the world would he ever be better?
Well, It's of my opinion that all of those perceptions of him are actually just the public perception; As new units release, older units generally take the bench and become less focused upon and less optimized.
A "new is better" mentality can certainly play a part into things, but, It would be rather foolish of me to assert that it's the primary reason people take a distaste to such a unit.
So, instead, the first part of this little essay will be to hopefully debunk some of these claims.
Crucially, many users were keen to point out that LR SSJ3 Goku's defense is bad, especially whenever he plans to use an ultra super attack.
This is simply, and quite fortunately, untrue. LR SSJ3 Goku only loses his defense upon ultra-super attacking. His defense is actually quite potent before that point; Meaning even in the first slot, as long as the attacks he's intercepting are before he supers, he has little trouble at all tanking.
And, as stated, he only takes the 70% cut to his defense on ultra super; His 12ki super attack actually has a 20% chance to stun; Stunning is far and away the best debuff to apply to troublesome units in SBR; As, when you stun a foe, it completely negates all of their potential attacks.
So, in my personal testing, any SBR stage I could bring SSJ3 Goku to, he actually performed as one of the best units on my team in those instances. He was reliably able to completely negate any damage that would've placed him in danger through a combination of stuns & high overall defense. On one specific team, his defense actually reached 180,000; His was the highest defense on the team by almost 60,000 points.
Now, it's a valid criticism to say that he doesn't deal damage when he tanks; But.. many units who are positively praised as excellent tanks don't really do much damage at all, either.
INT Hercule, as far as I'm aware, is beloved by the community for how amazing of a tank he is. Yet, I can guarantee you that SSJ3 Goku, while obviously tanking less well, will certainly deal far superior damage.
The other facet, of course, is that SSJ3 Goku can choose to ultra super to almost always one shot an SBR Foe.
In my personal testing I used this well to my advantage; I would usually let goku tank the first time he appeared, and in many cases he would even stun, making successive rotations even easier.
Then, with a stunned foe and my second rotation having already done some of the heavy lifting by killing one or two enemies - or at the very least softening them up if it's a 2 person SBR stage, I could almost always and reliably pick one enemy and delete them by ultra supering.
Now, the core component here is I think many individuals think SSJ3 Goku is inferior on all teams that aren't SSJ3 - I saw many such comments that claimed I was being biased by saying that LR Caulifla & Kale are limited in the places they can be run, but Goku has much of the same issue.
This, is also, fortunately, untrue. LR SSJ3 Goku has gained a plethora of partners since Caulifla & Kale became a recognized unit. For some, that would appear to be SSJ3 Gohan, and not much else. This is patently false.
ANY xeno SSJ3 unit is an excellent choice for him, be it SSJ3 Xeno Goku or SSJ3 Trunks if you need a good tanky partner, or PHY SSJ3 Xeno Vegeta if you need a pure saiyan element over Gohan.
But, of course StL SSJ3s work well with him. What about other units entirely?
Well, of course. Goku loves just about anyone with OiaF & StL. Such options include excellent units like LR Majin Vegeta & LR INT Super Saiyan God Goku.
There are even a few excellent F2P options that work quite well with him, such as TEQ EZA Exchange Goku & Gohan - giving him potent support - or PHY Battlefield TUR Majin Vegeta, whom is an excellent defensive pairing while giving him 5ki in links.
All of these, however, pale in comparison to his best overall partner. One whom was the primary focus in my testing for Super SBR, and supercharges SSJ3 Goku into an absolute monster.
That would be TEQ Tien; Whom gives him an astonishing 8ki and 60% in ATK just by existing alongside him. TEQ Tien also gives this guy 50% extra defense; Making his average defense go from around 120,000 to 150,000.
TEQ Tien, in fact, makes SSJ3 Goku's APT on Last Resort; Only a 150% lead - 10.2 million. This rockets him from 10th on the hardest hitting LRs to 4th; Barely behind SSJ4 Goku, whom is a whole 3 million ahead of SSJ4 Vegeta, the previous 4th.
If he's so strong there - surpassing Kale & Caulifla by a full 2 million in damage output - on a 150% team, no less, as compared to their 170% team - Why isn't this aptimal?
Because of DFE LRs. Which, I'll remind you, this list completely doesn't take into account.
Finally, I want to talk about some less showy reasons why I think Goku is superior. Everyone oohs and aahs at big numbers, so, if more subjective, less mathematical reasons don't interest you, I suggest skipping down to the part where I talk him up & explain who's next.
All of these facts on their own wouldn't be enough to place Goku solely above K/C. They still have higher consistency on more teams, are far better on long events, and if you're lucky can even clutch SBR more than his stuns can with their dodges.
The primary reason is Dokkan's focus towards teambuilding.
LR Caulifla & Kale are built in a way where if you want their damage output to be impressive, you will always need to pair them with copies of themselves, that is, until, dokkan somehow, maybe releases a second unit that hits U6, Joined Forces & Pure Saiyans all at once.
I don't know about you, but considering what K/C has already done, I imagine Dokkan would be somewhat hesitant about releasing a second intensely strong unit that hits all 3 of those cats.
However, the opposite is true of SSJ3 Goku. In contrast, any strong unit with OiaF & StL instantly makes for a good partner with him. Hell, really any unit either of those links and a supportive ability also easily makes for a great case as well.
So, for example, if we get ANY of the following; An OP LR With OiaF & StL An OP Support with OiaF & StL A transformable unit that starts supportive with OiaF or StL An OP support with EITHER OiaF & StL
Those are all considered big buffs for SSJ3 Goku; And seeing as how wide that scope really is; It takes little thought as to understand how those could be big buffs for any of his categories at large, let alone just him.
Meanwhile, the only way to make another unit that's justifiably worth running over just another copy of the same LR for Caulifla & Kale is the following; A Universe 6 Joined Forces Pure Saiyan unit NOT from Tournament of Power .. A Universe 6 Joined Forces Pure Saiyan FROM Tournament of Power
Their options are overall just extremely limited. As time goes on it becomes more and more evident that the meta isn't always going to stay purely defensive. The brand new mode, Chain Battle, focuses on dealing high amounts of damage. Units like SSJ3 Goku, who can deal absurd damage, have gotten an entirely new lease on life just from this mode alone. Nevermind the fact that his defense - when given the care that K/C's is - can surpass them in SBR - and his offense can far surpass them.
However, this is all within the confines of the current metagame. It's entirely possible some unit that fits the exact specifications that I mention could appear next month, the month after that, or.. realistically, any time, as long as Dokkan exists.
If that new unit were to bring a category that they could share outside of the existing ones LR Caulifla & Kale is present on, then.. I'd HAVE to place Caulifla & Kale higher.
I don't harbor any dislike for this unit; I think they're excellent. When you include DFE LRs into the equation, they still make the overall top 10, which, is incredible.
It's just that as of currently speaking, Goku has a home on all of his categories. His worst one is by far Movie Heroes, as he lacks a truly excellent partner there; But on Full Power (lead by FPSSJ4 Goku) & Last Resort, specifically, SSJ3 Goku becomes an incredibly powerful defensive & offensive powerhouse, nigh unsurpassed except by a small pantheon of truly incredibly powerful LRs.
In comparison, LR Caulifla & Kale realistically have just.. far less categories that are open to them once you remove the ability to run copies of themselves; Almost no player can do that. Only a very, very small percentage of the playerbase will EVER have multiple copies of a singular LR, let alone the 15 required to make LR Caulifla & Kale worth running on any team outside of Tournament of Power & U6.
In summation, think of it like this;
LR Caulifla & Kale require you to realistically acquire 15 copies of the same exact LR to be optimal on just joined forces. Their only home besides that is ToP / U6, which, as I've mentioned, they'll almost certainly always be good there.
LR SSJ3 Goku, when you hold his hand even a little bit as much as Caulifla & Kale's hand likes to be held.. by giving him a very strong partner on teams he's accessible on.. Reaches insane heights.
Hitting damage numbers to the point where he becomes the 4th strongest overall unit in the entire game. Reaching defensive heights where you can tank dozens of SBR attacks with zero worry that you'll ever realistically be harmed by anything but type disadvantaged super attacks. Able to on demand hit his 18ki super attack due to the TEQ orb changing & sheer amount of ki his partner shares with him; Or, avoid hitting the attack to maintain an incredible 150,000+ defense; Averaging up to 180,000 or more depending on the floaters.
Now that that's done, let's get on to the main point of the post in the first place.

SSJ3 Goku is an incredible unit; He has versatility that is impressive in almost all circumstances, allowing you to blow through hard content with overwhelming force when required, or hang back, tank attacks, and stun foes when he can to become a defensive asset.
He has a variety of potent ki-filled links which can allow him to pair off with many excellent partner choices. He has a wide variety of categories that he's excellent on, ignoring Movie Heroes. He's especially potent on Full Power, SSJ3, & Last Resort due to the partners present on those teams; Though of course, Kamehameha, Goku's Lineage & Pure Saiyans all have little to none to be desired in terms of options.
SSJ3 Goku is one of the only units on this list besides Broly to have existed for as long as he has and still remain among the upper echelon on "good" units. He existed for quite awhile as the hardest hitter in the game, actually stealing the title from SSJ STR Broly, before it was eventually stolen from him.
I remember the night he released; It was just after AGL SSJ3 Goku got his EZA, and everyone was still shitting their pants about how good AGL SSJ3 Goku's EZA really was.
And then this big boy came along and completely annihilated him. This card was so strong, that he made the comparatively excellent SSJ3 AGL Goku at the time look like he could barely do peanuts.
It was insane.
The passage of time has barely slowed him down at all; He's still one of the best LRs in the entire game even if he was 10th or 11th on this list. He's a testament to longevity, and what a simple but strong passive can do for your versatility and strength.
Thanks so much for reading! I love seeing people in the comments and hope to see renewed interest in this series considering how controversial yesterday's post really was.
If commenting isn't good enough or you have a personal question you'd like to ask, personal contact information can be found on my reddit profile.
And, of course.. Next week's post! I didn't forget.
SSJ3 Goku was 5th, the first in the series of the top 5 best units in the game.. So, who's next?
".. What do you think of this form?! Is it not beautiful?!"
That's right! Next week we'll be facing divine wrath as Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black makes 4th on the list!
See you all next week! And I do mean next week, as unless people have a huge issue with Goku Black appearing above SSJ3 Goku, I don't plan to make a hurried release schedule next time.
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2020.04.19 20:44 Claudius23 Beginners Campaign Guide - Global Draught Edition

Last couple of days I've seen quite a few posts and comments about the draught period Global is experiencing and people expressing their boredom with the game. Most comments were claiming lack of content and expressing their dissatisfaction with Akatsuki's treatment of Globals release schedule.
I won't go into Global vs. Jp discussion but I want to provide you with options you can do while feeling the game isn't providing enough new and/or engaging content.

Edit; As this is quite a long post it's divided into multiple sections. Each individual section is cattered for begginers, with some additional information on efficient stamina usage. Those bored with the game can only read the CONTENT and STAMINA sections or TLDR.

I won't only go over Extreme Clash! Ultimate Power-Up Campaign but will try providing a beginner's guide that should work with any future campaign and then highlight the content and events you can currently do to shorten your wait for the next update.
Unfortunately, I'm posting this quite late as we're less than a day away from Miracle-Making Super Saiyan Super Saiyan Goku. Due to real-life circumstances I wasn't able to post it earlier. However, I think the guide will still be useful for future campaigns and will hopefully show that the game isn't lacking as much content as lots of people are claiming.

I think this goes without saying. If nothing else you should login everyday to claim the login rewards and at least try completing the daily missions to take advantage of the free resources that are provided daily. I recommend you also complete the available Hidden Potential Event(s), as potenial orbs are one of the harder resources to obtain. If we complete the daily Hidden Potenital Event with Turtle School Training that's 25 stamina used.

Most of the time you won't need to pay any special attention to them and will complete them just by playing the game, such as stamina used, complete any stage n-times, etc. Sometimes though, these are more specific as in, complete a specific stage n-times, or win n-times using a specific character, etc. Make sure to complete all missions before they expire so you don't miss out on any free stones and other resources. The new inferface that highlights new missions/news if you haven't clicked on them yet makes it much easier to not miss any of those.

I, personally, don't consider new banner units "content" but I will talk about that later in the post.
Whenever you pull a new unit (that has a TUR or LR form) you will need special awakening medals to awaken them to their full power. Those awakening medals can be obtained from their corresponding Dokkan Event. Depending on the unit (Dokkan Fest Exclusive or not) you will need a different amount of medals.
Let's look at our current Extreme Clash! Ultimate Power-Up Campaign.
There are two newly released units Programmed Hatred Android #13 and Unwavering Will Trunks (Teen).
Android #13 is a DFE unit that needs 77 Andriod 13 medals to awaken to his TUR form, which means you will need to clear his corresponding Dokkan Event Fusion Android Born of Hatred 11 times (275 stamina). Trunks on the other hand is a non-DFE unit that only needs 35 awakening medals or 5 clears (125 stamina) of the Dokkan Event.
So depending on which unit you pulled you will need to clear the Dokkan Event 5, 11 or 16 times, which recquires 125, 275 or 400 stamina respectively.
I would recommend you always farm the medals needed for a new unit, no matter if you summoned for them or have pulled them or not. That way you can awaken them immediately if you pull them later or on a different banner in the future. I suggest this because new units always come with corresponding events open daily. After their initial release their Dokkan events are only open on specific days or in case a unit needs different or additional medals they might not be available for a longer period of time. This can be quite frustating as was lately the case with LR GoBros, for example.
There are also other returning featured and non-featured units on the banner that need different awakening medals to awaken but I will address that in another section.

We already mentioned a new Dokkan Event that was released with a new DFE unit, but here I want to talk about new Story or Challenge Events.
Story Events are a retelling of certain events in the Dragon Ball Universe. Usually they come with farmable F2P units, awakening medals, new treasures and/or a combination of those. Challenge events on the other hand are much more challenging and are, for most part, considered Late-Game Content that provides awards in form of in-game resources upon completion.
In this campaign we received one new Story Event, titled Super Android 13! The event has 6 stages in two difficulties, Normal (8 stamina) and Z-Hard (15 stamina). I recommend clearing both dificulties as each difficulty rewards 1 Dragon stone upon clearing the stage (138 stamina). This Event also introduces a new f2p unit Androids Hunting for Goku Androids #14 & #15 and corresponding awakening medals to awaken them to TUR. I recommend you farm 14 copies of a new unit. That way you can increase their SA level to 10 and unlock all their Hidden Potential paths. I suggest you do this even if you don't plan on using a unit or investing orbs into them. Sometimes older units receive EZA awakenings or just a regular TUR awakening that can make them really powerful or useful in some events. By having a unit at SA10 with all paths unlocked they are ready to be awakened and be used immediately in their new form.
Another thing worth mentioning is that some story events (new or rewamped) have a Bonus Reward Drop Rate that scales with units used from a specific category. This can make a grind much easier and less time-consuming. Sometimes it's possible to know when a story is getting a rewamp by looking at the JP version of the game, otherwise it's impossible to predict, so it's up to you if you want to wait for a rewamp or farm units without a Bonus Drop Rate.
So let's say you want to rainbow this unit and you have no summonable LRs, you can build a team with 215% Bonus Reward Drop Rate. You first need to recruit 14 copies of the unit and if you can obtain 3 per run that would take 5 clears (75 stamina). Now we also need the medals to awaken them so we require 10 Android 14 and 10 Android 15 medals. If we again obtain 3 per run we need to clear both stages 4 times, so 8 clears in total (120 stamina). That should be enough to be able to rainbow the new f2p unit.
Android 13 medals, obtained in stage 4, can also be used for awakening an upcoming Blazing Warrior Super Saiyan Goku as well as for awakening Murderous Awakening Android #13 that can be exchanged fro Incredible Gems in Baba's shop.

This campaign also brought a new Legendary Campaign. Those are special campaigns that make it much easier to obtain Prime Battle LR charactere with havled stamina cost and Bonus Drop Rate. They provide rewards upon completing all missions but also give up special rewards to players that recruited the LR characters before the beginning of the campaign. This incentivises players to recruit those characters prior the Legendary Campaign which is much more time consuming. I think the rewards are worth it though, so try to recruit them before their campaign begins.
The current Legendary Campaign is Looming Menace meant to help awaken Mysterious Monster Cell (1st Form) into Mysterious Monster Cell (1st Form).
For this example, let's pretend we already have recruited the LR Cell (1st Form) with SA10 and all paths open. That means we only have to recruit another LR with SA10 to max the SA to level 20 and complete all Legendary Campaign missions. Again, we have a team with 215% Bonus Drop Rate and this time we only need 10 copies of SSR Cell 1st Form. Again, if we obtain 3 copies per run we need 4 clears to obtain all copies (20 stamina.) Now we need awakening medals to awaken our SA10 Cell (1st Form) to TUR. We need 15 Warrior's Mark: Cell (1st Form) medals and with 3 per run that means 5 clears (30 stamina). Lasty, we need 777 Legends Mark: Cell (1st Form) awakening medals. Number of medals obtained upon clearing the stage varies but lets say we obtain 27 per run. It would take 29 clears to farm the medals required to awaken our TUR to LR (348 stamina).

Extreme Z-Battles rewards Z-Awakening Medals which are required to Extreme Z-Awaken specific TUR Chracters. In EZA Battles you battle a characte that grows in level and strength each stage. Upon clearing the first 30 levels you obtain all the necessary Z-Awakening medals to Z-Awaken the character. You can continue fighting and climbing levels after that to obtain Hercule Statues and farm Zeni. See how far you can go.
The first 30 levels also reward 1 Dragon Stone upon first completion and have their own missions so I sugest doing those, even if you don't have the characters that Z-Awakens. I also suggest to climb as high as possible to farm Zeni. You might think you have an abudance of Zeni but Extreme Z-Awakening are extremely pricey and with more EZAs coming the the future it won't hurt to gather as much as possible. Better to have too much than run out and not being able to awaken a unit. Also atempting a level for the first time doesn't cost any stamina. Only rechallenging a level requires stamina but we will talk about that shortly.

This campaign we can take on two different Extreme Z-Battles
First we have a new Extreme Z-Battle: Unparalleled Golden Ki Super Vegito
There isn't really much to say. Vegito is weak to characters from the Transformation Boost category. Build your best Extreme Teq Transformation Boost team to tackle the battles. Some players had trouble with the mission clear a stage at level20 or higher in 1 minute and 40 seconds. If you struggle with that mission you can find teams that were able to clear it on this subreddit by using the search bar.
Next is the returning Extreme Z-Battle: Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell.
The event is returning but there are two new characters that can awaken using the same Z-Awakening medals. Those are Breathless Struggle Android #18 and Concentrated Power Android #17. Those two units don't follow the same formula as Vegito or Perfect Cell. We don't need to clear the first 30 levels again but we need the same z-awakening medals. We can obtain those by rechallenging certain levels by selecting the Select LV function. Each character needs 12 Bronze, 20 Silver, 12 Gold and 12 Rainbow Z-Awakenign medals. The enemy Cell is weak against Super AGL and Super Teq Future Saga units so we will build a team from those units. To obtain Bronze medals we will need to rechallenge level10 12 times (60 stamina). For Silver medals we will rechallenge level20 10 times (70 stamina). Gold ones require rechallenging level25 6 times (60 stamina). And finally, 6 clears of level30 will reward us the missing Rainbow medals (90 stamina). We can now fully Z-Awaken both Android units.

Returning events are those that have been released before and were made available again. Sometimes old Story Events get a revamp which means that your progress on them gets reset and you need to complete all the stages again, but don't worry, you will receive 1 Dragon Stone upon 1st clear. Sometimes new stages are added, new awakening medals or new f2p characters so be sure to complete these event. As mentioned before most revamped Story Events also get a Bonus Drop Rate so it's easier to grind. What grind you might ask? Well, the best returning stories are those that award Tresures. Treasure are items, you can find under Team-Items-Treasure and are used to be exchanged for rewards, items and resources in the Baba Shop (Exchange Tab). Treasure such as Rad Radish, Kachi Katchin, etc. can be exchanged for Elder Kais, which are used to raise SA level of any character by 1. Elder Kais are always good and useful so try to grab any free ones you can get. You can also exchange for many other useful items depending on your needs.
This campaign we don't have any Returning story Events that would reward Treasures so, you can't do that now. However, be on the lookout for them and be sure to farm the treasures.

As mentioned, the returning Story Events don't reward any Treasures but they do drop Characters. F2P Characters are usually weaker than summonable ones and have a worse hidden potential growth but some are still extremely good and useful in specific events. Super Ghost Prank Super Saiyan Gotenks & Ghost is a prime example of such a unit. Now, not all units are good or useful, but they might get an awakening in the future. if nothing else it's another unique character to add to your Box.
This Campaign we have two returning Story Events, Wrath of the Dragon and Super Warrior Slam! Victory Will Be Mine!
Wrath of the Dragon drops 3 different characters. Lovely Partner Great Saiyaman 2, Passionate Sense of Duty Great Saiyaman and Wish Entrusted by the Hero Trunks (Kid).
Both Great Saiyaman can we awakened to UR form which means you need 14 copies of each to level their SA and unlock all HP routes. Trunks is an SR character that can be awakened to an UR. Again, we need 14 copies. 10 to max his SA but we cannot unlock his Hidden Potenial yet as he isn't an UR yet. So we need to awaken 5 copies to his SSR form. For that we need 50 Tapion and 50 Trunks (Kid) Medals. Upon awakening them all, we need to Awaken the SA10 copy to UR and feed other SSRs into his Hidden Potential system. Is this Trunks (Kid) any good and worth doing this, especially without Bonus Drop Rate? Not at all, but we're trying to do every content avaiable in the game while waiting for a new campaign/banner...
In Super Warrior Slam! Victory Will Be Mine! there are only 2 f2p units, Heartening Support Krillin and Vengeful Monster Bio-Broly. Krilling is an SR character that already drops in his Awakened SSR form so you only need 10 copies of him for max SA. Broly can be awakened to TUR, so he requires 14 copies for SA and HP and then 12 Bio-Broly medals and 3 of each Super Saiyan Goten (Kid), Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) and Android 18 for his awakening.
However, those are both older retuning Events so lets pretend we already did all this so no stamina will be used on this events.

What do you mean farming SA, we have already farmed every character you've mentioned so far to it's max SA. So far we only used same copies of a card to raise their SA and all of them were f2p. What do we do with summonale units that can't be farmed? That's an easy question, we use Elder Kais on summonable units. That's true, Elder Kais can be used to raise SA of any character but if we use them on every summonable unit we're going to run out of them pretty fast. So what do we do? Save our Kais for LRs or our favoruite units? Use your Elder Kais wisely. We can use different cards that share the same name to increase their SA, howeverit's not that simple.
Let's take a look at one example that is worth doing so. For that we need to look at another event that's open, Galactic Crisis!! In this event we can recruit Resolute Valor Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) which awakens to Explosive Rage Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth). We can use this Gohan to raise SA of other Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)s, and there are quite a few. Let's choose Striking in Harmony Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) for our example. We will need 9 copies of Resolute Valor Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth). Again,we don't have any summonale LRS so our Bonus Drop Rate is 215%. At 3 copies per run we need 3 clears (45 stamina). Next are awakening medals, we need 12 of each medals per copy, Zangya, Gokua, Bido,Bujin and Gohan (Youth). That means 108 of each medals in total. If we get 6 medals per run that required 18 clears per medal type (270 stamina). After we farmed all the medals (1350 stamina) we must awaken each of our Explosive Rage Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) to URs. If we would train now, we would only have a 50% chance per copy to increase SA because our Striking in Harmony Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) is a TUR. We must reverse him back to his UR form, Saiyan Spirit Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth), using an Incredible Hourglass for a guaranteed 100% SA raise. Congratulations, we managed to raise SA of one Super Saiyan 2 Gohan to 10. Now, let's repeat that for every SA1 Super Saiyan 2 Gohan we have.
Same process can be done with To a New Future Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) from the Story Event Fight Against Despair! Let's do a quick rundown, pretending we have a team with 205% Bonus Drop Rate. Farming 9 copies of Trunks would require 4 clears (60 satamina). Acquiring the awakening medals can be very tedious because 1 stage drops 2 different medals and there is no way to guarantee a desired drop. Lets pretend we're lucky and obtaining 1 set of awakning medals would require 15 clears (225 sttamina). For 9 sets of all awakening medals we would require 2025 stamina. Again, we can reapeat the process for every Super Saiyan Trunks (Future).
Currently, there are also other available charcters from other events that can raise SA of other characters that are not mentioned in this guide.

Because we're on the Global version we already know what's coming Next. That is Blazing Warrior Super Saiyan Goku and we already know which medals he needs to be awakened to his LR form. All of the necessary events are currently already available so we can already prefarm the necessary medals. Of course, we still need to pull the unit and sometimes we want to farm their SA as explained in the paragraph above but why not use the time and stamina now. Blazing Warrior Super Saiyan Goku requires 35 Android 13 medals from the Fusion Android Born of Hatred event to awaken to TUR, so we need to clear the event another 5 times (125 stamina). To Awaken the unit to LR we need another 35 Android 13 medals, so that's another 5 clears (125 stamina) but we also need additional medals from the Super Android 13! event. We need 7 medals of each, Android 13, Android 14 and Android 15 medals. If each medal requires 4 clears (60 stamina), that's 12 clears in total (180 stamina). Now we're ready to immediately awaken the upcoming Blazing Warrior Super Saiyan Goku to his LR form.
This can also be done for any other units you are missing and haven't prefarmed the medals needed for their awakening. You can check this from the menu by clicking on Team-Dokkan Awaken. Potentially, you could also do this with SA farming but I don't suggest that as it's really resource-heavy and time-consuming. There are better and more efficient ways of using your stamina.

We already mentioned treasures in the Returning Events section but let's refresh out memory a bit. Treasure are items that drop from certain events and can be exchanegd for items in Baba's Shop under the Exchange tab. You can check your currently owned trasures by clicking on Team-Items-Treasure. Currently, there are no open events that would drop treasures. When one is open, make sure to obtain enough treasures to exchnages them for the rewards you want. When there is nothing else to do you can also use this events to farm treasures for more common resources of prefarm treasures for the next time the exchange rewards will be refreshed. . If there is really nothing else to do, you can farm Incredible Gems that can be obtained through specific Quest stages.

In the end I also want to briefly mention some more challenging events that you can take on. Super Battle Road, Infinite Dragon Ball History, Fighting Legend: Goku and Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash Those events don't require stamina but are more challenging to complete. Virtual Clash is a bit different because the event is open for about a month and then closes for a few days until it is reopened with different type enemies. Other mentioned events do not change. Virtual Clash also comes with a set of missions so try to complete those to earn all the awards.
If you've completed all of the events you can always rechallegne them. That is most fun if you use a different team then before or add some kind of stipulation to your run. Those are completely optional and up to you. They can be as simple as running a specific category or much more restrictive such as being allowed to only pick units that seal super attacks. You can try no item runs as well, which are very challenging. If you can't come up with any ideas there was also a series of Dokkan Community Challenges that were posted on the subreddit that a lot of user took part it.

Lastly, I want to talk address comments regarding lack of content and things to do. A lot of people voiced their dissatisfaction with the new LR Goku being delayed compared to the JP version. I do not consifer releasing a banner as content. Of course if you summon on a banner and pull a new unit you then need to awaken them which requires you clearning the needed events to obtain the awakening medals, which in return gives you something to do. Also new units open up new team-building options which is a lot of fun but team-building is part of the gameplay and not actually content,. Content are the events you can challenge and use your units in.
I understand that there are different ways to play and enjoy the game. Sometimes you want the most hard-hitting unit, sometimes you just want to look at a units SA animations. There is a lot of hype with new units because even if you don't pull them yourself, you can use them as a friend leader and enjoy their Leader Skill and animations. I think that is perfectly fine, however I don't think that's exactly content.

Now, if we address the comments that, at the moment, there is nothing to do in the game, lets go over the guide and see how much stamina we need to complete all the tasks we talked about.
Let's begin with the available stamina. The Extreme Clash! Ultimate Power-Up Campaign began on April 1st and lasts till April 20th. Each day we can accumulate 288 stamina. In a campaign that lasts 20 days that's 5,760 stamina in total. That's without any rank-ups and stamina-restoring items used.
Daily Missions - 500 stamina
New Banner Unit - 400 stamina
New Event - 288 stamina
Legendary Campaign - 398 stamina
EZA - 280 stamina
SA Farm Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) x1 - 1395 stamina
SA Farm Super Saiyan Trunks (Futer) x1 - 2085

Looking at the examples in this guide we can see that there are a lot of ways to use the available stamina efficiently. Sometimes there even isn't enough available stamina to do everything we want. Of course, on other hand, sometimes there is not enough content but I wanted to showcase that this period is not really lacking as much content as people are saying. There is less content than usually during a campaign, but the available content can also be put to good use.
*All the needed stamina calculations in this post are a rough estimate and not the actual amount. Your stamine usage may vary on your Bonus Drop Rate and RNG. I only wanted to provide an idea how you can use your stamina during this campaign. I apologize for any mistakes in this post. If you notice any, please point them out so I can correct them.

I hope this beginners guide gives beginners an idea what campaigns generally offer and what content to look out for. And maybe even gives some older players additional ideas how to use their stamina or play the game when there is less available content.
In the end, it all depends on you personal experience. Why you play the game and what brings you joy. If you enjoy summoning for new units or if you want to collect every available unit, that is completely up to you. I hope you found this post at least a little bit interesting oandhelpful and maybe found a thing or two to help you overcome your boredom with the game. Good luck to anyone summoning tomorrow and to others, I hope you stay strong and save for the unit you want. Let's continue enjoying Dokkan Battle.

TLDR; Even though this campaign doesn't have many open events, the ones that are available can be used for very efficient stamina usage. There are many SA farms available as well as other prefarming options. This isn't the most fun content in the game, but surely there is no lack of it. More details are under CONTENT and STAMINA sections.
Edit; Added tldr
Edit2; Grammar and stamina usage correction
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2020.02.18 19:35 Ironfistdanny Majin Buu saga card and EZA concepts(part 2!)

Heyo! Back again with some concepts, in fact with some concepts that continue the Majin Buu saga theme I made some concepts for a bit ago! This time it's from Gotenks all the way to Kid Buu showing up!
And since there's a lot more to work with in that timeframe I decided to make 2 Dokkanfest LR's, 2 Dokkanfest TUR's and 2 non-Dokkanfest banner units!
Also a fair few EZAs for Majin Buu saga units, of course!
There's some new categories, some I've used in the past so gonna run through 'em quick!
Majin/Demon: Pretty self-explanatory, I was thinking just Majin but that's super limited, so by expanding to also include Demons you could have all sorts of monsterous units on there.
Raised on Earth: Another fairly simple category, any character that was biologically born and/or raised on Earth! Kind of like an expanded Z-fighter's category with some Extreme units in the Androids(17 and 18 during the Cell saga) and Cell
Regeneration: This one people'll know a lot about if you play Legends since apparently it's the team 60% of the people who play the game run. A bit of overlap with Artificial life forms but they both have enough to separate themselves from one another

Hope you enjoy reading!

Ultimate Final Fusion Goku & Vegeta(Angel)
Card art
Dokkans with: 77 Goku & Vegeta(Angel) medals, 35 Super Vegito Medals
Leader skill: "Majin Buu Saga" or "Super Saiyans" Category ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +150% or "Potara" Category Ki +4 and HP, ATK & DEF +130%
Categories: Potara - Majin Buu Saga - Joined Forces - Super Saiyans - Kamehameha - Last Resort - Transformation Boost
HP 19649
ATK 15182
DEF 7834
Ki Multiplier: 160%(12 ki)- 200%(24 ki)
Super Attack - Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack(12-17 ki): Causes Colossal damage to enemy
Final strategy(18+ Ki): Raises ATK for 1 turn and causes Mega-colossal damage to enemy
Passive: Use the Potara, now!(Transform on the first turn)
Links: Kamehameha - Saiyan Warrior Race - The Saiyan Lineage - Experienced Fighters - Prepared for Battle - Fierce Battle - Legendary Power
Transformation condition: Start of first turn

Card art
Super Attack - Split Finger Shot(12-17 ki): Raises ATK for three turns and causes colossal damage to enemy with a chance to stun(Vegito would kick the enemy away, before using Afterimage to surround the enemy firing ki blasts until finishing off with a Split Finger Shot)
Super Kamehameha(18+ Ki): Greatly Raises ATK for one turn and causes mega-colossal damage with a high chance to stun(Vegito would do the Complete shot, one of the many combos he does against Super buu but instead of just kicking the enemy away he fires a Kamehameha at them as they fly away.)
Passive: ATK & DEF +100%; "Majin Buu Saga", "Super Saiyans" or "Potara" allies Ki +2, ATK & DEF +30%; Chance to perform a critical +7% per ki sphere obtained(Up to 70%); High chance to evade all attacks; Perform an additional attack with a medium chance to become a super when facing a "Transformation Boost" or "Artificial life-forms" category enemy
Links: Kamehameha - Infighter - Power Bestowed by God - Prepared for Battle - Fused Fighter - Fierce Battle - Legendary Power
Active Skill - Transform into Super Vegito!: Able to be activated four turns after transformation if HP is above 50%

Super Vegito
Card art
Super Attack - Perfect Game(12-17 ki): Raises ATK & DEF for three turns and causes Colossal damage to enemy(Another combo he did against Super Buu, it's the one that ended in a one-handed beam)
Spirit Sword(18+ ki): Greatly Raises ATK & DEF for three turns and causes Mega-colossal damage to enemy(He opens up the enemy with a flurry of kicks, punching them up into the air, then grabbing them and throwing them down. He uses Spirit sword to then drag the enemy up and then slash at them. Not content with it Vegito then uses Spirit Excalibur to finish his enemy off)
Counter: He teleports behind the enemy and kicks into their back
Passive: Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +130%; Damage received from normal attacks -50% and counters with tremendous power(up to four times a turn); Additional Ki +1 and ATK & DEF +5% per Counter performed(Up to Ki +5 and +50%); Chance to perform an additional attack with a high chance to become a super +5% per orb obtained(Up to 50%); High chance to perform a critical hit when facing a "Transformation boost" or "Artificial life-forms" category enemy
Links: Super Saiyan - Prepared for Battle - Fused Fighter - Power Bestowed by God - Infighter - Legendary Power - Fierce Battle

Base 12 ki Attack stat: 2,292,636
Base 24 ki Attack stat: 3,757,976
SV 12 ki attack stat(First attack): 2,448,070
SV 24 ki Attack stat(First attack): 4,012,749
SV 12 ki attack stat(Fully stacked): 3,640,320
SV 24 ki attack stat(Fully stacked): 5,967,033
Release of Ultimate Strength Gohan(Teen)
Card art
Dokkans with: 77 Gohan(Teen) medals
Leader skill: "Raised on Earth" or "Transformation Boost" Category Ki+3, ATK & DEF +170% and HP +130%
Categories: Hybrid Saiyans - Resurrected Warriors - Majin Buu Saga - Goku's Family - Siblings' Bond - Transformation Boost - Raised on Earth
HP 11215
ATK 12083
DEF 6738
Ki Multiplier: 150%
Super Attack - Z-Sword: Raises DEF and causes Immense damage with a high chance to stun(Gohan would pull the Z-sword from the ground and rush the enemy with a sword combo before firing a Ki Blast cannon which launches the enemy into a cliffside so strongly that he looks at his hand after, surprised at how strong he's gotten.)
Passive: ATK & DEF +100%; Medium chance to perform a critical hit; ATK & DEF +8% per ki sphere obtained(Up to +40%); Extreme enemies ATK & DEF -10%; High chance to activate guard when facing a "Transformation boost" category enemy; when conditions are met, transform!
Links: All in the Family - Z Fighters - Prepared for Battle - Cold Judgment - Revival - Power Bestowed by God - Fierce Battle
Transformation condition: After the fifth turn when HP is 60% or above or After the fourth turn if there is a "Realm of Gods" ally on the team

Ultimate Gohan
Card Art
Super Attack - Ultimate Strike: Raises ATK & DEF and causes Immense damage and lowers ATK & DEF(He does that combo he does against Super Buu before he threw him into a mountain. But after Gohan throws the enemy into the mountain, he fires a massive kamehameha their way, the Kamehameha would probably be like how his Solo Level 3 is done in FighterZ)
Counter:Burst Counter: He interrupts the enemy with a kick into the air, then slamming them down with the backhand that's in Burst Rush
Passive: Ki +3 and ATK & DEF +140%; High chance to activate guard; additional ATK & DEF +40% for the rest of the battle after guard is activated five times; Medium chance to evade and counter enemy super attacks; Extreme enemies ATK & DEF -10%; Great chance to perform a critical hit when facing a "Transformation Boost" category enemy
Links: All in the Family - Prepared for Battle - Z Fighters - Infighter - Shocking Speed - Power Bestowed by God - Fierce Battle

Base Attack stat(One ki sphere, somehow): 1,789,984
Base Attack stat(Max ki spheres): 2,062,021
Ultimate Attack stat before secondary passive activates: 2,218,969
Ultimate Attack stat after secondary passive activates: 3,097,855
Innocent Rampaging Power Gotenks
Card art
Dokkans with: 35 Gohan(Teen) Medals
Leader skill: "Youth" or "Fusion" category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +120%
Categories: Fusion - Hybrid Saiyans - Majin Buu Saga - Super Saiyan 3 - Super Saiyans - Youth - Last Resort - Transformation Boost
HP 10123
ATK 9225
DEF 5123
Ki Multiplier: 140%
Super Attack - I'll make Short Work of you!: Raises ATK and causes Supreme damage and lowers DEF(Would be that combo he does against Fat buu that ends in a blue energy blast but it actually does something here)
Passive: ATK & DEF +80% when performing a super attack; Chance to perform a critical as the 1st attacker on the turn; Medium chance to evade all attacks when facing a "Transformation Boost" category enemy; When conditions are met, transform!
Links: Saiyan Warrior Race - The Saiyan Lineage - The Innocents - Prepared for battle - Fused Fighter - Budding Warrior - Fierce Battle
Transformation condition: After the third turn

Super Saiyan Gotenks
Card Art
Super Attack - Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: Raises ATK & DEF and causes Supreme damage and greatly lowers DEF(Gotenks would create some Ghosts, then rush his enemy and barrage them with a flurry of blows. With a sly grin he zips away, his Ghosts rushing to explode his enemy. But before the smoke clears he fires a Kamehameha into it to really get the job done)
Passive: ATK & DEF +100% when performing a super attack; Medium chance to perform a critical as the 1st attacker on the turn; Perform an additional attack with a medium chance to become a super attack as the 2nd attacker on the turn; High chance to evade all attacks when facing a "Transformation boost" category enemy; When conditions are met, transform!
Links: Golden Warrior - Super Saiyan - Prepared for Battle - The Innocents - Fused Fighter - Budding Warrior - Fierce Battle
Transformation condition: 40% chance to transform every turn except the first turn Gotenks goes Super Saiyan 1

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
Card Art
Super Attack - Revenge Cannon: Greatly raises ATK & DEF for one turn and causes supreme damage and greatly lowers ATK & DEF(Gotenks would do the Splitting headache attack, but instead of a double beam to finish the enemy off, because they probably aren't cut in half he charges and fires a powerful mouth beam)
Passive:Ki +3 at the start of turn; ATK +150%, DEF +100% when performing a super attack; High chance to perform a critical as the 1st attacker on the turn; Perform an additional attack with a High chance to become a super attack; High chance to activate guard as the 3rd attacker on the turn; Evade all attacks when facing a "Transformation boost" category enemy; After four turns, revert back to Super Saiyan!
Links: Super Saiyan - Fused Fighter - Over in a Flash - Limit-Breaking Form - The Innocents - Budding Warrior - Fierce Battle

Base Attack stat: 1,152,081
Super Saiyan 1 attack stat: 1,364,287
Super Saiyan 3 attack stat: 1,801,763
Universes Ruin Majin Buu(South Supreme Kai)
Card art
Dokkans with: 77 Majin Buu(South Supreme Kai) medals, 35 Buu(Pure Evil) Medals
Leader skill: "Majin/Demon" or "Artificial Life forms" Category ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +150% or "Transformation Boost" Category Ki +4 and HP, ATK & DEF +130%
Categories: Resurrected Warriors - Majin Buu Saga - Transformation Boost - Artificial Life Forms - Regeneration - Majin/Demon
HP 21352
ATK 16793
DEF 7001
Ki Multiplier: 160%(12 ki) - 200%(24 ki)
Super Attack - Mighty Powerful God Shockwave(12-17 ki): Cause colossal damage
Vice Shout(18+ ki: Cause mega-colossal damage
Passive: Revert to true chaotic power!(Transform on the first turn)
Links: Majin - Brutal Beatdown - Big Bad Bosses - Infinite Regeneration - The Wall Standing Tall - Fierce Battle - Legendary Power
Transformation condition: On the first turn

Card art
Super Attack - Nightmare Impact(12-17 ki): Greatly raises DEF for one turn and causes colossal damage and recover 6% HP(He would pearl flash into his opponent, but stopping before he passes through them and delivers the beatdown he did against Vegeta, the one that ended with a blast straight to the face)
Warp Burst(18+ ki): Greatly raises ATK & DEF for three turns and causes mega-colossal damage and recover 15% HP(It would be his Budokai 3 ultimate, but the Planet burst would be much, much bigger.)
Passive: All allies Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +20%; When HP is above 70% additional Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +30% for all allies; When HP is above 50% additional Ki +4 and ATK & DEF +120%; When HP is below 50% additional Ki +6 and ATK & DEF +200% with a high chance to perform a critical hit; Perform two additional attacks each with a high chance to become super attacks when facing a "Pure Saiyans" category enemy
Links: Majin - Brutal Beatdown - Big Bad Bosses - Infinite Regeneration - The Wall Standing Tall - Fierce Battle - Legendary Power

Above 70%(12 ki): 3,664,600
Above 70% (24 ki): 6,367,242
Above 50%, below 70%(12 ki): 3,261,860
Above 50%, below 70%(24 ki): 5,667,474
Below 50%(12 ki): 4,335,820
Below 50%(24 ki): 7,533,480
Malevolent Response Majin Buu(Pure Evil)
Card art
Dokkans with: 77 Majin Buu(Pure Evil)medals
Leader skill: "Regeneration" or "Artificial Life Forms" Category Ki+3, ATK & DEF +170% and HP +130%
Categories: Majin Buu Saga - Transformation Boost - Artificial Life Forms - Regeneration - Majin/Demon
HP 12595
ATK 11029
DEF 7532
Ki Multiplier: 150%
Super Attack - Guilty Flash: Raises ATK & DEF for three turns and causes immense damage with a high chance to stun(Buu would breathe in a ton of air before unleashing his Super Breath, which has enough force to launch his enemy into a nearby cliff-face. He flies to them and does the attack he did to kill Van Zant with a devious grin on his face.)
Passive: ATK & DEF +60%; Ki +1 and damage taken reduced by 5% per turn(Up to Ki +3 and 20% damage reduced); ATK & DEF +10% per attack received(Up to +60%); Recover 15% HP when HP is below 50%; Medium chance to perform a critical when facing a "Fusion" or "Raised on Earth" category enemy; When conditions are met Transform!
Links: Majin - Brutal Beatdown - Metamorphosis - Infinite Regeneration - Nightmare - The Wall Standing Tall - Fierce Battle
Transformation conditions: After the Fifth turn when HP is above 70% or on the fourth turn when facing a "Fusion" or "Raised on Earth" category enemy

Card Art
Super Attack - Assault Rain(10-11 ki): Greatly Raises DEF for three turns and causes supreme damage to all enemies with a high chance to stun(You know this one, it would finally be properly animated)
Ill Flash(12 ki): Greatly Raises ATK for three turns and cause Immense damage and greatly lowers DEF(It would be that combo he does against SS1 Gotenks but as the enemy stands back up there's a close up of Buu with a mouth beam charging but instead of Gohan pushing it back, he gets to fire it for massive damage)
Passive: ATK & DEF +120%; Ki +3 and Damage taken reduced by 20%; ATK & DEF +10% per attack received(Up to +60%); Recover 25% HP when HP is below 50%; High chance to perform a critical hit when facing a "Fusion" or "Raised on Earth" category enemy
Links: Majin - Brutal Beatdown - Metamorphosis - Infinite Regeneration - Fear and Faith - The Wall Standing Tall - Fierce Battle

Evil Buu initial attack: 1,693,244
Evil Buu all stacked up: 2,709,186
Super buu initial attack(11 ki): 1,731,695
Super Buu Initial attack(12 ki): 2,254,259
Super buu all stacked up(11 ki): 2,770,722
Super Buu all stacked up(12 ki): 3,606,831
Sorcerous Corruption Babidi
Card art
Dokkans with: 35 Majin Buu(Pure Evil) Medals
Leader skill: "Conquest of Terror" or "Majin/Demon" category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +120%
Categories: Majin Buu Saga - Conquest of Terror - Majin/Demon
HP 9951
ATK 8775
DEF 6663
Ki Multiplier: 140%
Super Attack - Babidi's ultimate power: Massively raises ATK for one turn and causes Supreme damage and recovers 4% HP(Babidi would summon all his named minions who all take a turn with all of them doing unique attacks, ending with Dabura's evil flame. The smoke clears and Babidi, with glee would fire a massive beam out of his energy siphon.)
Passive: Extreme allies Ki +3, ATK & DEF +30%; ATK & DEF +40% when performing a super; Chance to evade all attacks +10% per "Conquest of terror" or "Majin/Demon" ally on the team(Up to 70%); Perform an additional attack with a medium chance to become a super attack when facing a Super class enemy
Links: Brutal Beatdown - Master of Magic - Majin Resurrection Plan - Coward - Nightmare - Fear and Faith - Fierce Battle

Attack stat: 1,401,482
Trustworthy Rival Vegeta
Leader skill: INT and PHY type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%
HP 11492
ATK 11661
DEF 5828
Super Attack - Big Bang attack(Extreme): Raises ATK & DEF for three turns and causes supreme damage with a medium chance to stun
Passive: Change AGL orbs to INT; ATK +20% and DEF +10% per INT ki sphere obtained; ATK +5% and DEF +35% per non INT ki sphere obtained; Change PHY orbs to STR and great chance to activate guard when there is an ally whose name contains "Goku" (Excluding "Ginyu", JR" and "Black") on the attacking rotation

5 non-int orbs: 1,068,396
10 non-int orbs: 1,279,070
15 non-int orbs: 1,489,745
5 int orbs: 1,700,419
10 int orbs: 2,543,116
15 int orbs: 3,385,806
The Hope of the Universe Goku
Leader skill: AGL and STR types Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%
HP 14398
ATK 10448
DEF 5891
Super Attack - Super Spirit Bomb(Extreme): ATK +25% for all allies for 1 turn and cause supreme damage and restores 5% HP
Passive: Change TEQ orbs to STR; ATK & DEF +20% per STR ki sphere obtained; ATK & DEF +10% per non STR orb obtained; All allies Ki +2, ATK & DEF +25% and a high chance to perform a critical when there is an ally whose name contains "Vegeta"(Excluding "Jr" or "Baby") on the attacking rotation

5 non-STR orbs: 1,124,453
10 non-STR orbs: 1,494,658
15 non-STR orbs: 1,864,845
5 STR orbs: 1,494,658
10 STR orbs: 2,235,039
15 STR orbs: 2,975,432
15 STR orbs with Vegeta: 3,160,513
15 non-STR orbs with Vegeta: 2,049,945
True Value of the Potara Vegito
Leader skill: All types Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%
HP 12645
ATK 10589
DEF 6399
Super Attack - Big Bang Attack(Extreme): Causes supreme damage, allies ATK +30% for 1 turn and lowers ATK & DEF
Passive: Ki +2, ATK & DEF +30% for all allies; ATK & DEF +10% per attack performed(Up to +70%); Chance to perform an additional attack with a high chance to become a super +10% per orb obtained(Up to +50%); High chance to evade all attacks when facing a "Transformation Boost" category enemy

Attack stat: 1,605,337
Destruction Descending Buu (Super)
Leader skill: TEQ type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +70%
HP 12124
ATK 11307
DEF 5954
Super Attack - Assault Rain(Extreme): Causes supreme damage to all enemies with a high chance to stun the enemy
Passive: ATK & DEF +60%; ATK +40% when facing only 1 enemy; DEF +40% when facing 2 or more enemies; recover 30% of damage dealt as health; High chance to activate guard when facing a "Fusion" category enemy

1 enemy: 1,867,889
2+ enemies: 1,494,313
Raging Dash Majin Buu (South Supreme Kai)
Leader skill: TEQ Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +80%
HP 12583
ATK 11471
DEF 4727
Super Attack - Mighty Powerful god shockwave(Extreme): Greatly raises DEF for three turns and causes supreme damage and greatly lowers ATK & DEF
Passive: Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +70%; Ki +2 and ATK +77% when HP is below 80%; Damage reduced by 50% when HP is below 40%; Attacks effective against all when facing a "Realm of Gods" category enemy

Starting above 80%: 1,906,772
Starting below 80%: 2,770,446
Victory at Hand Gotenks
Leader skill: All types Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%; ATK & DEF +30% when HP is 30% or above
HP 11238
ATK 11297
DEF 5756
Super Attack - Kamehameha(Extreme): Greatly raises DEF and Causes Supreme damage and raises Allies' ATK by 25% for 1 turn
Passive: ATK +100% at start of turn; Plus an additional 40% as the first attacker in a turn; Perform an additional attack with a great chance to become a super as the 2nd attacker in a turn; High chance to evade all attacks as the third attacker in a turn; Enemies ATK & DEF -40% when facing a "Artificial life forms" category enemy

Attack stat: 1,526,221
first attacker: 1,826,228
Birth of a Hero Gohan(Teen)
Leader skill: INT and STR Type ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%
HP 10729
ATK 9913
DEF 5637
Super Attack - Ki Blast Cannon(Extreme): Raises ATK & DEF, causes Supreme damage with a high chance to stun the enemy
Passive: Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +80% at the start of turn; Ki +3 and ATK +100% when facing 2 or more enemies; DEF +100% and high chance to activate guard when facing only 1 enemy; Perform an additional super attack when attacking a stunned enemy; all allies ATK & DEF +20% when there is a "Realm of Gods" category ally on the team

vs 1 enemy: 1,010,961
vs 2 enemies: 1,561,263
vs 1 enemy with a "Realm of gods" ally: 1,121,022
vs 2 enemies with a "Realm of gods" ally: 1,671,324
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2020.02.15 15:44 DataScavenger Old High Arunne (or rather, Proto-Arunne) v1

Before I begin, hi everyone! I'm new here at conlang!
Please treat me well or as we'd say in Old High Arunne... ok I got nothing. I haven't gotten that far yet, unfortunately.
I did; however, want to post before the weekend ended but I will be updating this as I go. As of now, I have a finalized phonology, noun declensions, an idea of how I want my morphosyntatic alignment to work, sentence order, and possibly a few other things.
Overall, OHA seems to be building into a synthetic language. It's meant to be the common ancestor to several other languages generally used in a mountainous region inhabited by tribes which generally identify as a single ethnic group - the Arunne.
Meta-wise, this evolved from a naming language for one of my literary works into a conlanging project. My meta-purpose for this is also to serve as my first foray in conlanging.
So to start,
The phonology:
OHA maintains a one symbol to one sound system but is currently represented in the Latin Alphabet.
It uses 11 consonants: ɳ (n), m (m), ʝ (ii), k (k), s (s) l (l), ɽ (r), b (v), ɸ (t), β (d), ʔ (')
And 5 vowels: a (a), ɪ (i), ø (u), e (e), ʏ (ə or, on a QWERTY keyboard, y)
OHA follows a simple alternating structure, CVC or VCV. Generally, "a" and "y" are the only vowels allowed to be initial (except for "e" in rare cases such as "en", the first person pronoun).
Noun Declensions:
OHA's nouns distinguish usage in sentence (case) and number
Nominative, which is the base form for all nouns Accusative, which is identified by an "-ar" suffix Genitive, which is identified by a preceding "tur", and Dative, identified by an "-an" suffix
Singular, which is also the base form Definite Plural, when the object can be numbered, identified by a number preceding the noun with the "de-" prefix (i.e. 5 dekaru' - 5 arrows) Indefinite Plural, when the object cannot be numbered, identified by an "-en" suffix. Collective, which is a generalization (as in ALL of x) or, can function as the collective form (WIP)
Pronoun Declensions:
OHA pronouns generally use the same declensions as above
Nominative, base Accusative, "-ar" Genitive, " gla' " Dative, "-a"
Singular, base General Plural, "-yn"
Morphosyntactic Alignment (WIP)
OHA will most likely use an ergative alignment. This is very subject to change as of now; however, as I haven't developed verbs well enough yet.
Verb Tense and Aspect (WIP)
OHA will use auxiliary "to be" verbs to indicate tense. With regard to aspect, habitual and continuous forms will exist. Aspect is reflected by conjugation of the "to be" verb, not the main verb.
Sentence Order
Sentence Order will definitely be VSO.
Modifiers will follow the postmodifier system, wherein they come after the head.
Lexicon & Cultural Significance
As of now, one of the cultural aspects of the language is the distinction between "a" and "y". These two are treated as contrasting. "a" is treated as superior, representing light at times and "y", darkness.
For example:
"Arut" - n., referring to light or life,
"Yra" - n., which refers to death or darkness (though it is rarely used in the latter case, considered unlucky),
"Yda" - n., which refers to cold or darkness (this is more often used than "yra" to refer to the dark),
"Adyr" - modifier, "large" or "great" (in significance),
"Mury'" - modifier, "small" or "unimportant" (as a concern), and
"Mure" - modifier, "unimportant" (with social implications)
Sample sentences:
I apologize, I haven't studied the glossing conventions yet. Please forgive me, or as they say in OHA...nope, still don't have a word for that.
"Atys enyn duryn adyr" = "Is [certain] we tribe great" = We are a great tribe
Atys - state-of-being verb 'tys' conjugated with "a-" to indicate confidence/certainty
Enyn - first person pronoun conjugated with "-yn" to indicate plurality and in nominative case
Duryn - noun "organized group" (derived from "dun", the idea of home) in nominative case as a subject complement
Adyr - modifier, "large" or "great"
To do:
Expand the lexicon Build verbs Fix and finalize the tense system Fix up the modifier system Develop a system for dependent and independent clauses. Create function words to demarcate the ends of sentences and the nature of the sentence. Prepositions Develop an accenting system (as of now, second syllable is always accented if present)
Plans for descendant languages:
Change the phonology for "t" and "d" (currently dental fricatives) to reduce spit ejected per word. Modify certainty declensions to also indicate politeness. Begin transitioning closer to an analytical language. Create a politeness system. Reflect increasing social stratification and organization. Transition of possessive indicator for nouns from "tur" to " gla' ". Reflect integration of other ethnic groups and language
EDIT (02/17/20):
Added a translation for the sample sentence. Did some format fixing.
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2020.01.13 23:32 vinnybones What does it mean for a card to be objectively good or bad?

After a brief hiatus, I return with another post. However, this one will be more similar in tone to my hidden potential system post as it will try to explain some core mechanics of the game as well as why they matter.
IMPORTANT PREFACE: I'm posting this here to let anyone who reads know immediately; This is a game. Games are meant to be enjoyed, so there's no shame in using a card that may be considered bad if it works for you and you enjoy it.
I have several cards I quite enjoy that are sub optimal, either for nostalgic attachment due to when I was running them all the way back during the JP Release, or because I really enjoy their design. Contrary to what I assume a good majority of negative commenters believed, I actually really enjoy INT Goku Black. His SAs are gorgeous and his design - while immensely flawed - is actually quite fun to use from time to time. Stacking DEF on sa without a def boost is a neat way to make a card tanky in a fun and flavorful way.
However, the important part is that I'm able to remain objective and recognize that although there are cards I like, there are superior units out there and more often than not there are even cards that surpass those superior units. Of course, there will always be a particular youtuber handful of users that will disagree, and that is perfectly fine.
Okay; so, first, to quote my very good friend u/kariru2 - "There is no such thing as a best unit in the game."
The reason is very simple; No single card can perform every task with perfect efficiency. There are definitely cards that are extremely well rounded, such as STR Coora, but as many keen commentors noticed, he's outperformed by many cards either in damage or defense or some other area.
So while yes, TEQ VB & STR Coora may be truly excellent cards for many stages of the game, they're outperformed for raw output without exception.
For example, both of them are far inferior to damage and efficiency in clearing a stage when comparing on SBR to units like TEQ LR Broly, INT LR Cell (Whom I plan to make a post about as well as gohan here in a hot minute, keep a lookout) and INT Janemba.
And all of THOSE units are inferior on the LGE when compared to AGL Caulifla & Kale, PHY Bergamo & PHY EZA Broly.
Now, is there such a thing as an objectively bad card? Yes; But there aren't many.
Of course Ns, Rs & SRs will be removed from the equation, as they all have obviously worse value when compared to top level DFEs & LRs.
Overall, I'd say there's maybe a handful of truly terrible cards out there. And don't worry, INT Black isn't one of them. I only consider a card objectively bad once it holds basically no purpose in any setting.
For example, two such cards are STR Transforming Buu & INT Ultra Instinct Goku. Both are very subpar hitters, don't have particularly impressive defense, lead a category that they've been replaced in, have links that are good contextually within their teams but are missing core important links; Ki for Buu, things like SSJ & other core ATK links for UI.
It's important to know that there's a sea of difference between mediocre & bad, and above average and good.
There are many cards that are objectively excellent, fortunately; I could list them off one by one and we'd be here for hours. However, there are some cards that don't quite meet the mark & have too many issues to be a truly top tier card.
For example, AGL 13 & INT Future Gohan are both good examples. They're definitely far above average what you'd want from a normal card in offense & defense, and both of them have quite good leader skills.
They share a common problem in that their links are generally sub par for what you would want from a leader like them. INT Gohan lacks PfB which is a crippling blow, as it's the most common ki link skill on both of his categories.
AGL 13 has a variety of issues, more than can be described here in this post, and I consider him to be on a similar level to a unit like INT Black. He has good offense but it doesn't increase by an impressive amount when he transforms, his links are poor but supplemented by his support - which he loses on transformation - He's just a large bundle of issues.
The overall point of this post is to try to make an effort to help people separate themselves from their opinions & emotions and look more objectively into the overall value of a unit. Sure, if you love Caulifla & Kale, feel free to run them at TUR & SSR to boot. But it does nobody good if you go around telling everyone you can that TUR Caulifla & Kale is better at free dupe than every other card in the game at rainbow.
Not only is such a claim patently ridiculous at the gate, but it takes only but a few moments of critical thinking to understand why.
There are a variety of units that receive this treatment.. INT Janemba, PHY Bergamo, & LR Goku Black & Zamasu. Perhaps all of them will receive a post in the future that explains why they're not as good as so many people make them out to be, excluding of course Bergamo - I think I'd rather get my head bashed in with the butt of a rifle than do that again.
The only other thing I want to talk about is the mindset of prioritizing a stage over any others; There are several individuals who believe that the only stages in the game that matter are Legendary Goku Event, or Infinite Dragonball History.
This way of thinking is frankly - and I apologize if this offends - deluded. A majority of the units that are truly excellent for the LGE & IDBH are much worse than a good variety of units that are amazing on SBR for example.
One such case is INT Hercule - he's an absolute must have in SBR due to his ability to basically negate the existence of any attacks he receives; He's a defensive monster, able to dodge half of all damage he receives, and at minimum cutting in half all damage he does receive.
But he is TERRIBLE on LGE because he's taking up a slot someone who stacks could've been in, meaning you're now doing less damage and staying in the stage longer.
Staying in the stage longer gives him more time to super units who aren't as tanky as INT Hercule, so going purely defensive there when the stage is so long gives you far more time to potentially fail.
So, in summary, You can run and use any unit you like in any capacity; The game is here for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. But the term "Best unit in the game" or "He sucks, worthless card" or "She's among the best of the best" is a way of thinking that's far too prevalent.
Equally so, you should remove yourself from a particular love of a certain stage and consider how valuable a unit is to the metagame at a whole. A unit being amazing in the LGE doesn't mean they're a top tier card, just like how the same is true for SBR units.
As always, thank you so much for reading my post! I make these on a semi-regular basis and enjoy receiving feedback from all of my readers. Not only that, but I love taking suggestions. About half of all the posts I've made on this subreddit are comment suggestions, so I take them very seriously.
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2020.01.05 04:24 theovernightguy Why does Overwatch's playerbase desire constant balance changes?

Meta Flux

Overwatch and other E-Sports titles are games that are in a constant state of flux. Overwatch consistently introduces new
The game has gone through various iterations, and the community's solution to a better gameplay experience has always been to keep the game constantly changing and "evolving." Consequentially, the evolution of Overwatch- from a Dive heavy meta, to Goats, and now to Orisa-based Hog and Double shield comps- has not been healthy for the playerbase, for the viewing experience, and most imporantly, for the Pros, most notably players like Do-hyeon Pine Kim who has retired due to his hero pool being next to useless, Dylan aKm Bignet, who is planning on retiring for similar reasons, and players like Hyeon EFFECT Hwang and Ilya NLaaeR Koppalov who retired due to mental health concerns and the state of the game, respectively.
The inverse is not true
Professional sports do not see the same issues we see here in E Sports, especially in OWL. A player wanting to play in the NFL that retires at Age 30 will have been playing the game for over 20 years, sometimes over 25. While the "meta" will change as they progress through various levels, from recreational/Pop Warner ball to the highest level of competition, the game stays the same, and the rules do too.
We may be able to compare this to the skill progression systems, in games like LOL and Overwatch. The game at a Bronze level is vastly different to how it is played at a GM or even OWL Level.
This, however, still doesn't address the burnout issue, or the fact that football has not gone through many iterations. Burnout does not seem to be a major factor in retirement for most players in Football. Age and physical barriers seem to be the biggest cause of retirement. The players just don't seem to get sick of football, with the game changing at a glacial pace in comparison to ESports titles. One of the biggest changes in football was the implementation of the forward pass, and that was pioneered by John Heisman in the early 1900s. It has been an essential part of football for a century, while Overwatch regularly implements changes on that scale every few months. For most traditional sports players, the game they start playing at age 5 will be the exact same game they retire playing 15-40 years down the road. The same game doesn't have to be played the exact same though, all football teams all have a distinct style. The offense of the New England Patriots might have a very different look in comparison to the Carolina Panthers. The question is simple. Why?

Meta invalidates individual skill.

GOATS has seemed to be the straw that has broken the back of many OW pros. It invalidated many hero pools, destroyed many rosters built for DPS reliant Metas. The retirements referenced above are proof enough of that. Let's simply take one of those invalidated DPS characters- Genji. Genji received no significant nerfs that would have led to him seeing no playtime, but the Meta did end up passing him by. He saw small amounts of play on stage this year, most notably from Joon Erster Jeong. Erster was known as one of the best flex DPS pickups of the Season 1-2 Offseason for the Atlanta Reign, but unfortunately was regulated to Bridgette Duty. Genji since has not seen major play, **Erster* being the most notable example of a pocket Genji Pick.
Genji is a Fullback
When I grew up watching my local NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, play, there was one player that seemed to stand tall above the rest. Mike The A-Train Alstott. Alstott was one of hell of a fullback, and helped lead the Bucs to their first (and only) Super Bowl title.
Fullbacks don't have the same prominence nowadays. Most teams have one in their depth charts, but they don't line up play after play like Alstott used to. They are pocket picks. They are the Genji of the NFL. How did that happen though? Was there a Bridgette level change in the NFL that shook up the "Meta" to the point of making an entire position obsolete? No. No there wasn't. No introduction of a major change that affected the position. It mainly involved the development of a new offensive style in college football. If you're more interested, you can do some further reading here. The basic point is that teams figured out a way to change the meta with the players they have on their roster, by developing a new way to play the same old game, developing what they called the Spread Offense. The Spread Offense is developed in a similar way to how the Shanghai Dragons used Sombra to break GOATS.
Sombra the Meta-Breaker
Sombra-GOATS killed D. Va, in the same way GOATS killed almost every other DPS. Dva has been as far from Meta as possible since Sombra-GOATS rose in popularity, and now Sigma is more powerful than she in nearly every aspect. D. Va is also similar to Genji in the idea that a meta change has taken these heroes to the level of a throw pick. In both cases- GOATS and Sombra-GOATS- the Meta changed not due to a balance change, but due to teams discovering their use through experimentation. The Shanghai Dragons were not the best GOATS team, but their discovery of Sombra-GOATS, enabled Jin-hyeok DDing Yang's stunning Pharah play. My Big point?

Meta can change without an outside balance patch

Nothing changed when the spread offense rose in College football, and there were not immediate balance patches that caused GOATS and Sombra-GOATS. They came later after teams discovered that, while they couldn't play the meta, they could design a way to break the Meta using the tools they had at hand, and most importantly the players they had on hand. Football is the same. When I previously mentioned teams individual styles, that is directly influenced by the players they have on their depth chart. The Patriots offense is entirely built around Tom Brady. Every player pickup- and every person they drop has enabled Tom Brady to lead them to multiple completely legitimate and not disputed at all Super Bowl Titles.
These teams have developed their own way of playing that does not involve relying on rule changes to dictate how they play, rather relying on their individual skill and their coaches. We have seen this in Overwatch.

Individual Skill should be the driving force behind Team Composition

Teams should play into their player's best skills, it's how every other traditional sport is played. Whether it's the Florida Mayhem with Jung-woo "Sayaplayer" Ha and his Widowmaker, the Philadelphia Fusion with Philip ChipSa Graham and his Doomfist, or even the New York Excelsior and the Zenyatta play of Sung-hyeon JJoNak Bang, a limited or specialized hero pool should not be something that is seen as a negative. If, and a big if, Overwatch can reach a balance patch where there are no longer Meta-Breaking must-picks, I think a slower balance schedule would let teams explore more options with the players they have signed, in finding what works for just their team, not for everyone. What it would take to get to that balance I do not know, but I think once we reach harmony, letting personal Metas develop over the patch-based Meta would be healthier long term. That seems to be the go to in traditional sports, and I think it can work in time for Overwatch. It seems to be, right now, that teams decide early on if they can or cannot make the current Meta work for their team with their roster, and if not, they simply try to wait out for a balance patch to break the Meta, rather than exploring ways to break it themselves. The Washington Justice last year were not comfortable with running GOATS, yet they never experimented with anything outside that. Shanghai did. That is why Shanghai will always have a Stage 3 title.

Final Thoughts

Team and Map based Meta will be healthier overall for Overwatch. Watching a game to see your favorite hero played would potentially bring more people into OWL. The individual variation may also help prevent burnout, allowing players to move between teams to find a team style that fits their style of play, rather than every team trying their best to run the same thing. It seems to work for football. This year's Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Burrow, has had a record breaking season at LSU. He will most likely be taking home the National Championship for the Tigers. LSU was not his first school. Burrow was previously enrolled at The Ohio State University but after simply not finding a way to succeed in the team structure there, he graduate transferred, and is now one of the best draft prospects. The game of football didn't change, just the team. All he needed to succeed was a change of pace. It's all Shanghai needed to succeed in Stage 3. In the end, it might be what a lot of slowly burning-out professional Overwatch players need.
I do plan on doing a team preview soon if anyone would be interested, looking at roster changes over the offseason break for each team, if people have been enjoying my articles. Thanks!
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2020.01.03 17:52 vinnybones The Fated Duel; Majin Vegeta & SSJ3 Goku - How do they stack up?

As promised yesterday, I'm here today to deliver a post about Majin Vegeta & SSJ3 Goku; They're finally here with an impressive toolkit and gorgeous animations.
This post will be shorter than most of my other ones, because for these cards in specific, where I would usually talk about negatives, I won't really have too much to say. Hopefully, that shows you how highly I think of both of these units.
Without further ado, let's get right into their strengths.
We'll go from top to bottom; First of all, both of these cards lead brand new categories, and damn good ones (for the most part) at that.
Vegeta is better than Goku when it comes to leading a team, as Goku's leader skills are both quite small and, while some synergy definitely exists, he faces two main problems with his leader skill combo; Otherworld Warriors is a VERY small cat, and out of the 17 units that are TUR & Above, you can't use 3 of them, because they share a name with the lead.
SSJ3 is, of course, still an excellent cat. It's just bizarre that they wouldn't use this as an opportunity to revamp Majin Buu Saga, seeing as a Majin Buu Saga + SSJ3 lead would be about as good as Vegeta's lead.
Well, in any case, Vegeta's lead combo is excellent. SSJ2 is a small category as well, but it's a very potent one; It contains 4 fairly good LRs, and has access to all the forms of Majin Vegeta as WELL as SSJ2 Goku; Combined with Resurrected Warriors & it's access to many Buu units, this makes Vegeta the closest thing we've gotten to an MBS Revamp.
Even putting that aside, the overall team composition is excellent; Resurrected Warriors has access to a good few excellent supports such as AGL Towa & PHY Kid Buu, and there's no shortage of excellent EXT units for which you can exploit both of those units passives & links.
Fans of defensive & offensive builds alike have much to delight over for both Majin Vegeta & SSJ3 Goku.
Both cards have high stats, as most modern DFE cards do, and also have a veritable swiss army knife of a toolkit. Both of them have access to super effective attacks, though at different conditions, and both of them have excellent overall offensive & defensive boosts.
You would be hard pressed to find a situation either of these cards can be run in where they don't succeed; Their transformations into their powered-up forms happen with a high degree of speed at only 3 turns, and in the case where the other is weaker; (I.E. Majin Vegeta's defense), they boost that stat on SA, both of them greatly raising either ATK in Goku's case, or Defense for Vegeta for one turn.
Alongside with links that work excellently with some of the best options for their partners, these two units have almost no real actual downsides if you plan on running them. Each situation you can justify running a tanky card in, these cards will tank admirably while also dealing an impressive amount of damage.
Now, we do have to consider who between them is better? And the answer may surprise you, given Dokkan's lineage with this issue.
For the first time in quite awhile, A Goku & Vegeta unit released at the same time has Vegeta actually winning out in most circumstances. Perhaps it's intentional, due to the nature Vegeta "wins" their little bout before he goes to face Buu. Either way, Vegeta has the following benefits, that, in my opinion, edges him out over Goku.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, should you count out Goku completely? I argue absolutely not. In my opinion, Goku currently holds the title for the absolute best Super INT DFE TUR; If not best INT DFE TUR in general. He succeeds in almost every way you would want a modern dokkanfest to succeed; His overall stats are excellent, he has an astounding defensive boost with built in dodge to boot, and when you collect 3 orbs, he gets a 33% boost mid-turn, which means it stacks multiplicatively.
This boost actually gives him a comparable SoT attack boost to Majin Vegeta, because it adds onto his 120% to give him around a 200% total boost.
The only reason Majin Vegeta edges him out in damage at all is because of his Super Effective boost. That's the interesting thing about these units; Majin Vegeta's average overall damage is VERY high. But Goku, especially in a pinch, with how high he raises his ATK while his HP is lower, and the fact that all of his ki collection buffs are offensive rather than defensive, makes it so his damage ceiling is WAY higher than Vegeta's.
If you're looking for a pair of cards that will never, ever let you down when you're looking for performance in all the right areas when you need it, you don't need to look much farther than these two.
Thanks so much for reading my post! I appreciate all of the feedback I receive, and this post was inspired by a comment from one of you! As such, I love receiving suggestions about what to write about, as well as questions and concerns. Unless anyone else has a better idea, I expect my next post to be about the Devil himself, TEQ LR SSJ Broly.
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2019.09.22 23:47 LetsGetPickled Saiyan Saga Dokkan Fest Celebration Idea

I made a similar post to this a couple of days ago but here I just want to fully flesh out my ideas for an entire celebration and give my rationale for some ideas and choices I made.
First: Vegeta and Nappa Saiyan Saga Leader LR
So, how the card works is similar to the Goku and Gohan F2P unit from this past 300M download celebration. The card itself is named "Vegeta and Nappa" but it starts off as just Nappa. Then, after 5 turns from the start of battle, you can use an active skill to exchange to Vegeta. Then, if you are at 40% or below health, you can use another active skill to transform into Great Ape Vegeta.
I wanted to add two new things to this unit that haven't been seen in Dokkan, yet. First is the use of two active skills. I wanted to make each stage of the card good enough to stand on its own because all three characters are important to that arc of the show. And, I wanted to make each stage, or at least I tried, better than the last to give incentive to actually use the active skills. Next is a standalone Great Ape transformation. Every other Great Ape transformation in the game goes away after a few rounds, but since Vegeta's version is the most important and memorable Great Ape in the show, it needs to have some type of standalone unit. I also just think that it is cool to play as a Great Ape.
Moving away from how the card actually works, let's talk about the stats. The leader skill is a simple 170% "Saiyan Saga" category leader skill with an extreme str 120% lead. I tried to make Nappa this heavily offense oriented character since he is such a brute. So, he raises ATK in his passive and super attacks with some defense integrated both unconditionally and with a Vegeta ally on the team within the passive. I know units with character restrictions like this get frowned upon, but I believe that the affect in this card is minimal so that if you don't have a "Vegeta" character on the team, this card can survive. Also, I think it makes sense since Nappa relies on Vegeta since he is the brains of their duo and without Vegeta, Nappa would be much weaker.
Next is Vegeta. I tried to make him just an all-around strong unit since he is an all-around strong character. He gives both ATK and DEF in his passive and super attacks. He also stacks DEF in his 12 Ki but not his 18 Ki which I believe creates this dynamic of choosing between more damage or more defense based on the super attack. Also, I gave another conditional in his passive for "Pure Saiyan" allies since he is the Prince of all Saiyans and for Goku's Family enemies since, in his big fight, he is mostly fighting Goku and Gohan.
Now for both of these stages, they lower the ATK of low-class warrior enemies. I did this because since they are both elite-class saiyans, they are supposed to intimidate and reign supreme over the lower class saiyans a.k.a lowering their attack.
Lastly, the Great Ape Vegeta. Since he gains such a power boost in the show to completely overpower Goku, I made him a nuker so he does crazy damage. Along with this, he gains an unconditional ATK boost both in his passive and his supers. So, this stage is going to do insane damage while being a little more vulnerable to damage. I made this decision because Great Ape Vegeta can be easily defeated by just cutting off his tail that someone like Yajirobe could do. This card is just designed to get his 18 Ki and do as much damage as possible.
Last thing I will cover is the super attack animations. First for Nappa. His 12 Ki is his finger attack which he uses to blow up a city before he fights the Z-Fighters. His 18 Ki is the attack he uses to kill Piccolo. The Exchange animation is when Vegeta kills Nappa after he loses to Goku.
Vegeta's 12 Ki is when Vegeta killed Cui. While not during the Saiyan Saga, it is still the same "Saiyan Saga" Vegeta, just when he first arrived to Namek. He also used this against a Saibaman but it wasn't really emphasized. His 18 Ki is his beam struggle Galick Gun vs. Goku. His transformation is when he creates the fake moon to force his Great Ape transformation.
Great Ape Vegeta's 12 Ki is when he first fights Goku and he is just beating him. His 18 Ki is when he crushing the life out of Goku.
Second: Raditz Category Leader for Low-Class Warrior
This will be a lot shorter than the above unit. So both of these units would release in a part 1 of this celebration. This Raditz would release in the same banner as the saiyan duo the same way how Android 16 and the Cell Jrs. were in the same banners as the two LR's in the 300M celebration.
Let's get onto the Leader skill and passive. The leader skill is the much needed 170% category leader for Low-Class Warrior. This category is actually pretty good consisting in most of the great ape cards, LR Bardock, the support Turles, and now this Raditz. So, with an actual category leader, this becomes a pretty good and formidable team.
I really like this passive I gave for him. He has his regular unconditional raising of ATK and DEF that a lot of units have nowadays. He also gains an addtional Ki, ATK and DEF for facing a Goku's family enemy since Raditz mostly just fought against Goku and got headbutted by Gohan. So, when facing them he gets stronger. But, and a lot of you who see this might be weirded out with Raditz being a Counter unit. But, it does make sense. The premise is when Goku grabs his tail and Raditz uses his words and charm to persuade Goku to let go of his tail to then give him the meanest elbow to the face. I have no idea how the animation would look, but I think its a really cool idea. His Super attack is just the normal immense damage and it lowers DEF because of how it cuts Piccolo's arm off which is kind-of like lowering his defense.
His 12 Ki super is his Double Sunday attack he used against Piccolo and Goku. His counter is when Goku lets go of his tail. I have no idea how they can make that into an animation but it's still a cool idea in my opinion.
If you read all of this thank you! I would appreciate any feedback given on these concepts both positive and negative. I am planning to do a part 2 to this which will include an LR for the Kaio-Ken Goku and maybe a Spirit Bomb Krillin TUR but I don't know how he would fit the traditional Part 1 Dokkan Fest Part 2 Legendary Banner celebration scheme Dokkan always follows. But yea, once again, thanks for any feedback on this and I appreciate if you read all of this.
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2019.09.16 21:33 CasioMaker Travelling to Chile? Let me [Bi] your guide!

Travelling to Chile? Let me [Bi] your guide!
So yeah, after a wonderful comment thread over at bisexual and the founding of this sub-reddit, I've decided to create the first "travel guide" and what better place to start than my home-country, Chile!
But first, a small fact-sheet!
  • Name: Republic of Chile
  • Country Call Code: +56
  • Internet TLD: .cl
  • Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP) // 1 USD = 709 CLP
  • Time Zone: UTC -3 (Continental Chile) // UTC -5 Easter Island
  • Capital City: Santiago, Metropolitan Region.
  • LGBT-friendliness Scale: 8/10. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals visiting Chile will most likely not encounter any prejudice or outward intolerance. However, public displays of affection between same sexes are rare, even in metropolitan cities such as Santiago. In general, attitudes, especially those of Chilean men, toward gays and lesbians are not very liberal, owing in part to the Catholic, conservative nature of their society. Homosexual relationships have only recently been declared officially legal (1999), and many gays and lesbians are not actively open about their orientation outside their own circles. In Santiago, the two most gay-friendly neighborhoods are Bellavista and Parque Forestal (also known as Bellas Artes).

Now, onto some travel advice!

So yeah, what do you want to do when you come to Chile? Well, there's plenty of things to see, to try and explore. Pack your bags, everybody 'cause it's going to be a long ride!
1.- Explore Torres del Paine
Best time to visit: Spring (October to November) brings mild temperatures, and the flora and fauna comes alive. Summer (December to February) is the high season with great temperature and lots of tourists. Fall (March to May) is still a good time to visit, with slightly cooler temperature and less tourists around. Shared with Argentina, Patagonia is one of the most amazing regions in both countries.
You can search for Patagonia tours that take care of the entire itinerary or just embark on the adventure with a group of friends. Either way, make sure you plan your trip for the peak summer months. The best time to visit Patagonia is October to November. The most popular attraction in this region is the Torres del Paine National Park. If time allows, you should definitely consider a Torres del Paine trek and there are three routes to choose from! Aside from this you should also explore its southern, mysterious provinces of Magallanes, Última Esperanza and Tierra del Fuego.
How to get there: From Santiago, take a flight to Punta Arenas. Takes about 3hrs, 15 minutes with prices ranging from $40.354 CLP to $55.750 CLP (about $50 USD to $70 USD, depending on the season)
2.- Get closer to the fascinating life in a port city like Valparaiso
Best time to visit: Spring (March to May) brings great weather, ideal for visiting the city and its coastal towns. Valparaíso is one of the street art capitals of South America so, whether you are an art enthusiast, or just interested in the Chilean cultural background, visiting Valparaíso should be on your list of things to do in Chile. You can visit this charming port town all year round. Start a journey from Santiago to Valparaiso and have an enhanced street art experience, or join one of the available tours in one of the many tour agencies! When you are worn out exploring the many thousand street art in Valparaiso, take an ice cream break at Emporio La Rosa. They claim to be one of the 25 best ice cream shops in the world. Find out if it is true.
How to get there: The cheapest if not the fastest option is taking a bus from Terminal Alameda (at Av Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3750, Estacion Central, Santiago). The trip takes about 1hr, 30 minutes, starting from the aforementioned location. Tur-Bus has a bus-service starting at 06:00 am till 10:30 pm, every 10 minutes aprox, so it is your safest bet if your time and money is limited (Ticket starting at $2000 CLP, about $2 USD)
3.- Take a day trip to Cajon del Maipo
  • Best time to visit: All year around. This spectacular canyon, on the western edge of the Andes, around two hours southeast of Santiago is a trekker’s paradise, offering amazing mountain scenery, and stunning landscapes. Many locals come here for a weekend escape, and it’s easy to see why. Amongst its natural beauty you will also find the marks of man at the reservoir of Embalse del Yeso, 2,500 meters above sea level. An incredible feat of engineering, which supplies water to Santiago and is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, it is a popular tourist attraction.
There are many activities available in the region, from trekking, horse riding, skiing, and even wine tasting, and its close proximity to Santiago makes visiting the canyon easy if you have your own transport. You will also find plenty of tours to Cajon del Maipo from Santiago if you do not wish to navigate the place on your own. After a hard day of activities relax in one of the many hot springs, the three main ones are at Baños Morales, Baños Colina and Termas El Plomo. The fully-staffed sights are a great destination to unwind!
How to get there: Leave Santiago early, best by 8:00. Any time later and you will come across a lot of traffic. Drive a SUV or similar vehicle. The last 22 km is mountain road that is sinuous, graveled and narrow. You will have to be a confident, experienced driver to tackle this stretch. If possible, avoid weekends in order to avoid local crowds.
4.- Enjoy a wine tasting session
  • Best time to visit: All year around, depending on which wine regions you'd like to visit.
Chile is famous for its wine. The hearts of wine lovers from all over the world have been conquered with delicacies like Malbec or Carménère. If you are a wine aficionado, you should visit some of the local wineries in the Maipo valley, where you can enjoy a tour and an unforgettable wine tasting. If that doesn’t quench your thirst, give a five wine regions in Chile a try!
How to get there: One of the best ways to explore a wine valley is to take a day tour that includes 2 wineries with lunch. Around Santiago is the Casablanca valley. Visit the biodynamic vineyard of Emiliana Organic Vineyards where you can hug the alpacas and have a food and wine pairing lunch at Bodegas RE. Don't forget no to drink and drive!
5.- Discover Chiloe
  • Best time to visit: January to March offers warm weather and a range of events.
A whimsical island in South America, Chiloe has long been under the radar of travel lists. More recently, this uniquely independent land shrouded in myths and legends is drawing attention for all the right reasons. Surrounded by seawater that often puts on a show of blue whales, its most iconic sight is one to behold — colorful wooden houses that hover over the water on stilts. Beyond is a lush landscape that hides wild national parks, old wooden churches, and wet, dense forests. To add, the island locals flaunt rich culture and decadent culinary traditions that are waiting to be discovered. If there is a new place you have to discover this year, let it be Chiloe in Chile.
How to get there: If coming from Santiago, be sure to stop for supplies or anything you might need, in Puerto Montt. Currently, there are some flights that land straight in Chiloe (at Aeropuerto Mocopulli in Castro) but most travelers, arrive by land. From Puerto Montt, take Ruta 5 (a toll-road) and drive 'till you arrive to Pargua. From there, take the ferry (either Cruz del Sur or Transmarchilay) and depending on the type of vehicle you're driving, expect to pay between $13.200 CLP (about $18 USD) for a small car or pick-up truck, to $28.300 CLP ($39 USD) for a motorhome. A cheapest option would be booking a day tour in Puerto Montt with prices ranging between $20.000 CLP /per PAX (for a simple sight-seeing tour) to $38.000 CLP (for themed tours about the history and mythology of the island and its inhabitants)
6.- In-between Germany and Spain? That's Valdivia for you!
  • Best time to visit: All year-round!
Named after the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, this city is found in the south of Chile and is capital of the Los Ríos region. Where once Valdivia and Chiloé were the southernmost outliers of the Spanish Empire, today Valdivia is home to history, culture and delicious food and drink. Here’s everything you need to know.
Hop on the Valdivian steam train, which dates back to 1913 and is the only one in Chile that still operates. Journey alongside the Calle River towards Antilhue, sit back and enjoy the scenic route with luscious green surroundings before jumping off at the stops Pishuinco and Huellelhue to shop for souvenirs and taste the local specialities.
Foodies should head to the Valdivia food market and taste the traditional Chilean cuisine as well as the local produce, which includes a wide variety of fresh fish. Despite barely standing the 1960 earthquake, the 1918 building underwent renovation and was reinforced as a shopping and dining complex. Try the Valdiviano, a local meat and vegetable soup, or taste the choritos al ajillo, mussels with garlic and chillies; another foodie delight is the Crudo, our very own take on a German dish called Mett. For the real experience (i.e. the best crudos in town), go to Cafe Das Haus at O'higgins st. , If you're in the mood for beers, most people around the area will recommend you to visit Kunstmann Brewery, one of the oldest if not THE oldest brewery in operation in this part of the country. While now days, its currently under the ownership of a macro-brewery (CCU), the quality of its products remains, and their well-known"Kunstmann Experience Tour" which allows you to get in touch with the ins-and-outs, of a modern brewery, while at the same time, learning about the history of the German settlers that arrived in the area and the history of beer in Chile. (Tours start at 12:00 pm, one every an hour and a half, till 8 pm during the low season.
There are two types of tour: A history-focused one that takes about 45 minutes and costs $10000 CLP ($14 USD) and the full-factory tour, that takes 90 minutes ($16000 CLP // $22 USD) Both tours end with a sampling of beer and you get to keep the beer mug!
History buffs can get their fix with a trip to "Castillo de la Limpia y Pura Concepcion de Monfort de Lemus" (better known as Fuerte de Niebla), which is one of the last still standing Spanish-made fortifications that protected the southern part of Chile from the attacks of buccaneers, the invading forces of the Dutch and British and anyone who wanted to disrupt the powerful reign of the kingdom of Spain. For those interested in the history of the German colonists and settlers that arrived later, a walk from downtown Valdivia to Teja Island, only takes 15 minutes and at a good reach of the Cultural Campus of the Universidad Austral de Chile and its museums. (The Maurice Van de Maele History and Anthropological Museum and the R.A. Phillippi Museum of Exploration and Nature) Both free of charge! (A suggested tip for their guides and caretakers is indicated but not mandatory)
And for those who would like to visit the many rivers that surround the city, why not taking one of the many boat tours that start from the Costanera! You'll get to see the city from a different perspective (considering that it was the site of THE LARGEST EARTHQUAKE in the history of mankind with it's 9.5 register on the Richter Scale!) and if you're lucky enough, be able to observe the varied species of birds that live on the many canals and riverbanks. Feel blessed if you can spot a couple of black-necked swans, swimming along the boats, feeling undisturbed!
How to get there: Again, if coming from Santiago, your first option is taking a flight to Aeropuerto Pichoy (located 32 kms, north of Valdivia). Prices range between $29000 CLP (Sky Airlines) to $45000 CLP (LATAM), for a 1 hr. flight. A somewhat cheaper alternative, would be taking a bus to Teminal Terrapuerto Valdivia, (located near downtown Valdivia) with prices ranging between $15000 CLP to $30000 CLP during the low season to $25000 CLP to $50000 CLP during the high season (this being during summer or near a national holiday) Be prepared, 'cause its gonna be a long 9hrs trip, so best choose what we call a Bus-cama or Semi-cama service for best confort! While in Valdivia, your cheapest and safest transportation alternative, its taking a taxicab (yellow on top, black on the lower area) which starts their services at around $50 CLP per 100 mts. For those heading to the costal areas, like Niebla or Los Molinos, the best choice is taking either the number 20 bus (most are orange liveried) from downtown or one of the many "Expreso a la Costa" buses from their terminal in downtown Valdivia, at Calle Chacabuco. Currently, their are priced between $650 CLP for a trip till Playa Grande in Niebla and $800 CLP till Los Molinos
and finally:
7.- Santiago. The center of all things culture and entertainment
  • Best time to visit: All year around.
Visiting Chile’s cultural and entertainment centre can give you insights on the entire country. The best museums and galleries, culinary hot spots, as well as the most incredible events and celebrations are hosted by the charming city; there are so many things to do in Santiago. The best time to visit the city is from March to May and from late September to November. Spend a leisurely day at Plaza de Armas. Try your hands at chess with the locals, enjoy free performances by Chinchineros (street drummers), and grab a classic completo at Dominó for a quick and satisfying eat.
Home to Santiago’s creative crowd, the streets of Bellavista are lined with vibrant cafes, boutique shops and art galleries. There’s colourful street art to admire, and you can spend time exploring La Chascona – the former home of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.
  • Location: Bellavista
  • Recommended time of the day: Daytime
  • Tips: Wander down the side streets for hidden street art
Ardent foodies should head straight for Santiago’s Central Market, also called Mercado Central. Specializing in seafood, you will see locals and restaurateurs haggling over giant squids, sea urchins and fresh catches of the day. Don’t be put off if you are not a fish fan, the kaleidoscope of mouth-watering fruits, spices and vegetables are enough to tempt anyone’s palate. You will find the best of Chilean cuisine here!
  • Location: East Central District
  • Recommended time of the day: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday) / 9:00 am – 3:30 pm (Weekends)
  • Tips: Arrive early to browse stalls before the crowds gather
Standing at almost 3,000 feet above Metropolitan Park, St. Christopher Hill affords incredible vistas and photo opportunities for those who venture to the summit. There’s a funicular railway at the edge of the park if you don’t feel like trekking on foot. However, a hike to the summit is worth it too and can be done in almost an hour’s time. There are also biking tours available if you are up for it.
  • Location: Metropolitan Park
  • Recommended time of the day: 1:00 pm on wards (Mondays) and 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Tips: Visit on a clear day; possibly after a rain, for the best city views
With a vast collection of sculptures, textiles and artifacts from Mesoamerica and the Andes regions, this museum is a fascinating sight to behold. Main highlights include the Chinchorro mummies and displays of ancient treasures from Inca and Aztec civilizations.Location: A short walk from Plaza de Armas
  • Recommended time of the day: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Tips: Guided tours in your own language can be arranged in advance
How to get there: For those coming by plane, you'll be arriving at Aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benitez / Aeropuerto Nuevo Pudahuel (named after one of the pioneers of Chilean aviation). You can either rent a car at the airport passenger lounge or take both a taxicab or a bus-transfer service outside the main building. Taxicab users, beware! Since Uber is currently not officially recognized as a transport service here in Chile, you'll be in a bit of a pickle if you take one at the airport, since most drivers don't want to engage in fights with taxi drivers. Also, be sure that if taking a cab, only used the official and approved services designated in the passenger lounge. There's actually a mafia-like group of people commonly known as "hacheros", that operate pirate-taxicab services which overcharge both tourists from abroad and national travelers. There's no rail/tram/subway currently operating near the airport, so be sure to make transport arrangement beforehand.
While in Santiago, most tourist attractions can be reached by walking, using bike-sharing services or by taking the Santiago Metro. (For those taking the subway, make sure to grab your own BiP! card. A contact-less card issued by the transportation authority of Santiago which allows you to pay your fare on both the metro and the bus services of the Red Metropolitana de Transporte)
Of course, this is just a small guide of some places that you can visit down here in Chile and yes, I did omit some places like San Pedro de Atacama and it's amazing stargazing tours or the wonderful tours to the Patagonia Glaciers and even Easter Island, but this will have to do for the time being! I might update this list in the future!
PS: If anyone is planning to visit either Valdivia or Chiloe, let me know! Since I mostly work around those areas, I can provide some assistance and company!
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2019.09.13 07:23 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Debate Me, Coward by Brian Beutler, Priyanka Aribindi & Crooked Media (09/12/19)

"It’s all fun and games until Andrew Yang passes you in the polls. 😀👍"—Andrew Yang

All The World's One Stage

It’s debate night again! Here’s what you need to know.
What? It’s the third Democratic presidential primary debate, and the most important (and blessed) thing you need to know about it is there’s only one stage and no one is allowed to swear. You didn’t miss anything last night, and you don’t have to watch another one again tomorrow.
Who? The 10 leading candidates: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Julián Castro. These 10 candidates were the only ones who met the Democratic Party’s qualifying criteria for the third debate. Those rules also stipulate that there can be no more than 10 candidates on any given stage.
Where? Houston, TX, but you can watch on ABC.
When? About two hours from now, assuming you open this email as soon as it hits your inbox (and we know you do). (8 p.m. ET)
Why? If we’re being honest, it’s because the Constitution term-limited Barack Obama is out of office.
Anything else we need to know? We do have some tidbits:
Enjoy it while you can: The DNC didn’t tighten the criteria to qualify for the fourth debate at all, so we’re probably headed back to two stages when the candidates next meet in October.
As usual, we’ll be livestreaming Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer’s group chat during the debate on Crooked Groupthread, so you can see all the takes, reactions, commentary, and emojis in real-time. We’re starting right before 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT—come hang out with us! →

Under The Radar

Purdue Pharma and its owners, the Sackler family, tentatively reached a settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits with states and municipalities nationwide over the opioid epidemic. The deal, which took a year to negotiate, reportedly will require Purdue to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and dissolve itself, allowing a new company to sell Oxycontin and other drugs it currently manufactures. The profits from these sales would be used to compensate the plaintiffs, and the company would also donate drugs to reverse overdoses and support addiction treatment. The Sackler family would also pay $3 billion in cash to the plaintiffs over seven years, though they would not be made to admit wrongdoing.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

It's debate night—you know the drill. Come watch with us and get our takes, commentary, reactions, and inevitable emoji responses in real-time →

What Else

The House Judiciary Committee has passed a resolution outlining the rules and scope of its impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The vote gives Chairman Jerry Nadler wide-ranging power to brand hearings related to the inquiry as “impeachment hearings” and formalizes the proceedings. The significance? Dems are now past the point of no return on impeachment.
Trump might back French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to extend a $15 billion credit line to Iran if Tehran returns to compliance with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal. That’s right, Trump wants to pay Iran to honor the deal he ripped up to own Barack Obama.
China announced yesterday it will waive tariffs on 16 U.S. imports—the first concession it’s offered since the trade war began. Trump responded in kind by pushing back new tariffs on Chinese goods that were set to go into effect in early October.
Prosecutors in the New York District Attorney’s office recently interviewed Trump’s former lawyeconvicted felon Michael Cohen as part of an investigation into whether the Trump Organization violated New York state law against false business records in handling Trump’s hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan closed its federal investigation of the same matter in July, but it’s unclear whether prosecutors there handed off their files since they are prohibited by DOJ policy from indicting Individual-1 Donald Trump.
Justice Department leaders want to charge former acting-FBI Director Andrew McCabe with a crime for allegedly misleading internal investigators over his role in disclosing the existence of an investigation of the Clinton Foundation days before the 2016 election, but they may be having a hard time convincing a grand jury to return an indictment. Basically, McCabe leaked something that hurt Hillary Clinton, but because he also refused to end his investigation of Donald Trump, Republicans want to jail him. Don’t appease Republicans.
On her first day back on the air from maternity leave, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur called on Congress to implement paid family leave policies nationwide, and challenged Ivanka Trump to explain her lack of progress on the issue.
2018 Triple Crown winner Justify (the horse) reportedly failed a drug test weeks before the Kentucky Derby, meaning that he shouldn’t have been allowed to compete according to the sport’s rules. Looks like his Triple Crown was...unjustified. BAZINGA!
LeBron James lost his attempt to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” But it was so original! The words both start with “t”!

What A Sponsor!

For a limited time only, get a $50 Amazon gift card when you attend a demo of
Sometimes traveling for work is a blast (like when Jon, Jon, and Tommy bring you on tour to Nashville and you all do a bar crawl down Broadway). But most of the time, not so much. So why not make it easy for yourself with Lola? From the creators of KAYAK, Lola makes it simple to book, manage, and track corporate travel.
Lola helps you save money, by giving you access to negotiated fares, refundable tickets, and automated travel policies, along with 24/7 support. Work travel doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass, ok? Save yourself

You've Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me

Hillary Clinton posed behind a replica of the Resolute Desk (the one in the Oval Office) and read a bunch of her old emails out loud at some kind of art thingy in Venice? Yes, yes, “but her emails!” but this does not seem healthy…
Kenneth Goldsmith on Twitter: "Hillary Clinton spent an hour yesterday reading her emails at my exhibition of all 62,000 pages of them in Venice. She is pictured here at a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk, stacked with her emails."

Is That Hope I Feel?

Asked to name the most effective thing people can do to fight climate change, teenage phenom climate activist Greta Thunberg didn’t skip a beat: “I think what we should do as individuals is to use the power of democracy to make our voices heard and to make sure that the people in power actually cannot continue to ignore this.”
The Daily Show on Twitter: "Climate activist @GretaThunberg on the #1 thing people can do to help mitigate climate change. Extended interview:"
You heard her


raandy on Twitter: "if a democrat was banning vaping there would already be like 40 viral videos of guys sticking vapes up their ass or whatever to prove a point"
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2019.09.10 21:17 ar_david_hh Anti-Corruption & News - Sep/10/2019 :: Serj's bro charged with 50/50 scheme :: Wages up, Unemployment down, Labor Market :: Prosecutors vs Rob admin :: Prosecutors & Sanitek auction :: EAEU drivers :: It's illegal not to hire based on political views/age/gender :: Drug prices :: other stories

A 4.8pt (7 underground) earthquake in Bavra, Shirak province. Telecom in Vanadzor was cut off. It was felt in Yerevan. There was an aftershock. No damages or casualties.
Serj's brother Lyova "50/50" Sargsyan, who is on the run, is officially charged with 2 felony counts of embezzlement during the North-South highway construction. The police is looking for him. Prosecutors have asked the court for an arrest warrant.
NSS and Prosecutors say:
A company was hired to do construction work. This company was supposed to hire qualified subcontractors with the permission of the Ministry of Transport. However, Levon Sargsyan became part of the process and became the one to decide which company to hire. He instructed to hire POLYTRANSPORT firm managed by Suren & Gevorg Vardanyan. Turns out Lyova was friends with Vardanyan brothers. (insert a meme here before publishing).
During the $250 million project, he demanded 50% of the profit from a director of a company in exchange for making favorable rulings in the company's favor. He then allegedly laundered the cash.
The general prosecutor wants to reverse a decision made by the Kocharyan regime.
There used to be an MP named Smbat Ayvazyan (SA). He was an ally of the opposition Hanrapetutyun Party run by Vazgen's bro. After the 2008 elections, SA joined the protesters. "Something happened" and he had to be arrested.
Policeman said they found a baton in his possession, and SA allegedly resisted the arrest and pushed the policeman. SA was sentenced to 2 years by the court. In 2009, SA appealed it in Appeals court, but got rejected. Same year the Cassations Court refused to hear whether the Appeals court verdict was legal.
SA died in 2014.
After the 2018 revolution, the prosecutors begun reviewing old cases. Now the general prosecutor believes the courts blatantly violated SA's rights by ignoring simple things, such as not allowing the defendant to bring witnesses, ignoring European conventions, relying too much on statements by a policeman.
Prosecutors says the European Court for Human Rights recently made a verdict against someone suing the Armenian govt for the 2008 events. In that case, ECHR found that it's not a solid evidence when the sole witness is a policeman who is part of the case, especially if there are contradicting statements. Not enough efforts was put to investigate truthfulness of policeman report, found ECHR in that case.
Prosecutor believes a similar story happened with SA. He has petitioned the Cassations Court to overturn the guilty verdict.
Garbage collector company Sanitek is in the news again. They haven't been doing any work for over a week.
It turns out they haven't paid employee salaries for August. Sanitek says it's because the city didn't pay them. Sanitek employees gathered outside of Yerevan city hall to demand their salaries from the city. City official met them, told them the city paid its fees mandated by the contract, and offered the workers a job at the city-run garbage service. The employees refused. Yesterday several employees agreed to move from Sanitek to city.

Mayor Marutyan later gave a press conference, saying Sanitek is blaming the city for Sanitek's own failures. Marutyan said they only withheld 9% of the funding (because 9% of the work wasn't done). City says they paid Sanitek enough funds for August, and that the employees were allegedly mislead by the company about the reasons of them not getting paid.
City will provide legal services to Sanitek employees to get their salaries. The city-run garbage collecting service that was created few months ago will eventually replace Sanitek, and is structured in a way to function properly for years to come, said Marutyan. City is still waiting for dozens of garbage trucks to arrive and join the fleet. Municipality says they'll do a better job with the same 5.2bln that they currently pay to Sanitek.

Earlier, we learned that when Sanitek won an auction several years ago to do business in Yerevan, they were supposed to handle only half of the city. For some reason, the city and Sanitek decided that the firm could handle the whole city. They organized a fake auction for the 2nd half of city, in which Sanitek's own subsidiary acted as a dummy competitor. As a result, Sanitek won the right to serve the entire city. Mayor Marutyan wants the prosecutors to examine the auction process. 👉 🕔

Mayor: as of right now, 6,500 m2 land has been recovered and returned to kindergartens. (In the past years, city authorized numerous private firms and oligarchs to take kindergarten building sections, while people complained about not enough kindergartens and space.)
Mayor: Yerevan municipality has stepped into the 21st century. They'll finally vote through a touch screen instead of hands. The existing expensive button tech was purchased years ago but wasn't being used.
Mayor says the former regime appropriated 90% of the good lands in Yerevan and sold it to its friends and relatives under suspicious circumstances. Today, when a good project is proposed by someone and a land is needed, it becomes apparent that it's not there and that it's all owned by the same circle.
City has collected info on how exactly these lands were sold and bought, and sent it to the prosecutors.
(Earlier the prosecutors filed felony charges against the former Yerevan mayor Zakharyan for the alleged illegal sale of a park area to Rob-linked hotel.)
An EAEU related law was passed in Russia earlier, which prohibited drivers with Armenian licenses from driving in Russia for commercial reasons (taxi, truck, etc). It appears that it was passed for all EAEU members but due to some paperwork language related reasons, Armenia is the only EAEU state affected by this. A high ranking Russian official Zatulin thinks it's discriminatory against Armenia.
Not everyone is happy about this in Armenia. There are talks in the Parliament and the police about passing a mirror law prohibiting Russian drivers' licenses from being valid for commercial work on Armenian streets.
Several QP and BHK MPs have argued that there is no need for ինադ ընգնել, and that this law against Armenians isn't practically enforced in Russia.

MFA says they're working with the Russians to "fix" it.
In a blow to LHK, their now-former MP Arman Babajanyan has refused to return the mandate to LHK. He will serve as an independent MP.
Babajanyan quit few days ago after complaining that the parliamentary opposition isn't trying hard enough, which could allow "criminal Roboserj circles" to position themselves as "the opposition".
Another reason for the dissatisfaction was LHK's mild stance on Russia. Babajanyan is a vocal critic of the Russian politics.
Parliament session.
They adopted the resolution to prevent double taxation and tax evasion with Danmark.
They adopted a resolution to approve the military cooperation with Lebanon for 2019 (whatever that means).
Parliament unanimously passed the bill proposed by BHK to prohibit hiring discrimination based on age, gender, political views, race, etc.
Parliament approved a draft bill by QP that will prevent employers from abusing contractors in some circumstances.
Parliament narrowly rejected a BHK bill that would eliminate VAT tax at the border. The idea was to let businesses import, then tax later. Some analysts argued that the govt would lose important funds if the bill is approved.
The govt submitted a bill to Parliament to require anyone above 16 to get a license to ride moped on the public roads. It will also simplify the vehicle sale process by allowing some things to be done online.
The govt is still working on a new mining transparency bill to reveal mining owners. The European practice is that anyone who owns over 25% of the mining company shares, must be made public. In Armenia, they want to make it stricter, requiring >10% owners to be exposed. LHK wants that number to be even lower.
People complain that the same imported drugs cost higher in Armenia than in other nations. Economic competition body says that's partially because foreign firms have different prices for different countries.
Another cause is the existing law that prevents cheaper alternatives from being imported due to slight component differences with the already-authorized drugs in the market. This ban is a safety measure.
However, there are drugs that aren't harmful even if there is a slight difference in the ingredient proportions. The committee plans to submit a bill to allow easier imports of these drugs.
Heart surgery costs have gone down since last year. As a result, very few people are traveling to Georgia for surgery, says Minister Torosyan. The govt subsidizes some heart surgeries.
Pashinyan: Since May-2018 there have been 63,200 officially newly registered jobs. (minority of which are newly created jobs). It brings the number of workers in the country to record high. 23% of them work at government institutes.

The number of registered workers now vs Jan-2018 is higher by 18%. There are 601k workers. An 8% rise versus June-2018.
The monthly fee paid by each worker towards the army is up by 10%.
Highest number of public workers are in the education field. 101k work there. Largest private sector job field is car sales & repair business.

The number of registered unemployed people is down by 6% in 1H19vs18, and down by 19% versus 2017. Vayits Dzor, Lori and Armavir provinces had the highest unemployment drops.
Overall unemployment went down and up since 2018, overall down 0.3% as of 1Q19.
Job seekers are looking 1.5x as many workers through govt channels. Industry and trade sector has seen an increase in hiring activities.
Average monthly nominal salary is up by 6% and is 178.3k. ($374)
Pashinyan: the Labor Ministry saved 3.8bln in 1H19 from the pension fund. That money will be used for other social programs that needed to be done long time ago.
There won't be dick-swinging through the display of weapons during this year's Independence Day celebrations. The govt plans to begin a march from military cemetery Yerablur, and hold the main festivities in Gyumri city.
Henrik Mkhitaryan gave a press briefing. He was asked if there'll be a problem with his possible visits to Turkey, considering the recent Baku visit fiasco. Miki explained the Italian media that AM-TUR relations are different and he has never had issues going there.
Last week he payed against the Italian national team. Today he met the same players, but now as Roma teammates. What a small world...
Italian player Balotelli asks Miki in Armenian : Միկի՛, Իտալիայում կայֆ ա, չէ՞
Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise. Older posts can be found at: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 , credits to Idontknowmuch.
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2019.08.22 11:00 InTheMiddleGiroud bringer artikel om at Samuelsen bragte salg af Grønland på banen, Kofod og Frederiksen vidste at et salg var på tale, statsbesøget blev aftalt for flere måneder siden og blev primært aflyst fordi "the people of Denmark and Greenland are being led by a pedofile"

Jeg valgte at dele det, fordi det virker som en meget, meget underlig omgang fake news. Flere af de påstande der bliver fremsat, virker ikke til at kunne have logisk hold i virkeligheden. Og så er forfatteren en internet-millionær. Jeg troede virkeligt ikke det kunne bliver mere mærkeligt.
Her er artiklen: har en Alexa Rank på 143, så den er meget velbesøgt. Tal fra wikipedia siger 25m månedlige besøg i 2015 og 90m i 2016.
Artiklen er skrevet af en amerikansk internet-iværksætter, Alexander Muse, uden hans Wikipedia yder nogen forklaring på hvordan han er blevet højrefløjs-skribent eller har fået adgang til info i Trump-administrationen.
Nedenfor er nogle af de underligste påstande artiklen fremsætter.
Several months ago Queen Margrethe II invited President Trump to Denmark for a state visit.
Den gængse udgave af dette er at for tre uger siden, nærmere bestemt tirsdag d. 30. juli udtalte Donald Trump overraskende at han måske ville tage til Danmark efter sit besøg i Polen i start-september. Det udløste først en officiel invitation fra dronningen dagen efter som blev modtaget. At han inviterede sig selv, blev også bekræftet af Lars Løkke Rasmussen i et tweet i går.
Shortly afterward Denmark’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, discreetly floated a possible ‘Greenland Purchase’ to the United States during negotiations for the state visit.
Anders Samuelsen har så vidt jeg ved ikke udtalt sig om den verserende sag, men med de skarpe tilbagevisninger som den gamle regering (fx Lars Løkke der kaldte det en dårlig aprilsnar uden for sæson) og støttepartier er kommet med, virkede et salg af Grønland aldrig som noget de ville kunne få opbakning til. Ligeledes virker det ikke til at stemme overens med Samuelsen's hidtidige arbejde med USA vedrørende Grønland. I maj sagde han følgende om et møde med den amerikanske udenrigsminister Mike Pompeo på grønlandsk jord (der blev aflyst i sidste øjeblik): "Vi håber fra dansk-grønlandsk side, at det er en mulighed for at få et endnu tættere samarbejde og også fokus på nogle af de udestående, vi har med amerikanerne"
For at den ovenstående passage fra skal være korrekt skal det
  1. Også være juridisk muligt for os at sælge et selvstyrende område
  2. Den gamle regering har åbnet forhandlinger om et salg af USA en måned før et valg, som de allerede dengang nok har vist ville ende med en valgsejr til oppositionen. Kun én embedsmand behøvede at sladre til sin nye chef om at den tidligere regering legede med tanken om at sælge Grønland, før et regulært politisk stormvejr ville ramme den nye opposition.
Anders has always been a close ally of President Trump, agreeing to send Danish special forces to Syria and Afghanistan to help Trump’s administration fight Islamic extremists.
Tror aldrig de to har mødt hinanden, men Samuelsen har ganske rigtigt været med til at sende i alt 115 mand til Syrien og Afghanistan, og har tidligere kritiseret USA's udtog fra Syrien som værende for tidligt.
Sidste år kaldte han en Trump udtalelse om EU "noget forvrøvlet sludder" og postulerede at vi er allierede med USA, ikke med Trump.
Unfortunately for both countries, the Prime Minister and his cabinet (including Anders) were ousted from power last month by the Social Democrats derailing any sort of opportunity for President and the former Prime Minister to consummate a sale.
Det var ikke 'last month', men i juni Mette Frederiksen regeringen tiltrådte.
The ‘Greenland Purchase’ would have been beneficial to both countries. The United States would have gained access to huge deposits of rare earth minerals and Denmark would have been relieved of almost a billion dollars in support they spend each year on the 65,000 residents.
Tallene er lidt ved siden af. Derudover forstår jeg ikke hvordan udgifterne er udgifter som Danmark skal regne med, men ikke USA. Og omvendt, hvordan mineralerne kan komme USA til fordel men ikke Danmark. Det er et ulogisk argument.
In preparation for the ‘Greenland Purchase’ discussions planned for the the state visit, the Danish invited the U.S. Ambassador to Greenland, Carla Sands, and the U.S. Geological Survey to visit a remote rare earth mining facility operated by Greenland Minerals. Rare earth minerals are a HUGE sticking point in our trade discussions with China. The Danish realized that if the U.S. could find an alternative supply our ability to negotiate would be significantly improved and make a deal far easier to consumate. President Trump similarly realized that the ‘Greenland Purchase’ would significantly improve his ability to negotiate with the Chinese.
Jeg orker ikke at begynde på den her. Har ikke researchet noget som helst omkring det, men hvad fanden er "rare earth minerals"?
Last month the new Social Democrat Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Sebastian Kofod, contacted the U.S. State Department and informed us that discussions regarding the ‘Greenland Purchase’ were being cancelled.
Jeppe Kofod vidste altså at den forrige regering har sat dem i gang, uden at sige det til nogen. Derimod gik han til pressen i går og gentog at selve idéen var "absurd". Det er en farlig leg, hvis det kan bevises at han vidste at der havde været forhandlinger i gang allerede. Derudover tog han i følge artiklen kontakt 'last month' og aflyste. Hvis han aflyste et salg i juli, virker det en smule påfaldende at det endelige besøg blev bekræftet i start-august og nævnt første gang den 30. juli.
Once President Trump received a briefing on the new minister, a Harvard graduate, and his background he made it clear he wasn’t interested spending a minute trying resume the negotiations to purchase Greenland.
Men arrangerede alligevel en tur til Danmark.
Kofod is infamous in Denmark for having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl while a member of parliament in 2008. He admitted to the relationship and apologized but kept his seat in parliament. The fact that the people of Denmark and Greenland are being led by a pedofile is the primary, but not only, reason President Trump called off the visit.
Jeg er ikke fan af Kofod, og synes vi sætter os selv i en dårlig situation ved at have en udenrigsminister der havde en sådan sag i bagagen. Men det gør ham ikke til pædofil og der har ikke været nogen indikation på at han skulle have en central rolle i statsbesøget. Derudover kom Trump jo med bragende støtte til republikanske Roy Moore i hans forsøg på at blive senater i Alabama på trods af gentagne 'Kofod-sager'.
The new Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, made it very easy for President Trump when she suggested that Trump’s ‘offer’ to buy Greenland was “absurd.”
Der er ingen grund til at putte 'offer' i citationstegn, for Mette Frederiksen kaldte selve diskussionen "absurd" og bakkede den Grønlandske landsstyreformand Kim Kielsen op i hans afvisning af at et salg kunne komme på tale. Det gjorde hun til at spørgsmål fra DR, som næppe var tiltænkt at nå verdensomspændende medier, og ligeledes ikke var et specielt respektløst svar.
Frederiksen was well aware of Ander’s trial balloon to sell Greenland
Nå, hun vidste det også uden at nævne det for nogen!?
but decided to pretend that Trump was somehow insane or unhinged by making such an outlandish unsolicited offer.
Nej, hun sagde "Jeg gør mig ikke nogen som helst tanker i den forbindelse. Det er jo en absurd diskussion, og Kim Kielsen har selvfølgelig gjort det klart, at Grønland ikke er til salg, og så stopper snakken med det. Til gengæld er der rigtig meget andet, vi gerne vil snakke med den amerikanske præsident om."
Ikke hvad jeg vil kalde at beskylde nogen for at være 'insane' eller 'unhinged'.
President Trump, in response, suggested that her statements were offensive felt justified in postponing the state visit for another time. The truth is that the new Danish leadership, unlike their predecessors from a month earlier, aren’t interested in selling Greenland. Trump suggested that he would have accepted a simple “no” but he wasn’t interested in dealing with either rude people or pedofiles.
The reality is that the ‘Greenland Purchase’ was a trial balloon floated by the previous government of Denmark. The new Danish government made it clear to the State Department that the deal was off the table and as a result Trump cancelled the state visit.
De aflyste handlen uden at nævne det for nogen, selvom det ville være en total vindersag over oppositionen. Først derefter arrangerer Trump at komme til Danmark, for at aflyse det på grund af en beslutning der blev taget før besøget blev arrangeret. Derudover modsiger denne del af artiklen, et tidligere punkt hvor der stod at den primære grund var fordi Kofod var pædofil.
The fact that Trump refrained from mentioning that the new Minister of Foreign Affairs was a pedofile was pretty heroic. We’re seeing real growth from the president…
Den lader jeg bare lige stå.
Tænkte jeg ville dele den, fordi det er første gang jeg er stødt på så åbenlyse løgne fra så stort et medie. Og så handler det om os.
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2019.07.17 02:52 bagoetz99 Long Walks Home

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved walking. As a kid, I would always be sure to take the family dog out around the neighborhood, more for my enjoyment than it was his. As I got older, the walking took place anywhere I could fit it, walking to school, hiking trails, and even walking to the store for small grocery trips. There was always something cathartic to me about just roaming about long stretches of sidewalk, street, or trail. Plus, it was healthy, so I never really saw a downside to doing it.
That is, of course, part of the reason for my excitement to move into my new apartment upstate. The apartment itself wasn’t anything special, just a simple one bed one bath. But what I was most excited about was the fact that my new job was only a couple miles away, a perfect excuse to walk every day. Not only did it save me the gas money, but I also could once again experience the serenity of my walks at least twice a day.
The anticipation in me bubbled when I woke up for my first day of work. Of course, I was very excited about this new job as a programmer for a local software company, but I was equally nervous. The fact that I would be able to walk off the nerves, however, put me at ease and allowed me to focus on the day to come. As expected, the walk there was relaxing, to say the least. As far as how the rest of the day went, I will spare you the boring details and say that it was pretty alright, and I imagine that I will fit in well given the time.
During the walk home from work, however, something unexpected happened. As I began to walk out of my work and onto the sidewalk, I was stopped by a voice behind me:
“Hey!” Came the voice of a young man.
I turned around, slightly startled. Behind me was a younger guy of about average height, no older than early twenties. He had a slightly freckled face and swooping brown hair that nearly covered his dark brown eyes. He dressed fairly casually, on his feet were a crimson pair of brand-new sneakers.
“Hello” I replied, irritation burning hot within.
“I just saw you walk out of that building, and I saw you drop these,” He held up my house keys.
“Oh, I didn’t even notice, thank you,” I said sheepishly. I took the keys with gratitude as he handed them to me, my guilt from my previous irritation left me cold as ice.
Strange, you would think that dropping something like keys would make a noise loud enough to notice a block away. I guess I am more oblivious than I thought.
“Thanks again for giving these back to me, it would have been awfully hard to go home without them,” I followed with a slight laugh to lighten the mood and internally make up for my misjudgment.
“Oh don’t mention it. You headed down the highway?” His voice shifted to a more jovial tone.
He pointed down the road in the direction that I was walking.
“Oh yeah, it’s just the normal route home, you know?”
“Normally people go down the highway in a car” he joked, giving a slight grin.
I gave a small chuckle in response. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But from what I’ve seen so far, this highway doesn’t see much use really. I don’t live very far anyway.”
“Oh, so you like taking walks then? I do too, was headed that way myself. Do you mind if I join you?”
I stopped for a moment to consider. Normally, I’m a relatively shy person and don’t interact much with the people I know, let alone strangers. Although, there was something about this guy that just had a charm to him. I couldn’t place my finger on why, but I was very comfortable around him. I agreed to his request, and we started off in the direction of my apartment, along the highway forested on each side.
Turns out, his name is Tommy. A lot like me, he just moved here from somewhere else in the state, and doesn’t really know his way around. I’ve been here a bit longer, so I didn’t mind taking a small detour on our walk to show him a bit around town.
As we walked around town, it was pretty clear that he and I would be fast friends. We made plenty of jokes, had deep discussions about where we came from and what we wanted to do with our lives, and even stopped for a bite to eat, where he paid for my meal. Truth is, I really liked the guy and we seemed to have a great connection, but there was something about him that was… off. It’s hard to describe, but it was almost like he was constantly thinking about something (or someone) else, and I was simply his distraction.
You know, I really shouldn’t be so pessimistic and think so harshly of other people. Maybe then making friends would be a lot easier..
That night, however, I woke up around 2 am. I thought I heard my front door slam shut. Irritated and in a state of delirium, I checked the time. Then, it all suddenly came to me, and fear and shock washed over me. I opened the drawer on my nightstand and took out my pocket knife from inside. I flipped the blade open and walked out of my room.
There was no one else in the apartment. Not a single soul.
The front door, however, was wide open. What seemed like almost a liter of blood was pooled just outside of my door.
I felt overwhelmingly nauseous. I dropped the knife and fell backwards onto my couch in shock. After a moment, I picked up the phone and called the police.
When the police arrived, I stood with them to give them a statement and explain what was happening. I told them that I had no involvement with the blood outside and they began investigating, and urged me to stay nearby, and they called in a forensics team. About an hour or so before I was supposed to go into work, I called my boss and explained what was going on. Of course, she understood, and gave me the day off so I could cooperate with the police.The forensics team had set up shop in my apartment, and I watched them go to work for the next six or so hours, occasionally answering one of their questions about the circumstances in which I had found the blood.
“Alright,” The officer started, “Thank you for your cooperation. Your story seems to match what we have found and no foul play is suspected, so you are free to go. However, we’re going to need to be here for a day or so to collect samples and clean up, if that’s alright?”
“Of course,” I said, eager to get this mess over with.
After I got settled into the hotel just down the street from my apartment, I picked up my phone and rang up Tommy. I asked what he was up to, and if he wanted to meet up for dinner. We agreed on a diner nearby.
“That’s… insane dude,” Tommy said at the end of my retelling of the day’s events. We had been in the diner for maybe an hour or so, and now we were sipping on milkshakes and waiting on the check.
“Yeah, no kidding. What a way to wake up in the morning. Are… you alright?” Tommy had grown pale, and his eyes were fixed on the table. He was obviously deep in thought.
“Yeah,” he said, correcting his stare. “I’m just… worried about you, I guess.”
“Well, thanks for your concern, but I don’t plan on coming face-to-face with an axe murderer any time soon,” I joked.
I will admit, even I didn’t fully believe in the sentiment of that joke.
The next day was pretty much business as usual, what with my return to work and everything. About halfway through the day, I got the all-clear from the police, and they said they would get ahold of me whenever they found any results.
Well, I say “whenever,” but really they said “if” they found any results. How comforting.
That evening, I moved back into my apartment. Sure enough, the blood was gone. I took a breath and relaxed a little. I then remembered that with all of this basically behind me, I could resume my walking routine as usual, and my mood brightened a little. I decided to take one after I was finished resettling to cool off.
I stepped outside. The evening air was cool and refreshing. I took a deep breath, and began walking. It felt great to just have that time to myself again. Of course, there was a nagging feeling in the back of my head, a feeling that things were maybe not alright. I shrugged it off and kept walking.
I got to the old highway just before the sun set behind the trees. No cars were around this time of day, it was the perfect conditions. I started walking towards town, the shadows of the trees on either side of me growing taller as I walked.
Then, just off the road and into the trees, a spot of red caught my eye.
It was a lone shoe, some fifty feet from the edge of the highway. I walked over and picked it up. The shoe had a red base color with black racing stripes down the middle and side. It seemed oddly familiar…
It was Tommy’s shoe. What was it doing out here?
I looked around the area, and tried to see if I could see him anywhere nearby. I called out his name a couple of times, but I received no response. I picked up my cell phone and gave him a call, but he didn’t answer that either.
Well, wherever he was, he would probably want this back. I tucked the shoe under my arm and stood up. It was better off with me than in the middle of nowher-
Wait a minute, what just moved? I could see it, at the top of my peripheral vision as I was looking down. Just a quick movement, almost like something bolted between the trees. I looked up and ahead immediately, and caught the sight of couple leaves floating back down to the ground, kicked up from their resting place on the dark forest ground. I leaned around the tree to my left to get a better sight of what just ran off.
Ah, it was a deer. I could still see it bounding away. Thank god.
The next day, it was business as usual. Another day at work. You know, I am starting to like this job, even if it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world.
When I got out from work, however, I expected to see Tommy waiting for me outside, but instead I was greeted by empty sidewalk and mild disappointment. I waited a couple of minutes and looked around to see if anyone was coming. Eventually, I gave up looking up and down the sidewalk and began walking off in the direction of my apartment.
I picked up the phone and called him as I walked. Of course, there was no answer. I haven’t heard from him since our exchange at the diner. Wherever he is, I really hope he is okay.

The next day, I emerged from the end of the work day to find Tommy waiting for me once again. I could immediately tell something was off. He lacked the nervous composure he had when we were talking previously, and instead had the complete opposite. He held a tall stance with his shoulders squared out and his arms crossed. He was dressed head to toe in what looked like a designer business casual outfit. His hair had been groomed and slicked back, deep black shoes covered his feet, and aviator sunglasses of the same deep shade covered his eyes.
“Uhh.. Tommy?” I called as I carefully approached him from my work building.
“Yeah, it’s been a hot minute since we talked, hasn’t it?” His voice radiated confidence.
There was something about him that was eerily attractive. I don’t know why, but I found myself intrigued with how he now presented himself. I found myself drawn to him intensely, unable to break my own attention from him.
“Yeah, I guess it has. Hey, I found your shoe in the woods the other day when I was out walking, and now I’ve got it at my house if you want to come with me to get it.”
“Oh, that trash? Do me a favor and throw it out, would you?”
“Uh, sure, I guess. What was it doing out there anyway?”
He shrugged. I should have had a much larger issue with how dismissive he was, but I just… didn’t care, for whatever reason. He was just too handsome to fight.
On the way home, we must have been stopped half a dozen times by people on the street. A group of high school girls gushing and giggling at everything we said, a local food truck offering us free food, even police officers who were more than willing to neglect the occasional jaywalking. All of which were focused on Tommy, and all of which seemed to be deeply infatuated with him, willing to do whatever he suggested. It was almost disturbing how eager everyone was to follow whatever he said, but damn, was he just so convincing.
When we finally arrived at my apartment, he bid me goodbye in his newfound way, tipping his sunglasses to reveal his brilliant blue eyes. I just stared, intrigued by him, and waved as he began to walk away and I started towards my front door. I put my key in the door, and tur-
Wait a minute, weren’t Tommy’s eyes brown?
My face and heart rate fell as I was unlocking my front door. I looked over my shoulder to where he was walking. He noticed my change in demeanor and shot me a quick, sickening smile. He continued walking.
I didn’t sleep at all that night.
He was waiting for me the next day outside of work. I just couldn’t say no to him when he offered to walk with me again. There was no mention of my little observation yesterday.
He suggested that we stop and eat at the same diner we did before. Despite the sick feeling in my stomach, I continued on with him as if nothing had happened. We stepped into the old-fashioned restaurant, which seemed to be empty except for Tommy and myself. We helped ourselves to a booth near a window. A beautiful waitress approached our table.
“Hey fellas, what can I get for you today?” Her eyes were fixed on Tommy.
“Two chocolate milkshakes, please.” He didn’t ask me what I wanted. I didn’t care.
Just as she went to put in the order, a man and his family walked into the restaurant. They were loud, the diner rang with their yelling and laughter. They sat down at a table near the kitchen entrance.
After about fifteen minutes, the same waitress who waited our table went over to get their drink orders. The man was clearly upset. He began raising his voice at her, and I heard bits and pieces all about how he didn’t like how long it took, how she was doing a poor job, how she was ugly anyway. Frustration welled up inside of me as I watched the poor waitress suffer this abuse, the pained and anxious expression on her face saying everything.
Tommy only gave a sick smile at this exchange.
Eventually the waitress disappeared back into the kitchen, re-emerging moments later with two chocolate milkshakes on a tray. She walked up to our table, obviously still anxious.
“I’m really sorry these took so long fellas.” She set the drinks down on the table, one at a time. After setting down the second one, Tommy placed his hand on her forearm and looked up at her.
“Ah miss, isn’t that man over there just the worst? I’m really sorry he did all of that to you, you deserve much better.” To this statement, the waitress only looked down and gave a small nod.
“Do you know what I think?” Tommy continued, lowering his voice. The waitress fixed her gaze on him, intrigue and anticipation reflected in her eyes.
“I think that the world would be a better place without him, if you know what I mean.”
My mouth slowly hinged open in shock at the outrageous comment. I wanted to protest, but I just… couldn’t tell him no. The waitress was now wide-eyed. Gradually, a sick smile started to form on her face. Her eyes began to light up with realization. She gave a second nod, stronger and more enthusiastic than before. She stood up straight, dusted off her uniform with a quick brush, and quickly disappeared into the kitchen.
After a few moments, she emerged once more, wielding a large kitchen knife in her right hand.
She was on the man in less than a second, his unfortunate choice in tables giving him no time to react.
She began savagely plunging the knife into anywhere she could fit it, his neck, arms, chest. As she ripped at him, the man’s wife and children screamed and fled the table. Blood spouted from his wounds like a water fountain, painting the white walls of the diner red and pooling on the floor. His screams were muffled by the sound of the blood gurgling in his throat. After half a minute, he stopped moving. The waitress kept slashing for another half minute, kitchen staff now emerging and trying to stop her, but to no avail. I could only watch, petrified by the visceral image. Tommy only had an expression of sick amusement.
When she was finally restrained by the kitchen staff, Tommy turned to me.
“Let’s go” he commanded. We stood up, and calmly walked out of the diner into the evening. The kitchen staff barely seemed to notice us leave as they held down the woman still wildly trying to swing the knife. As we rounded the corner away from the diner, I could still hear the wife calling the authorities, sobbing and cursing herself for her cowardice.
Tommy seemed pleased with himself at what he inspired, joking and laughing about the incident on the entire way home. I was powerless to stand up to him, guilt torturing me from within.
That walk home was the longest in my life.
When we finally arrived at my apartment, he bid me goodnight once more, a sinister tone dominating his voice. I don’t know how, but I continued on, into my house, locking the door behind me. I turned on the television and turned to the news.
Apparently, the woman’s attack was ruled as a spontaneous break of sanity. Apparently, the diner did not have a functional security system to show what had happened inside.
Apparently, this was all calculated. That sick bastard.
I didn’t know what I could do. What could I do, report him to the police? If he could compel officers to ignore petty crimes and even drive some people to murder with a single sentence, how did I know that he wouldn’t convince his way out of this and turn his rage on me?
Whoever he was, he knew I was trapped and helpless. He wanted me to witness these things, to understand what he was and what he could do.
The next day, I called into work. I let my boss know that I probably wouldn’t be returning to work due to “personal reasons.” Before she could protest, I hung up the phone.
I took a walk, the morning air refreshing me.
I deviated from my normal route, instead this time deciding to hike a trail that went through the woods next to the highway. As I went through the dirt trails, I went deeper into thought. I tried to think of everything I could to come up with a plan, with a way to get out of this. Who was he, what did he want from m-
I looked down at the ground. I didn’t notice that I had left the trail. I turned around completely and scanned the ground around me. The trail was nowhere to be found; I seemed to stray from it long ago.
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a glint of red.
I slowly turned my head until I could get a clear look.
It was a crimson shoe, attached to a rotting, severed leg.
I turned, and ran as fast as I could in the direction I came from. I kept sprinting, but I could hear something behind me. I could hear the leaves rustle near me, closing in on me. I could hear wood splintering from the trees near me as something sprung off of them, heavy, animalistic breathing getting ever closer to me. I didn’t dare look back, I just kept running as fast as I could. Suddenly, I spotted the dirt path ahead, and felt a slight relief.
I stormed onto the path as fast as I could, accidentally slamming into a startled couple and knocking one of them to the ground. As I continued to run past, I heard one of them scream, noticing the thing I was running from. I couldn’t stop, I had to keep running. I stopped hearing noises from behind me, the signs of pursuit were disappearing. I kept running.

That night, another news report. A couple had gone missing on a popular hiking trail. Only blood was found at the scene.
Guilt consumed me. I knew that I was the reason those people were likely dead.
I resolved then that I couldn’t leave my apartment, except for a lone exception. I drove out to the local sporting goods store, and purchased a firearm with some ammunition. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store and picked up enough food and water for months. I returned to my apartment.
A few days later, I got a knock at the door. I looked through the peep-hole of my front door. It was my former boss.
I opened the door, and let her inside. She had been worried about me since I had called in, and managed to find my address to see if I was okay. While I appreciated her concern, the part about finding me worried me. I could tell that there was something on her mind. Still, she was here, away from the influence of Tommy, and I invited her to stay for dinner.
She offered to help me cook, which I accepted. It was nice having company after being alone for so long. I asked her to go ahead and start dicing up onions for our meal, and I turned around and started cleaning dishes to use for dinner.
Then, a sharp, sudden pain exploded into my shoulder. The knife I had just given her was sticking out of my arm, blood pouring from the wound. My guest’s hand was still on the handle.
With all the force I had left from the shock, I shoved my entire body into hers, and made just enough time to slip away. I burst into my bedroom and dove behind my bed, reaching underneath it to grab the firearm. As I brought it out, she charged into the room. As she raised the knife to finish the job, I leveled the gun from my position on the ground, and pulled the trigger twice.
She had a shocked expression on her face. The knife slipped from her grasp and she fell backwards, collapsing into the door.
Shock overtook me, the pain in my shoulder growing more intense as the adrenaline faded away. The realization that I had just killed another person weighed heavy on me, and I felt nauseous. I barely made it to the bathroom before I threw up. Blood continued to pour from the deep wound.
It was done. It was no secret to me why she did it.
Then, I looked outside of the window to see Tommy standing outside, clearly amused. A twisted smile formed on his - its - face. I was cornered, and it knew it. If I called for help, he would convince them out of it. I could try to fight him, but something tells me it would be suicide; he would turn my own hand against me.
I did my best to stop the bleeding in my shoulder, but it was too deep and I was only mildly successful. I know that with the patch job I did, I had only bought myself a few hours at most.
So here I am. I can feel the corners of my vision growing darker, my head growing lighter. I can hear the laughter from outside.
I could really use a walk right now.
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2019.06.14 17:22 riskyrofl 2019 Copa America Group C Preview: Chile, Ecuador, Japan, Uruguay

CHILE via lordvelaryon



Chile has a long and proud history on the sport. However, it is mostly a bitter one.
Before this generation, Chile's biggest achievements were a third place in the 1962 World Cup (played at home soil), a Bronze Medal in the Olympics (Sidney 2000) and some 2nd places in different Copas America. A lot of illustrious names had proudly wore the red trikot, from Elias Figueroa to Ivan Zamorano and Leonel Sanchez to Marcelo Salas. But no one had ever lifted a trophy at such side of the Andes, a tremendous contrast to what happened in the lands that were bathed by the de la Plata River or spoke Portuguese and danced Samba.
That changed in 2015 in a story that we all know and that later become even more epic with a second title in a row. However, since then the situation has completely changed. In fact, it wouldn't be strange to say the worst that could have happened after that dramatic victory against Argentina in New York, has in fact happened.
The faliure to qualify to the World Cup broke things inside the team, and not just metaphorically speaking. The first head that rolled was that of Juan Antonio Pizzi, the replacement of Sampaoli that had apparently managed to order the players in an effective way. It was replaced by Reinaldo Rueda, a Colombian that had won the Libertadores with Atletico Nacional and promised to bring new blood to an old crew that had barely changed since 2012 (and in some cases, 2007). After trying over 60 names, the reality is that only 3 new faces seem to have become starters compared to those of 2016 (Arias, Maripán, Pulgar) and only the first seems to truly be an essential player: Arias the nationalized Argentinian keeper, the one who replaced the exiled Bravo.
And that's the biggest issue of this team alongside its age: its division. The peak of such situation was when Bravo's wife directly attacked Vidal and others on social media in the aftermath of the qualifiers, effectively turning him from the captain to a pariah. He was never called again in the numerous friendlies played until then, with the Achilles injury that he suffered 8 months ago not exactly helping. Nothing seems to suggest that he will ever come back now, with new qualifiers being the next process and new blood being needed.
At least Arias seems to be a decent enough replacement, performing well in the friendlies. But Bravo wasn't just the keeper but also the captain, and its leadership was essential both in the Copas America titles and Brazil 2014. With all that said, hopes on defending the title are almost null, but well, it is said that in football anything can happen.

Manager and Squad

Manager Reinaldo Rueda
Goalkeepers Team
Gabriel Arias Racing Club (ARG)
Brayan Cortés Colo Colo (CHI)
Yerko Urra Huachipato (CHI)
Defenders Team
Mauricio Isla Fenerbahce (TUR)
Paulo Diaz Al-Ahli (ARA)
Gary Medel Besiktas (TUR)
Gonzalo Jara Estudiantes (ARG)
Guillermo Maripán Deportivo Alavés (ESP)
Igor Lichnovsky Cruz Azul (MEX)
Jean Beausejour Universidad de Chile (CHI)
Oscar Opazo Colo Colo (CHI)
Midfielders Team
Arturo Vidal FC Barcelona (ESP)
Erick Pulgar Bologna (ITA)
Charles Aranguiz Bayer Leverkusen (GER)
Pablo Hernandez Independiente (ARG)
Diego Valdés Santos Laguna (MEX)
Esteban Pavez Colo Colo (CHI)
Attackers Team
Alexis Sanchez Manchester United
Nicolas Castillo América (MEX)
Eduardo Vargas Tigres (MEX)
Jose Pedro Fuenzalida Universidad Católica (CHI)
Junior Fernandez Alanyaspor (TUR)
Angelo Sagal Pachucha (MEX)

Players to Watch

Arturo Vidal: His arrival to Barcelona only confirmed his status as the greatest player of the Golden Generation, if not of all of Chilean history. Still a world class player, the box-to-box midfielder now will have the task of effectively leading this team in its last adventure. Without Marcelo Diaz or a #10, the midfield suffers in creativity no matter how good as a pivot Pulgar could be, so him and Aranguiz have a big task over them.
Guillermo Maripán: An ankle injury forced to early end a season where he was fighting with Piqué for the title of the best centerback of the season in La Liga. With his 1,94 cms of height but still quick reflexes and good passes, the defender has become a pivotal part of the defensive line under Rueda, and it is expected that he will continue with such role unless the ankle injury was worse than what has been mentioned.
Erick Pulgar: Not exactly liked by most, probably even without the issue of that he has effectively displaced Marcelo Diaz under Rueda, but the midfielder is undoubtedly the third best that Chile has right now and just ended a season with rather good (even if inconsistent) performances with Bologna. If he starts he will surely play as pivot behind Vidal and Aranguiz, and even if he has demonstrated to have the quality, it still is a question of how he will play under such conditions at the national team.
Eduardo Vargas: Once chosen the best player of America in the far 2011, the former Napoli and Valencia's forward isn't in a good moment of his career at all, not even highlighting at the Mexican league. However, it is one of those players that has the fame of massively changing when playing for his national team, so it is never a bad idea to watch if he does become prime-Van Basten for two weeks once again.

Points of Discussion

  • Starting XI: without knowing if Alexis and Maripán will completely recover from the injuries that ended their club's seasons right now is pretty hard to predict a starting XI, thing that to be honest wouldn't be easy to do in any moment of Rueda's tenure. With that said, which would be your starting XI? 4-3-3 with Pulgar as pivot and Alexis and Vargas/Fuenzalida in the wings and Castillo at the center would be mine.
  • Bravo, Diaz, Puch: Must be asked, what do you think of Rueda's decision of not calling them? A big mistake or not so much?
  • What would be a good-enough ending for this team? it isn't at his best or even far below that, so it would be completely irrational to have high expectations. Chileans, what would be good enough?

ECUADOR , via u/riskyrofl


Nicknames: La Tricolor, La Tri, Los Amarillos
Best Finish: Fourth Place (1959, 1993)
FIFA Ranking: 59 (9 in CONMEBOL)


Earlier his year Ecuador showed their future looked bright, as their Under-20 team won their own Copa America. The present is probably not so bright, but Ecuador can hope that with a bit of grit and determination they can cause trouble for Chile, Uruguay and Japan. After a disappointing 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign that fell apart in the final few games, there is much for Ecuador to prove.
Historically Ecuador have had a rough time of it in South American football. To this day they, along with only Venezuela, have not won a Copa America. World Cup qualification too alluded Ecuador for many years, the great Ecuadorian team of the mid-1960s, with such as Washington Muñoz, Alberto Spencer, Carlos Alberto Raffo, Enrique Raymondi and Jorge Bolaños, was denied a debut by a play-off against Chile. It would be many decades until Ecuador would come close, when they missed out on France 98 by 4 points. It was a sign of what was to come, as Ecuador finally reached a World Cup, with manager Hernan Dario Gomez incharge (The same guy who's in charge of Ecuador this year). The peak of Ecuadorian football achievements would come 4 years later, as Ecuador made the Round of 16 at Germany 2006. Copa America success still has alluded Ecuador despite World Cup success. From 1997 to 2016 La Tri failed to make it outside of the group stage. Centenario was when fortunes finally started to shift, with the team finally making the knock out rounds. And yet, 3 years later, making the knock out stage again seems like huge task.

Manager and Squad

Manager Hernan Dario Gomez (Colombia)
Goalkeepers: Alexander Dominguez, Pedro Ortiz, Maximo Banguera
Defenders: Arturo Mina, Robert Arboleda, Pedro Pablo Velasco, Cristian Ramirez, Xavier Arreaga, Jose Quintero, Beder Caicedo, Gabriel Achilier
Midfielders: Renato Ibarra, Romario Ibarra, Carlos Gruezo, Ayrton Preciado, Jefferson Intriago, Antonio Valencia, Jefferson Orejuela, Andres Chicaiza, Jhegson Mendez
Forwards: Carlos Graces, Angel Mena, Enner Valencia

Players to Watch

Enner Valencia
Ecuador find themselves relying massively on the former West Ham and Everton striker. In the last year Enner has scored 7 for La Tri, including goals against Qatar, Peru and Venezuela.
Robert Arboleda
A solid centre back, Arboleda will need to step up for Ecuador improve on their fragile defence. A strong performance could strengthen rumours that he will be making a move to Europe from Sao Paulo this summer.

Discussion Points

How seriously are Ecuador taking this Copa America?
Manager Hernan Dario Gomez does not seem to be one to put much value on the Copa America. The Colombian has admitted that in his previous stint as Ecuador manager that he did not take the 2001 and 2004 Copa Americas particularly seriously, and has been downplaying the significance of the tournament. For Gomez this may just be another chance to prepare the team for 2022 qualifiers.

JAPAN via notsuicidal10


  • Nickname(s): Samurai Blue
  • Copa America Appearances: 0
  • FIFA Ranking: 26 (2nd in Asia)
  • FLAG
  • F.A. LOGO


Hajime Moriyasu is nearing the end of his first year in charge of the national team. Having started extremely well, the momentum behind Japan has cooled down a bit. Whilst it was an achievement to get to the Asian Cup final, his failure to win at the end, has been seen as an indicator of his shortcomings.
Moriyasu's heavy reliance on the front three of Minamino, Doan and Nakajima has caught quite a bit of flak. Unfortunately, this has coincided with Doan's club form hitting a dry patch, Minamino not firing for the national team and Nakajima making a controversial move to the Qatari league. Out of those three, only Nakajima has been called up to the Copa America squad, and this may represent a fresh start for the team.
Leading up to the tournament, Moriyasu has experimented tactically. Having utilised a 4231 or 442 for most of his games up to this point, he has changed up his approach by using a 343 in the recent games against Trinidad and Tobago (0-0) and El Salvador (2-0). Whether he continues with this approach will be interesting, as although the defence has appeared resolute, the attack has appeared quite toothless due to the positioning of the deep-lying playmaker (usually Shibasaki).
The expectations for Japan in this tournament are quite low—the young players are being tossed all the way into the deep end, and it'll be an achievement if they swim at all. Rather, the expectations for the team are simply that Moriyasu experiment with the youth, giving playing time to exciting yougsters like Osako and Kubo. If he does that, and subsequently loses every game 3-0, people will still see the tournament as a success.

Manager and Squad

Manager: Hajime Moriyasu (Japan)
Goalkeepers: Eiji Kawashima (Strasbourg) , Ryosuke Kojima (Oita Trinita) , Osako Keisuke (Sanfrecce Hiroshima)
Defenders: Naomichi Ueda (Cercle Brugge) , Ko Itakura (Groningen) , Tomoki Iwata (Oita Trinita) , Yugo Tatsuta (Shimizu S-Pulse) , Teruki Hara (Sagan Tosu) , Daiki Sugioka (Shonan Bellemare) , Daiki Suga (Consadole Sapporo) , Takehiro Tomiyasu (Sint-Truidense VV)
Midfielders: Yuta Nakayama (PEC Zwolle) , Koji Miyoshi (Yokohama F Marinos) , Tatsuya Ito (Hamburger SV) , Shoya Nakajima (Al-Duhail) , Takefusa Kubo (FC Tokyo) , Taishi Matsumoto (Sanfrecce Hiroshima) , Kota Watanabe (Tokyo Verdy) , Gaku Shibasaki (Getafe CF) , Yuki Abe (Kashima Antlers)
Forwards: Shinji Okazaki (Leicester City) , Daizen Maeda (Matsumoto Yamaga) , Ayase Ueda (Housei University)
Potential lineup: 3-4-3

Players to watch:

Takefusa Kubo
Kubo is supposed to be the best Japanese player ever. At the age of 14 he was dubbed the 'Japanese Messi' and having just turned 18, he is about to show his talents to the entire world.
Having played a large role in FC Tokyo's barnstorming season so far with 4 goals and 3 assists from the right-sided wide midfielder position in a 442, Kubo looks set for a strong season in the J League. However, scouts from around the world will undoubtedly be eagerly watching Japan's Copa America games to see how he fares against some of the finest opposition the world has to offer.
Having shown he can do it against Matsumoto Yamaga on a mild Sunday evening, it's up to Kubo to show the world that he can replicate those displays against the best of the best.
Osako Keisuke
Japan has never had a convincing goalkeeper. With the last of Japan's half-decent goalkeepers in Kawashima reaching the end of his career, the search for a successor has begun. Gonda, Higashiguchi and Schmidt have thrown their hat into the ring, but Osako Keisuke may be the goalkeeper that was promised.
Osako is 19 and is the first choice goalkeeper for Sanfrecce Hiroshima—a team that usually finishes in the top 4 of the league, and looks to be challenging for the Asian Champions League this year. In his first call up for the national team, he'll be doing all that he can to stake his claim as Japan's goalkeeper for the next however many years.
Osako combines a very composed attitude with great positioning. A lot of the saves that he makes look quite simple, but this is largely due to how he gets in position so well. Osako is also great at kicking, and can act as a fairly decent outlet from the back.
Koji Miyoshi
Miyoshi is the fabled number 10 for the 2020 Olympic side, it's easy to think of him as this Olympic side's Shoya Nakajima. Having worked his way through the youth sides and constantly being the star of every team he's been in, the national team is his final challenge.
Having spent a season at Consadole Sapporo, largely benched in favour of the lord and saviour Chanathip. However, this season he's had an absolute stormer as the primary creator in Yokohama F Marinos' sexy, attacking system.
Miyoshi will likely have to compete for Kubo in the right wing position of Japan's system. This competition will offer him the chance to show that he is the real star of this team.

Points of Discussion:

The Olympics are on the horizon, and the fervour is slowly spreading. The fervour around football is no different. In fact, this team serves to reflect this.
This is not your usual Japan team, and that's because most of them will be eligible for the Olympics team. Everyone save Kawashima, Ueda, Shibasaki, Nakajima and Okazaki are under the age of 22. The players called up to this team have the chance to cement their place at Tokyo 2020 by putting in strong performances.
Made in Japan
Another feature of this team, is how most of the players are based in Japan's domestic league. This is perhaps by virtue of the team's youth, as most Japanese players go abroad to play when they reach their mid-20s. This, if anything, will be a test of whether Japan's domestic league is up to scratch, as the team's performance will be taken to reflect the ability of the domestic league.
The league itself has seen real quality in recent years, with players like Torres, Iniesta, Jo, Gumbau and Cuenca amongst others playing in it now. The perception of the league as a retirement league is hopefully close to an end, and it will be seen as a league that stands above the rest in the Asia.
The Over-23s
As mentioned above, 5 players above the age of 23 have been called up. Kawashima and Okazaki's call ups can be attributed to having some experience to help the younger players. However, when it comes to Ueda, Shibasaki and Nakajima—these call ups may indicate some intention to bring those players as overage players for the Olympics, especially regarding Shibasaki and Nakajima.
It could be said that these players are also competing for a place in next year's Olympics, as Japan will likely not make any sentimental callups, but rather callups that reflect the intention to win.

URUGUAY via TheFriendlyPorg


Nickname(s): La Celeste
Copa América Appearances: 35
Best Finish: Champions (1916, 1917, 1920, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1935, 1942, 1956, 1959, 1967, 1983, 1987, 1995, 2011)
FIFA Ranking: 6 (2nd in South America)


Can they do it again? Uruguay, famed for its philosophy of garra charrua, will come into this Copa América as the most successful team in the tournament — and given the decline of defending champions Chile and the absence of Brazil's Neymar, will fancy themselves a shot at a record 16th title. While La Celeste's senior generation of fighters have already tasted victory in 2011, this provides an opportunity for the next generation to stake its claim for continental dominance. The stalwart Óscar Tabárez remains in charge, having extended his stay until the next World Cup.

Manager and Squad

Manager: Óscar Tabárez
Goalkeepers: Fernando Muslera (Galatasaray), Martín Campaña (Independiente), Martín Silva (Libertad).
Defenders: José Giménez (Atlético Madrid), Diego Godín (Atlético Madrid), Giovanni González (Peñarol), Marcelo Saracchi (RB Leipzig), Diego Laxalt (AC Milan), Sebastián Coates (Sporting Clube de Portugal), Martín Cáceres (Juventus).
Midfielders: Matías Vecino (Inter Milan), Rodrigo Bentancur (Juventus), Nicolás Lodeiro (Seattle Sounders), Nahitan Nández (Boca Juniors), Giorgian De Arrascaeta (Flamengo), Lucas Torreira (Arsenal), Federico Valverde (Real Madrid), Gastón Pereiro (PSV Eindhoven).
Forwards: Luis Suárez (Barcelona), Cristhian Stuani (Girona), Maxi Gómez (Celta Vigo), Jonathan Rodríguez (Cruz Azul), Edinson Cavani (Paris Saint-Germain).

Potential Starting XI

Players to Watch Not Named Suárez or Cavani

Federico Valverde: One of the many young talents that currently wear the colors of Real Madrid, Valverde is a glimpse of La Celeste's future. While dubbed the next Toni Kroos by Real Madrid fans, it's his speed and mobility that currently stands out; Valverde frequently manages to nip in at the right time to intercept, tackle or move the ball into attacking positions, either via passing or old-fashioned running. His goal against Panama showed a potential avenue of Uruguay's attacks in the upcoming Copa — a striker moves wide, then crosses the ball for an onrushing midfielder to shoot. Should Uruguay go far in the competition, it's very likely Valverde will be at the heart of their progress, pulling its strings.

Diego Laxalt: He hasn't had the best of seasons for AC Milan, but for Uruguay, he remains an important system player. In their asymmetric 4-3-1-2 with 3 CBs (one out wide), he plays a role very similar to the left wing-back position he held at Genoa; his overlapping runs adds variety and an extra passing option to Uruguay's buildup, more so if Valverde is also playing as the left-sided central midfielder. Throw in Suárez, and you can see the potential threat Uruguay's left side holds.

Lucas Torreira: Yet another who makes Uruguay's fascinating system work, he'll be keen to prove himself following a disappointing end to the season with Arsenal. While known more for his ability to shield the defense, it will be his passing that may be key, and as Arsenal fans well know, he has it in him to try a defense-splitting pass, usually with a long pass over the top to Aubameyang or Lacazette. Surely it's possible as well with Suárez and Cavani?

Maxi Gómez: He may not even make a single starting appearance for Uruguay this Copa, but that doesn't mean he won't make an impact. Like Valverde, he's another glimpse of Uruguay's future — but if Fede's the heartstrings, Maxi is the spearhead. A strong, quick striker who's excellent in the air, comfortable at linking play and a wonderfully adaptable finisher (having scored more headers for Celta in his first season, his goals since have tended to come from his right foot), his presence ensures that Uruguay have a hungry, eager substitute ready to come on should one of Suárez or Cavani be absent, fatigued or simply not playing well.

Points of Discussion

  • Goals from Midfield: Uruguay's approach relies a lot on midfielders providing a goal threat — but the likes of Valverde and Bentancur aren't known for their goalscoring prowess. Their most prolific midfielder is Vecino, who scored 5 for Inter this season but is notorious for sending his shots into row Z as well. His probable competition for a midfield spot, Nahitan Nández has 4, but is likely to be tasked with staying wide should he play; this means that La Celeste's gameplan could potentially be stifled by an organized, stubborn defense happy to concede space out wide to Uruguay's front two.

  • Function or Flair: Tabárez has a tendency to stick with the functional (and reliable) over the spectacular. The 4-3-1-2 was first used in the last group match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, instead of being an outright Plan A, and in recent friendlies he's been playing a more conventional 4-4-1-1, with Maxi Gómez supported by a creative no. 10. It's likely that this is due to Cavani and Suárez's absences, but don't be surprised if Uruguay don't 'play up' to their capabilities in the upcoming Copa, despite boasting multiple technical players; function over flair remains the ethos of a Tabárez-led team.
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2019.06.12 21:54 Gaarawarr Gaarawarr's Guide to Dragondown: Year 2

Last Updated: June 14th, 2019, at Noon PST - Updated Binwin's starter formation
Last Updated: June 13th, 2019, at 11:02am PST - Updated Korth info
Last Updated: Initial Post

Event Introduction

Summer Solstice celebrations in Faerûn sometimes feature ceremonial bonfires and charms that attempt to 'tame' or 'drive down' dragons. These mock-spells and chanted prayers are performed even by non-clergy, as the sun sets after dusk. Unfortunately, it looks like these rituals are not working this year: somehow the village of Luskan has drawn the ire of a bronze dragon and its kin...
Dragondown runs from June 12th, 2019, thru June 24th, 2019, at Noon PST.
You can find the official Dragondown blog post here.

General Event Tips for New Players

Check out my Guide to Event Planning for basic Event information and ways to maximize your gains/efficiency. There is too much information to put here as this specific Event guide is long enough already.
Don't be afraid to ask questions in the comment section!
Good luck & have fun!
~ Gaar
Note: Event guides are always a work-in-progress and will update over time so check back frequently!

Year One Champion - Binwin Bronzebottom, the Dwarf Fighter

You can read their official Champion Spotlight here.
Swaps with Nayeli, Gromma, or Spurt.
Good with: Tons of Item Levels (currently that's about it)
Class: Fighter
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 39 (originally it said 252 and then they changed it)
Affiliation: Definitely not the Waffle Crew
STR 18
CON 18
INT 10
WIS 11
CHA 14
Bio: A grumpy and headstrong dwarf with a penchant for springing traps rather than disarming them, if Binwin's not the first into battle then he's disappointed. There's nary a door, tankard, or acid pit that hasn't felt the wrath of Binwin Bronzebottom at one time or another.
Base Attack Speed: 8 seconds
Basic Attack: Twin Axes - Binwin attacks the front-most enemy with his twin axes, Rook and Ruin.
Ultimate: Barrel Roll - Binwin hops onto a sturdy wooden barrel and rides towards a single enemy, dealing damage along the way. When he reaches the targeted enemy, the barrel explodes, dealing AOE damage and slowing all affected enemies.

Interesting Abilities:

Extra Attacks: Binwin may perform one or more extra attacks while attacking, increasing his cooldown for each bonus attack.
Crash and Smash: Binwin deals double hits to hits-based or armored hits-based enemies.


Reckless Attacks: Binwin's normal attacks have a 20% chance of dealing damage to all enemies in a small cleave.
Relentless Attacks: The chance for Extra Attacks to proc is increased by 25%.


Slot 1: Double Axes - Increases the damage of Binwin
Slot 2: Cloak - Increases the damage of Binwin
Slot 3: Helm - Increases the damage of all Champions
Slot 4: Quest Stone - Increases Binwin's chance to do Extra Attacks
Slot 5: Keg - Buff's Binwin's Ultimate Attack Damage
Slot 6: Duck - Reduces Binwin's Ultimate Attack cooldown

Level Upgrades:

  • 10 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 100%
  • 20 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 30 - Extra Attacks
  • 45 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 50 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 60 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 70 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 80 - Increases the effect of Binwin's Extra Attacks ability by 100%
  • 85 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 95 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 100 - Crash and Smash
  • 105 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 120 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 130 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 140 - Ultimate
  • 145 - Increases the effect of Binwin's Extra Attacks ability by 100%
  • 150 - Increases Binwin's chance to do Extra Attacks by 10%
  • 160 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 170 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 180 - Specialization Choice
  • 185 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 190 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 205 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 215 - Increases the effect of Binwin's Extra Attacks ability by 100%
  • 225 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 230 - Buffs Binwin's Ultimate Attack Damage by 100%
  • 245 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 260 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 285 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 300 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 325 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 340 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 350 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 365 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 380 - Increases the effect of Binwin's Extra Attacks ability by 100%
  • 400 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 400%
  • 435 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 300%
  • 455 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 100%
  • 470 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 495 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 515 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 530 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 100%
  • 550 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 560 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 570 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 200%
  • 585 - Increases the damage of Binwin by 100%
Binwin's current max upgrade level is 585

Formation & Mission Information

Once you complete the first mission, four more unlock including the Free Play. There is a new formation that holds 10 Champions. It has an Event-specific format that I've done my best to re-create below.
Back Row Fourth Row Third Row Second Row Front Row
0 0
0 0
0 0 0
New Player Formation & Specializations:
Back Row Fourth Row Third Row Second Row Front Row
Bruenor - Shield Master
Calliope - College of Valor Nayeli - Oath of Vengeance
Hitch - Charismatic Minsc - Beast
Jarlaxle - Leader of Bregan D'aerthe Celeste - Life Domain Tyril - Wild Shape
Asharra - Humans
Makos - Dark Blessing
This formation should get you through as a new player. If you have other options or think a different DPS is geared better, try it out and see what happens! For instance, you may want to put Jarlaxle as your DPS early, maybe even Hitch. Swapping DPS around like this can help you figure out what works best for you with your specific items.

Initial Mission: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Cost: 25 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 50
Reward: Binwin + whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: No restrictions. The boss at level 50 has abilities that can wreck your party if you're not ready for them. Be prepared!
Gaar's Notes: This Event requires over-leveling Champs a lot more than usual due to the AoE damage and stuns coming off the Boss. Efficiently farming Favor is very important in this Event and it may require farming all Event long to reach the gains you're used to seeing from Events due to the Favor-check status of the Boss.
Boss Abilities (as best as I can tell):
  • Claw Swipe - Attacks a random Champion
  • Roar - Strikes fear in any Champions that fail their saving throw, preventing them from attacking or using abilities for a short time.
  • Breath Weapon - AoE damage to your Champions

Second Mission: Awaken the Beasts

Cost: 250 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 75
Reward: Gold Binwin Chest & whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: Beasts move much more quickly and deal far more damage.
Gaar's Notes: This is a pretty straightforward variant. All you really need to manage is keeping whoever is in the front leveled well enough to handle the damage for things that actually hit the front line. As you don't have to go super far in this variant, it's completed fairly easily.

Third Mission: Binwin's Minions

Cost: 625 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 125
Reward: Gold Binwin Chest & whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: Two of Binwin's Minions take up slots in the formation, decreasing the damage of adjacent Champions by 90% with the exception of Binwin, whom they buff by 400%. Binwin's Minions move to different slots in the formation every 20 areas.
Gaar's Notes: Here's the way the formation changes with the minions moving around. Overall it wasn't overly difficult to get this variant completed due to the buff on Binwin. I only had 2 white items on him at this point as well. (Keep in mind, this is a formation from Year 1. Adjust as necessary, just note the location of the minions.)

Fourth Mission: Untrusting

Cost: 1,250 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 175
Reward: Gold Binwin Chest & whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: The bronze dragon doesn't trust you to return her egg, so she continuously sends her Wyrmlings to keep an eye on you. Four different varieties of Wyrmling spawn at random.
Gaar's Notes: The Wyrmlings have a variety of abilities I've listed off below. I was able to beat the level 200 Boss before attempting this and beat this variant handily. If you're not able to beat the level 200 Boss, I would wait until you can or until the end of the Event to attempt this variant just so you don't inadvertently waste 5k tokens.
  • Armored Wyrmling: Pretty straightforward. It has armored segments that require a minimum damage level to remove, just like the Boss.
  • Breathy Wyrmling: This one likes to call you late at night and just breathe into the phone instead of saying anything. Wait, no, that's the creep that keeps calling one of my friends. This Wyrmling breathes on you apparently? I haven't been able to determine what that does. Update: It's thought they do damage to the front two rows. I never saw this happen, so just be wary of them.
  • Flocking Wyrmling: There's no need to call it names, geez... Oh...FLOCKing... I read that wrong. Anyway, no flocking clue what it is that they do that's special. Update: Apparently they spawn in groups of 4 or so.
  • Frightful Wyrmling: Can frighten a Champion, preventing them from attacking or using abilities for a short time. Update: Apparently you stay stunned until you kill it. Good to know. If you get stuck with your Primary DPS stunned, you can always back up a level and then continue.

Free Play

Cost: 500-2500 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 50 to earn a random Binwin chest
Reward: See above + whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: No restrictions.


Recruit Binwin - 1%
Recruit Binwin, the Dwarf Fighter
Diferent Ways To Die - 1%
Complete all three variants of the "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (Binwin)" adventure.
Binwin's Wares - 1%
Obtain a piece of gear for each of Binwin' six equipment slots. (Binwin gear only comes from Binwin chests which are only available during the event.)
A Long Rest - 1%
Complete area 175 in any "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie" free play.
Super Winded - 1%
Attack five extra times with Binwin's "Extra Attacks" ability

Year Two Champion - Korth the Lizardfolk Fighter (Samurai)

You can read their official Champion Spotlight here.
Swaps with Celeste, Regis, and Donaar.
Good with: TBD
Class: Fighter (Samurai)
Race: Lizardfolk
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 55
Affiliation: CNE Original
STR 14
DEX 18
CON 16
INT 10
WIS 13
CHA 12
Bio: Raised as a gladiator in the pit arenas of Kara-Tur, Korth has since traveled the world studying fighting styles and the art of war. Korth is infamous for his skill and efficiency in battle – and for his ruthlessness, as he never spares the lives of his opponents. Those who cross Korth's path do so at their own risk.
Base Attack Speed: 5.5 seconds
Basic Attack: Samurai Slice - Korth charges out and attacks the nearest enemy with his Samurai sword.
Ultimate: Hungry Jaws - Korth leaps to the nearest enemy and ferociously bites them, causing massive damage and a bleed for 4x the base damage over 10 seconds!

Interesting Abilities:

Lizardfolk Tactics: Whenever Korth attacks an enemy, that enemy gets a Marked debuff. A Champion that attacks one or more Marked enemies gets a single .25 second reduction to their next Base Attack cooldown.
Fighting Spirit: When any Champion attacks a Marked enemy, they get a temp HP shield that is on a 15-second cooldown.
Calculated: When any Champion attacks any Marked enemy, Korth increases the damage of all Champions by 25% (multiplicatively) for 15 seconds. Each in-formation Champion can contribute a single stack, and each stack expires separately.
Rapid Strike: When any Champion kills a Marked enemy, they get a 25% chance to immediately attack again and have 5 seconds removed from their Ultimate Attack cooldown.
Strength Before Death: When Korth is about to die, he is instead resurrected at 1HP and instantly performs an Ultimate Attack against the enemy that struck him. This ability has 3 charges, which restore at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes while online.


Group Tactics: Champions adjacent to Korth do 100% more damage against Marked enemies.
Rapid Training: Champions not adjacent to Korth gain an additional 0.25 second reduction to their Basic Attack cooldown when attacking Marked enemies & the chance of Rapid Strike is increased by 25%.


Slot 1: Banner - Increases the damage of all Champions
Slot 2: Skullcap - Increases the damage of all Champions
Slot 3: Fish - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability
Slot 4: Blade - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability
Slot 5: Necklace - Buffs Korth's Ultimate Attack Damage
Slot 6: Crest - Reduces the cooldown on Korth's Ultimate Attack

Level Upgrades:

  • 5 - Increases the damage of Korth by 200%
  • 15 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 20 - Increases the damage of Korth by 200%
  • 25 - Lizardfolk Tactics
  • 35 - Increases the damage of Korth by 200%
  • 45 - Fighting Spirit
  • 55 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 65 - Calculated
  • 70 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 90 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 105 - Ultimate Attack
  • 110 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 115 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 120 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 125 - Rapid Strike
  • 130 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 145 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 150 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 160 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 175 - Strength Before Death
  • 180 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 185 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 195 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 200 - Group Tactics
  • 215 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 235 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 250 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 255 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 260 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 270 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 275 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 295 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 320 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 335 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 340 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 345 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 350 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 365 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 390 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 400 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 415 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 420 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 440 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 450 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 475 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 480 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 515 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 525 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 530 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 540 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 555 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 595 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 605 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 610 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 640 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 650 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 665 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 200%
  • 675 - Increases the damage of Korth by 300%
  • 695 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
  • 705 - Increases the damage of Korth by 200%
  • 735 - Increases the damage of Korth by 200%
  • 740 - Increases the effect of Korth's Calculated ability by 100%
  • 765 - Increases the damage of Korth by 200%
  • 770 - Increases the effect of Korth's Fighting Spirit ability by 70%
  • 775 - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100%
Korth's current max upgrade level is 775

Formation & Mission Information

Once you complete the first mission, four more unlock including the Free Play. There is a new formation that holds 10 Champions. It has an Event-specific format that I've done my best to re-create below.
Back Row Fourth Row Third Row Second Row Front Row
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
New Player Formation & Specializations:
Back Row Fourth Row Third Row Second Row Front Row
Makos - Dark Blessing Bruenor - Shield Master
Calliope - College of Valor Nayeli - Oath of Vengeance
Asharra - Humans Minsc - Beast
Tyril - Moonbeam Celeste - Life Domain
Jarlaxle - Leader of Bregan D'aerthe
Hitch - Charismatic
This formation should get you through as a new player. If you have other options or think a different DPS is geared better, try it out and see what happens! For instance, you may want to put Jarlaxle as your DPS early, maybe even Hitch. Swapping DPS around like this can help you figure out what works best for you with your specific items.

Initial Mission: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (Korth)

Cost: 100 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 50
Reward: Korth + whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: No restrictions.

Second Mission: It's All Going To Be O.K.

Cost: 1,000 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 75
Reward: Gold Korth Chest & whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: Only Champions with an 'o' or 'k' in their name may be used.
Gaar's Notes: As usual, this is easier if you have lots of alternates, but at least you only have to go to 75.
  • Slot 1: Bruenor, Deekin, & K'thriss
  • Slot 2: Donaar & Korth
  • Slot 3: Gromma
  • Slot 4: Stoki
  • Slot 5: Calliope & Qillek
  • Slot 6: Krond
  • Slot 7: Black Viper
  • Slot 8: Nrakk
  • Slot 9: Makos & Birdsong
  • Slot 10: Barrowin & Rosie
  • Slot 11: None
  • Slot 12: Arkhan, Zorbu, & Azaka

Third Mission: Korth's Kobold Kleanup Krew

Cost: 2,500 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 125
Reward: Gold Korth Chest & whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: Korth begins the Adventure in your formation with his Lizardfolk Tactics upgrade unlocked. Armored kobolds attack the formation. These kobolds are invulnerable until marked by Korth.
Gaar's Notes: You'll want to make sure you have enough Favor to keep your tank leveled, so waiting for this to show Fair or Easy is a good idea.

Fourth Mission: Durable Dragons

Cost: 5,000 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 175
Reward: Gold Korth Chest & whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: Each time the Area 50 boss is defeated, they immediately revive with additional health, damage, and attack speed. This resurrection only occurs once.
Gaar's Notes: As if this variant wasn't already a pain... You should 100% wait until this shows as Easy before attempting it. This boss is always tough, but beating it twice and having it level-up for the second round is rough.

Free Play

Cost: 500-2500 Dragon Claws
Complete: Level 50 to earn a random Korth Chest
Reward: See above + whatever Waukeen's Favor you earned
Info: No restrictions.


Recruit Korth - 1%
Recruit Korth the Lizardfolk Samurai
Dragondone - 1%
Complete all three variants of the "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (Korth)" adventure.
Simple Scales - 1%
Obtain a piece of gear for each of Korth's six equipment slots. (Korth gear only comes from Korth chests which are only available for free during the event or in a Time Gate.)
Journey Before Arrival - 1%
Complete area 225 in any "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie" free play.
Rapidly Striking - 1%
Trigger Rapid Strike's bonus attack 1000 times.

Monster Information

Type Summary

  • Humanoid/Kobold - 3
  • Beast - 2
  • Dragon - 1
  • Humanoid/Human - 1
  • Humanoid/Elf - 1
  • Elemental - 1
Normal Mobs
  • Beast - 32
  • Humanoid/Kobold - 10
  • Elemental - 7
  • Humanoid/Human - 4
  • Dragon - 4
  • Humanoid/Half-orc - 2

Type by Level - repeats after 50

  1. IO - Beast
  2. IO - Beast
  3. IO - Beast & Elemental
  4. IO - Beast & Elemental
  5. IO - Elemental > Elemental
  6. IO - Beast & Elemental
  7. IO - Beast
  8. IO - Beast & Humanoid/Kobold
  9. IO - Humanoid/Kobold
  10. IO - Humanoid/Kobold > Humanoid/Kobold
  11. IO - Beast
  12. IO - Beast
  13. IO - Humanoid/Human
  14. IO - Humanoid/Human & Barricade
  15. IO - Dragon > Dragon
  16. IO - Beast
  17. IO - Beast
  18. IO - Beast
  19. IO - Humanoid/Human & Humanoid/Half-orc
  20. IO - Humanoid/Human & Humanoid/Half-orc > Humanoid/Human
  21. IO - Beast
  22. IO - Beast
  23. IO - Beast
  24. IO - Beast
  25. IO - Dragon > Humanoid/Elf
  26. IO - Beast
  27. IO - Beast
  28. IO - Beast
  29. IO - Humanoid/Kobold
  30. IO - Humanoid/Kobold > Humanoid/Kobold
  31. IO - Humanoid/Kobold
  32. IO - Humanoid/Kobold
  33. IO - Humanoid/Kobold
  34. IO - Humanoid/Kobold
  35. IO - Humanoid/Kobold > Humanoid/Kobold
  36. IO - Beast
  37. IO - Beast
  38. IO - Beast
  39. IO - Beast
  40. IO - Beast > Beast
  41. IO - Elemental
  42. IO - Elemental
  43. IO - Beast & Elemental
  44. IO - Beast
  45. IO - Beast > Beast
  46. IO - Beast
  47. IO - Beast
  48. IO - Beast
  49. IO - Beast & Dragon
  50. IO - Beast & Dragon > Dragon

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2019.06.03 16:04 Anysnackwilldo [let'S build] d100 convicts and their crimes

There is a mine which produces rather rare ore that can be used to craft magical weapons. Since the kingdom is at war, everybody who commits a crime, be it stealing an apple, treason, or anything in between, they are send to the mine, to work as slaves, for the greater good. Now, tell me. Who are the convicts? And what crime did they commit?

  1. Brawny Joe. Joe used to work as a bouncer for one tavern in the capital, and since he got into the mine, he quickly found his way to become a bouncer again, in the little "tavern" the convicts get their food at. He doesn't speak much, but his muscles speak clearly. The thing that got him sentenced was simply bashing one unruly customer's head to a pulp.
  2. Artemis d'Evry. Artemis used to be one of the people of the court and even if now he is nothing more then simple digger, he still keeps his attitude and posture from the times he left behind. He was sentenced for treason against the crown, and rushed here. He denies his accusations, and claims somebody just wanted him to vaccate his position.
  3. Hollydove Strifelaughter. This kleptomaniac halfling has been in and out of prison for years. This time she was caught stealing from the wrong person. She is a legitimately ordained cleric as part of an order, but has trouble with gambling debts. At nighttime she holds religious services that are a front for an underground gambling ring.
  4. Barlet the Brogue. a heavyset human with a still-cheery attitude and colorful tattoos. He has only been in the prison a few months but is already ingratiated with the existing gangs. Was imprisoned for fencing stolen weapons and public drunkenness.
  5. Scabs. a prisoner whose crime is long forgotten- wrapped in rags and medicinal wrappings older than the taskmasters. He was enslaved well before the war, and will likely be there long after.
  6. Marc d’Antua. A political prisoner of a far-off nation, kept by the Kingdom as a show of good relations. d’Antua was a young revolutionary, and is now an old one, and he is always the first suspected when attempts at escape are rumored- part of the deal with d’Antua’s homeland is that he cannot be killed, and he has been shuttled between three different prisons due to escape attempts.
  7. Marquis Lüttersavian. not a convict, rather a taskmaster employed by the mine. An amazing tactical leader in his time, he was appointed by the previous King to defend a valuable border March. Now arthritic and bent double with age, he was forced to retire, but wanted to serve the kingdom further. He treats his small group of charges like men under his command and is well liked by convicts and the higher ups both. Can pull strings if befriended.
  8. Ankov Helsson. A reclusive wizard who knows more of the secret passageways of the mine than any other person. If the PCs investigate his file, it is revealed that he used to be in charge of the welfare of the convicts in this mine, and turned to Necromancy in order to hide the excessive amount of deaths caused by his negligence. Some of the prisoners want him dead.
  9. Holden Greystone. Holden is a younger fellow who was an apprentice to a famous blacksmith in a local town, one night the blacksmith was found dead in his house and when Holden arrived crownsguard came in after him and accused him of murder, or that's at least what Holden claims his eyes are shifty and is very physically imposing.
  10. Dalton Errington. wrong place wrong time, he worked on a very prosperous farmland as a animal handler, and one day he caught the oldest son having an affair with one of the other female workers, he didn't tell the boss and chose it ignore it and head home after his shift. In the morning however he was arrested by the crown guard for breaking into the stables and stealing the prized horses.
  11. Joe. really no one knows how he wound up in the prison, Joe is a crazy old half-elven man who rambles all day and night about random and mostly bizarre stories, but he does make the tedious work less, well tedious, when you get adjusted to his ramblings.
  12. Sara Strongjaw. one of the few female prisoners there, she is a large half-orc and is a powerhouse in the deeper sections of the mine. Everyone knows why she got arrested, a large strong female half-orc working on a dock in a port town with fragile egos is bound to go wrong.
  13. Arvold the Fishmonger. Smuggler and tax evasion. Went out to sea to ‘fish’ would meet his partner and smuggle in illegal goods with the days catch.
  14. Doug. A regular human man in a business suit. Used to work a desk job. He loitered outside a tavern for too long.
  15. Jamison Swarz. An older gentleman that was the head of the family, owning a vineyard and such. When the higher taxes due to the war came about, the family fell on tough times and he attempted to evade taxes. He got caught by his son who wanted to get his inheritance and take his place. Little the son knew, the military would take the land and turn it into a camp/training ground.
  16. Richard Haymond. Also known as Richie Hay he was the proud owner of a rich looking farm, until a band of robbers looted the place, burned his farm and killed his wife and his only daughter. Richie, tracked down the bandits only to find they were hired by a local lord who wanted his land. Richie out of vengeance tried to murder the Lord unsuccessfully. The Lord then sentenced Richie to the mines since it would look to suspicious to have him executed the same time he took his lands. And so Richie traded his farm and freedom for his life.
  17. Criminal Bill: A massive mountain of muscle of a man, they say Criminal Bill was only sent into the mine after he was failed to be executed. First, the executioners axe broke on the back of his neck. He hung for hours on end when he was sent to the gallows, even falling asleep for a time. They even attempted to pull him apart via horses, but the only things that died that day were the horses of exhaustion. There are hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of stories behind what he did to deserve such treatment, but they say that the only ones that truly know what Criminal Bill did could never say what it was, preferring to not imagine the horrors he committed. In reality, Criminal Bill is a poorly named individual who was arrested for lollygagging. He just gives off a natural aura of intimidation and killing intent, combined with his large build, variety of scars (including a missing eye) and shy and quiet nature allowed a blizzard of stories to run rampant, creating the dangerous myth that surrounds him.
  18. Miranda. Lovely elven lass with a sweet disposition. Arrested for the murder and assassination of over 120 city, shire, and kingdom officials. Popular opinion holds her either innocent (she’s just a wee lass!) or justified (politicians deserved it). Expected to be released thanks to the machinations of her very high priced attorney.
  19. Elizar the Pious. A self declared saint, he was involved in the Pelorian church from a young age, and while he failed out of the Pelorian Cleric training, he found work in the temple as a groundskeeper. However, he began to act as though he were a priest, then a high priest, then eventually the mouth of Pelor himself, claiming to hear Pelor's voice, his street sermons becoming more and more ridiculous until he was arrested for attacking a rich merchant's wife for carrying a parasol and shunning the holy light of Pelor. He views his prison time as missionary work, and proselytizes when he isn't working.
  20. Artem Quay. A two-bit thief who got nicked stealing apples. He says it was just because he needed the meal and couldn't find work. He was planning to share the apples with a beggar family he'd befriended even! Oh, he did murder a small family and lived in their house for a couple weeks before being discovered. He also ate part of the mother, but that's not really the important bit is it?
  21. Kurtis Papier. A middle aged human man. He is balding, missing his two front teeth, and wears a broken pair of wooden glasses with very thick lenses. Kurtis was convicted of fraud when he claimed he was the lost son Henry Papier and inherited the Twin Heart Tavern. He ran the tavern very successfully for 15 years, until Henry's real son returned to town to seek his estranged father's financial help. Kurtis still insists he is Henry's real son.
  22. Salazaar Sssssilvertongue. A formerly smooth talking gnome that now speaks with a pronounced lisp. He attempted to con a baron into investing into one of his "enterprises" - and got a prison sentence and a piece of his tongue cut off.
  23. Misbah Magahni. a dark skinned half ogre that was taken into custody for pillaging several farmsteads on the edge of the nation. Is not very smart but incredibly strong. He was so strong and strange to the point that the bodies were often found put together at a dinner table, messily dressed up as in a little girls dollhouse or at an imaginary tea party. He does not realize his strength and once broke a convicts arm by giving them a high five.
  24. Snab Bigtooth. A goblin with giant tooth/tusk sticking out the right side of his mouth. Attaches himself to whichever big boss person seems the strongest. He's got a knack for eavesdropping with his big ears and knows more languages than he says he understands.
  25. Maxine Mayards. A young, fiery half-elf woman. She was born in the unsettled frontier of the Southern provinces. The kingdom used to shuttle criminals South before the mines were opened. As prisoners started being sent to the mines, the frontier cities struggled. Maxine resented how the kingdom seemingly abandoned their citizens in the name of greed. She soon found herself at the center of all the circles of discontent, and soon found herself at the head of a rebellion. The rebellion is mostly crushed, and Maxine was captured soon after. She quietly longs for a chance to turn the tides. A mission regarding a prison revolt is possible with enough time, with the PC’s on either side of the conflict.
  26. Artyom . A human that only speaks Dwarvish. Accused of 6 counts of murder that he swears he didn't commit, but knows who did. If only someone in town spoke Dwarvish...
  27. Tor Aldrebrand. An accomplished wizard who was imprisoned for freeing the Archmages enslaved Djinn, as a token of the Djinns appreciation Tor is now immortal and is just waiting for the prison to rot around him.
  28. Dribby. A middle aged man, who looks and acts like your typical village idiot. Spits when he talks and accidentally spit on the king.
  29. Berwick the Shorn. A dwarf who's lost all his hair due to a childhood illness. Not physically strong, he is a keen geologist and able to locate rich seams of ore. Mostly keeps to himself, but flies into a berserk rage if mistaken for a halfling, which is what got him thrown in jail.
  30. Crovik Argham. A massive half-orc, one-eyed and possessing only nine fingers. His face bears the scars of some horrific battle in which he barely escaped with his life. Word around the mine is that he was a member of an elite military squad, sent on a suicide mission with bad intelligence. Crovik was the only member of his squad to survive, and after he was healed by the camp's cleric, the commander announced that Crovik would go before a military tribunal to investigate why he and he alone came back from this mission. Crovik snapped the Commander's neck and then submitted to arrest without incident. His only words at the tribunal hearing were, "If I'm going to be sent to the mines, let it be for something that I actually did."
  31. Aizen Nailo. A half elf/half human or so he claims. It’s the only way to explain how he has lived so long to write as much as he has. He spends all his time scribbling away with whatever he can wherever he can jotting down stories that he swears on his life are real. He claims he heard them from a friend of a friend or even that he was there sometimes. Some of the stories might be familiar to the players but with no tangible explanation as to how he’d know certain details. He was jailed because a noble read one of his stories and found one eerily close to his own corrupt dealings. He was rapidly framed and all copies of that story destroyed. Then again, that’s the story he wrote.
  32. Rodwell "Chicken Thief" Ebonhaum. A middle-aged man often caught mumbling to himself. In the last ten years, Ebonhaum has faced countless minor penalties for relocalizing poultry. The city guards, exasperated with his constant chicken-stealing shenanigans, have recently thrown him in jail for a few days. The guards know all too well that their detainee will reoffend as soon as he is out of jail and in proximity of feathered prey. Unbeknownst to all, Rodwell Ebonhaum has a minor background of studying the arcane arts and has been working on a new golem prototype for years. He is amazingly close to a major breakthrough and should complete his creation within 24 hours after getting out of jail. This Chicken Golem may yet prove to be an immense threat to the city (or not).
  33. Nahay Strife. A short human woman with a stripe of baldness running down the center of her head. She curses profusely and is in and out of jail for starting fights because she keeps screaming slurs at half-orcs, dwarves, and tieflings.
  34. Clive Coldhands Cilve was once an innocent farmer, who was framed for killing his family. In truth the Crown Prince and his gang of thugs and hanger-ons were responsible, but since he's the Prince and Clive is a nobody, Clive was the one to go to jail, where he was killed when the mine tunnel he was working in collapsed, only to return as a reverent(hence his name "Coldhands"). He's planning to break out using his new powers, and pay the Prince a visit (hint: it's not gonna end well for the Prince).
  35. The Red Jester A Warlock who used her connections to Hell to act as a middle-woman for infernal pacts and deals. When the current King took power, he implemented a popular "tough-on-Hell" policy that saw the Red Jester imprisoned for operating without a legal license. Claims her patron will get her out soon (her patron has forsaken her- Hell's fickle like that).
  36. Bom Bom is a flesh golem, who was formerly a servant for a mad necromancer, and was imprisoned here, after the necromancer was killed by the King's forces, simply for existing. Bom is a kind soul who is actually quite terrified of his current situation, and will befriend any PC who is wrongly imprisoned. Bom also is very religious and prays daily to the local God of Justice to get him and his friends out of this place.
  37. Scuttle is one of the youngest prisoners, at only nine years old, but unsettlingly one of the most quiet and serious. His mother, himself, and his sister were all sent here for theft and for refusing to vacate their small ramshackle home when a noble acquired it. Only Scuttle remains of the trio, the other two having died during a cave in at the women’s section. He’s tight lipped and serious and clearly learning the wrong lessons in life as he carries a small shiv and is often jumpy, violent, and unsociable. He often is sent to work with the halflings in the small parts of the cave adult humans cannot fit in, and can speak their language a bit now. Nicknamed after his incredible climbing and squeezing abilities, and refuses to tell people his real name or maybe had just forgotten it in the three years he’s been here.
  38. Mark. Former town blacksmith that was held in high regard for his fine craftsmanship. He cursed certain weapons he had forged, especially ones given to nobles, to animate and kill their owners while they slept.
  39. Tord Faurus. A half-orc arrested and charged for mayhem and mischief. Some children from the local town saw him vandalizing the local corn fields, or so they thought. Really, he's just a very enthusiastic farmer that's good with a scythe, but sadly he's illiterate and doesn't speak common, so has no means of defending himself. When the guards came to question him, he became alarmed and attacked, and eventually found himself behind bars.
  40. Thelonius Baker. Fate treated this human with a harsh hand, words on the street are that he used to be that villager who everybody loved, the best cook around, with a profound love for everyone, a real philantropist who did not want anything in return. That was until "something divine" happened, as he used to say, before he cut his tongue, started to cook with poison, and all he gave away, he needed back. Nobody could talk to him anymore, but everyone was concerned. Some time after, people who looked like medics came for him, and the whole village believed that lie "we will make him better, just the way he was before" Nowadays he can barely lift a pickaxe, since he has a secret, that sweet little newborn he found needs to eat, and there's only enough food for one. Actually, some think there is no baby, just the rambling of a man with sanity long gone.
  41. Karok unbra. A reedy human from a nomadic people in the northern frontier. arrested for rabblerousing after seeing a vision, and attempting to unify the northern tribes. will occasionally mutter half-formed prophecy as he chips away at the rocks.
  42. Eddy "Sneazer" Wheezer. A kobold who's rather tall for his race, and only knows one spell. Eddy scammed millions in gold coins from unsuspecting villagers by casting enlarge on himself and pretending to be a young dragon. He's allergic to the mildew in the prison yard and accidentally casts enlarge on himself every time he sneezes. Wheezer is the only convict not required to wear pants because they keep ripping.
  43. Hilldove Alderberry. Young halfling woman in prison for attacking a nobleman who tried to force himself onto her. Was an entertainer before her arrest, and often gives performances to cheer up the prison crowd. She has been in prison for a year, and is in one of its gangs for protection. She has an extensive family outside of prison that she tries to sneak letters to.
  44. Saw Wobble. A kenku arcane trickster who learned all his spells by mimicking a human wizard in his youth. He lies low in the mines, blending in with the shadows and rarely making himself known. However, he often knicks food from other prisoners and plays harmless pranks on guards. He’s been there for three months and hasn’t gotten caught yet. He’s in prison for stealing food from a high end tavern.
  45. Turs Urx. 30 year old changeling man, arrested for impersonating a deceased, widowed landowner and living in his home for months. Though Turs has been in the mines for about 6 months, he changes his appearance so often that none but his cell mate know who he is. He gets out of being attacked by taking on the appearance of well respected members of the prison. The guards have forbidden him to change his appearance and he has been caught and punished brutally four separate times for this.
  46. Anathu Zoksi. True neutral yuan ti pureblood assassin. Born into one of the lower ranks of yuan ti society due to his less snakelike appearance, Anathu quickly aligned himself with whatever forces would help him live a comfortable life. He worked as an assassin for a local mafia, and was caught and arrested while staking our a local merchant he was meant to kill. When caught, he played it off as if his intent was simply to steal from the merchant. Though his appearance is less snake like than other yuan ti purebloods, it is harsh enough to be disconcerting to fellow prisoners and mark him as someone not to be messed with. He has only been there for one month and will align himself with whatever gang seems the most helpful.
  47. Aldrik Bloodhorn. A hearty 50 year old dwarf, who was a miner before his arrest as well. He was arrested for trying to unionize the dwarves in his mine. He has a reputation for giving inspiring speeches and is prone to fighting with guards. He’s only been in the prison for four months but is already in the process of trying to dig an escape tunnel with his cell mate, Hinbut Smallfeet.
  48. Hinbut Smallfeet. A 160 year old forest gnome druid. Due to a mysterious illness, he has a sickly appearance is perpetually exhausted. He is often punished for fainting in the middle of mining. Though he is very physically weak, he has many allies in the prison who protect him. He has been using the minor illusion cantrip to try to cover up the escape tunnel that his cell mate, Aldrik Bloodhorn, has been trying to dig. He makes up a different unlikely story every time he’s asked, but the real reason he was arrested was for arson. A wealthy human developer cut down much of of the forest Hinbut grew up into in order to build homes, and Hinbut was caught burning those homes down.
  49. Samuel Grandfest. 25 year old human charlatan, arrested for using counterfeit gold coins. He has been in the prison for a year and a half and is deep in the business of smuggling in and selling black market goods to the other prisoners.
  50. Tyrcoril Ianhorn. A young looking half elf and oath of the ancients paladin. He has chin length scruffy blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is dedicated to Pelor, and when the King ordered his order of Paladins work for the army, he refused due to his belief that Pelor would not support this war. He was promptly arrested for treason. Stubborn and strong willed, he often has to be restrained for trying to smite guards and other prisoners.
  51. The Minelings. The five children in total have been trapped in the mine for presumably their entire lives, mining for precious metals and gemstones. One has lost use of his legs, and collectively they hold a few diamonds. If they are freed, they ask that you rescue their friend being held elsewhere, who is unfortunately long dead.
  52. Barry the mushroom killer. Lures travellers into his camp for poisoned mushroom stew. Escaped from stonegate tower prison
  53. Rigosh Nishrober. A mountain dwarf barmaid, a little too carefree for her own good. Allowed herself to get carried away during a feast instead of seeing to her serving and cleaning duties. Got drunk and passed out, to wake and find the king's pet cat dead on the floor, fur soaked in alcohol. It had licked itself in an attempt to get clean, died of alcohol poisoning, and Rigosh was held responsible.
  54. The Wild King. An elderly human, ex-bandit chief and powerful druid who maintains connections even from within the prison. His cell is private and relatively luxurious, he doesn't have to work, 1d10 other prisoners work for him (roll on the table again), whether willingly or not, and 1d4 guards are agents of his in disguise.
  55. Skippy Jones. An incredibly nimble and short human thief who likes to sell all his stolen goods as so-called "legendary items". The con that got him here was selling an alcohol solution of salt and tobasco as a love potion that can even seduce dragons. He hints that when the customer appeared with guards, he seemed to be bit..charred.
  56. Hank Horsehugger. He is a thin old man who worked in the king's stables. He liked the horses. A LOT. And he cared for them, if you know what I mean. He was caught 'caring' for the horses and in response stole one of the horses to escape. He was sentenced for being pretty gross and for stealing a horse.
  57. Lysanthir Wynfaren. An arrogant and ostentatious 200 year old eladrin. He was exiled from the feywild for killing a rival. He was arrested almost immediately upon entering the mortal plane for challenging a member of the royalty to a duel. He is most often in his summer personality state, and quick to violence. He resents the mine work, not because of how physically taxing it is, but because he thinks of himself as too good for it. He’s been in the mines for 2 years, and still talks about breaking out as something he’s gonna do any day now.
  58. Ayre Kelxidor. A 400 year old wood elf hermit who had spent the past 2 and a half centuries living in a “self sufficient” cabin alone. He’s antisocial and gruff, preferring animals to people. He has coppery skin and grey hair. He was arrested for roughly 250 years of tax evasion.
  59. Marcus. Marcus is a human, about 30 years of age. He got sentenced for riding a wild boar through the streets of his home city. He was drunk, the boar was raging, cause it couldn't get rid of that stupid human clinging to its back and kicking it to run faster..and the whole wild ride ended when Marcus crashed into a stall with cabbages, and the boar finally escaped his grip, trampled the shopkeeper, and ran away.


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2019.02.05 04:17 taylorcowbell General Thoughts

I wrote this in an answer to a facebook question, but figured I would cross post it here just in case anyone is curious about aspects of the game.
So, short intro, its a skirmish miniature battle game. Aka hex map, minis, fighting each other, trying to kill or cover objectives. I'll be honest. Im a big fan of the game, but ill try to be as impartial as possible.
Pros: - Time, its not neuroshima hex short or anything, but a game takes anywhere from 45 mins to 1:30 for newer players I would say, depending on what turn the game is won on. With experience we can pretty consistently do sub hour games except for turn 5 back and forths - Teachability, it teaches quick. Even a full 3 person game, you walk them through the first turn, explaining options and things as they come up and you rarely need to do any handholding for round 2. Its intuitive and quick, and i dont even have custom dice just d6s, not having to do the mental replacement will make teaching even easier - Simple army building, this will also be a con later. But its really easy to get up and running. No making a deck, no worrying about only having x copies of a card, just pick 3 champs, done. As long as preferably they arent all the same class, you should have a good game on your hand - Battle Ladder, is a good mechanic that keeps the game interesting. There are no snowball wins because slides are erased every tur, and the game isnt over until the end. I think everyones been a part of a game where through a misplay or luck, they were in an insurmountable situation and were just playing through the motions despite no chance of winning. This doesnt happen in godtear, as even a full board wipe is fixed basically next phase and things keep going. The moba style respawn means losing a guy is a hindrance not a death knell. - Good mix of established tropes and unique concepts. Its generic fantasy so you have tanky dwarves, agile elves, but also pacifist dragon people and friendly trolls. The characters all fill their roles well yet have drastically different feels. - Quick combat. I roll my accuracy dice, if equal or higher than dodge, I hit. I roll damage dice, damage is result - armor. Its simple, yet does a good job of differentiating a strong but wild swingy punch from a well aimed bow shot, or a nimble elf from a stout dwarf. Boons/Blights keep the math simple, add or subtract 1. -Plot/Clash phase. The differing styles of i go you go and alternating activations is a unique take, and what each character can do in each phase really helps define them. For instance plot is usually moving/buffing/banners, but the goblins can kill everything on the plot phase and introduce a completely new dimension for how your opponent does their turn.
Cons: - Simple army building. If youre a big deck buildelike to obsess over min-maxing costs and best bang for your buck, you wont get that out of this game. - Boons/blights are limiting as far as conditions go. Common conditions like poison/burning/blessed/blinded are essentially distilled into basic units of bonus or penalty. It doesnt hinder the game too much (what is poison really going to do in a 3 turn game where im gonna die turn 2 probably anyways), but does impact how thematic it feels. - Scenarios are simple. The scoring is the same no matter what scenario youre playing currently, plant/defend banners, kill stuff, or both. The scenarios as well only really differ in setup and in between turns. Dont get me wrong, theres still lots of replayability (league of legends has 1 scenario basically and is played millions of times a month), a game of life and a game of death feel very different, but more unique scenarios down the line would not be disappointing either. - Terrain. Right now objective hexes are the only terrain. The game is really tight right now, and too much terrain could have an adverse impact on some units ability to move or do stuff, but lava/watetrees could be a good addition if done right.
Depends? Dice. The dice combat in the game is lower variance than other games, which can be good or bad depending on your point of view. I played a game of song of ice and fire on the weekend, and got cersei's first turn, rolled snake eyes and almost lost a full unit to an unmitigatable dice roll turn 1 (sorry if you dont play the game and have no idea what im talking about). If im rolling 5 dice, I am pretty confident ill hit the 3 dodge target (86%), but as in any game with dice, the good players stack the odds in their favor and have backup plans.
Other: If youre not a big hobbyer, the game is very easy for you. The classes have different colors, and base rings distinguish your guys from your opponents, so youre not lost in a sea of grey. If you are a minis person, then the minis have enough detail that they should be nice to paint. Whichever you are, nothing wrong with being able to go to the store, buy the new guy, and put him on the table instantly.
Anyways. Sorry for the essay. TL:DR its fast, easy to learn and stays interesting, but wargamers may be a disappointed with some of the cuts to game depth.
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2019.01.20 14:45 Koba7 13 Months of ADOPTION! -- NANO accepted here! (10)

Hi everyone,
Until May 2018 I posted this on a regular basis since the adoption rate was high. Sometimes we had several new entries per day. Then adoption slowed down and also private work slowed me down.
Also, USE NANO, appeared and took over some of the work.'s listings do not fully match this list and vice versa. Both of us would need to invest some work in order to provide a full list. ;-) -- Both lists together should provide a good overview.
Also: A few weeks ago BrainBlocks reported about 2000 merchants using BrainBlocks. In case they are reading here, please let us know.
This said, I am re-publishing The Reddit NANO Directory
Adoption is crucial! Adoption is king!
ATTENTION: The new Reddit design has screwed up the correct counting in here.
If you switch to the old Reddit design, you will realize, that I am able to count from 1 to over 130.
Dear online merchants,
Please state visibly that you accept NANO and I will be glad to link you here. As a customer I would like to learn about this payment option before having worked my way through to checkout. At the same time this is a great opportunity to advertise NANO as a currency ... on more than 130 sites so far!
Examples: 01, 02, 03, 04.
INTRO 1 (Jan 20, 2019)
After 13 months of adoption we are counting at least 155 (update to follow) shops / options to spend NANO.
This means a current growth rate of <1 shop per day.
NANO has been accepted so far in the US, CZ, GER, UK, CAN, AUS, BRA, FRA, AT, NL, TUR, PH, NZ, JP, RU + CW (Curaçao) + HR (Croatia), ITA, GR (Greece), IRL!!
UPDATED COUNTER: 157 shops / options
NANO Media Kit - logos for websites, apps, etc.,
NANO Sign, great tool for merchants:
NANO Wallpapers,
New shop? Please post below or PM me and link me to your NANO sign on your site.
1) This is the follow-up on
2) Please also find four other directories here:
b) Nano Acceptance on Google Maps,
c) all.things.nano, -- No longer maintained??
d) NANO is FAST,
The Reddit NANO Directory
-- Hopefully in correct chronological order. -- Shop at your own risk!
Dec 24, 2017
1) Made by Docs, US, natural toothpaste, (Were you #1?)
2) Josh’s Jungle!, US, salts & fresh peppers, (Were you #1?)
3) Growing Opportunities International (GO!), US, donations, (Were you #1?)
4) BlockFevr, closed,
5) RaiGames, US, Social RaiBlocks Gambling, -- (Be careful with gambling!) WARNING:
6) deleted
7) smallsound/bigsound, US, guitar pedals,
8) Medbooks.CZ, CZ, used medical books classifieds,
9) Late Apex, US, T-Shirts, mugs, phone cases:
Jan 09, 2018
10) Naturkost Leiferde, GER, organic food,
Jan 10, 2018
11) RauchRoad, US, sunglasses,
12), US, headphones,
What this shop has learned from accepting NANO:
Jan 14, 2018
13) Wild und Frei –, GER, headshop,
14) Hitsteps, US, realtime website analytics,
15) PexPeppers, US, hot sauce,
16) Rah Straps, CAN, handmade camera straps,
17) The Series One Shop, AUS, parts for real Land Rovers,
Jan 15, 2018
18) SF BMW CODING; US, BMW coding,
19) Scott Mills, US, art,
20) Desert Island Survival, US, desert island survival courses,
21) Sekerka Tomáš, CZ, art,
22) Lindleys Autocentres, UK, car services,
23) Imaginaire Digital, UK, web design agency,
Jan 16, 2018
24) Grow Kit, CAN, grow shop,
Jan 21, 2018
25) Half Moon Mods, US, vape shop,
Jan 23, 2019
26) Vape Club International, Malaysian vape juices and e-liquids,
27) deleted
28) Doppel Store, Brasil, online store,
29) DONGA, France, interior,
30) Cryptodesign, US, cryptocurrency-related artwork,
Jan 25, 2018
31) Fermentation Culture, AT, shop for Koji spores,
32) Irische Nacht, GER, Irish music night,
33) Tony's Eliquid Co., US, vape lemonade flavors,
34) Love At Every Sight, US, personalized cards and wine labels,
Jan 26, 2018
35) PPC Protect, US, protection against click fraud,
36) EDGEWORTH, US, design company,
37) D.o.A-C., Department of Art-Cryptomancy, US, Cryptomancy is, generally, a magical act intended to interface with the blockchain. This is not done simply for financial gain, but in fact more generally: to steward mystical and numinous interactions with the blockchain.
Jan 27, 2018
38) ACL CREATIVE STUDIO, US, film and book distribution, branding, editorial design,
Jan 29, 2018
The Copper Hat, CAN, quality wet shaving supplies,
Jan 30, 2018
39) Domein-Direct, NL, webhosting & more,
Jan 31, 2018
40) WKEND EYEWEAR, US, party sunglasses,
Feb 2, 2018
41) Crypto Audio Club, US, erphones & erbuds,
Feb 5, 2018
42) Brisbane Tech Repairs, AUS, Brisbane's first cryptocurrency friendly IT service!,
43) Online language teacher,
44), US, NANO merchandise,
45) Bitcoin Psychic, US, live psychic readings by phone, text and chat,
Feb 12, 2018
46) LUCKY NANO, US, online poker,
47) LEYLAND, US, women's activewear,
Feb 13, 2018
48) MEMTO, NL, personally made memorials,
49) GPS Tracking Made Easy, US, GPS tracking devices for regular people and small businesses,
50) Korbinian Vogt, GER, special photo prints,
Feb 14, 2108
51) SomaVita, US, ElevatePlus, supplement,
Feb 16, 2018
52) Textracto, US, turns articles into data,
53) CUT ALL THE SHIT, US, bullshit-free web hosting company,
54) AZEWATE, TUR, metalworks shop,
Feb 18, 2018
55) SLYDEV, AUS, 3D printed nerf accessories,
Feb 19, 2018
56) The Milk Road, US, coffee roaster,
57) Work for NANO, US, Make It, Sell It And Earn Nano,
Feb 23, 2018
58) 1up coin, Accept Cryptocurrencies on your Stream! By using Twitch/YouTube, StreamLabs/StreamElements & Coinbase APIs we make it easy for you to accept Cryptocurrency donations!,
59), is a service for Twitch streamers and their viewers.
60) NANO THINGS, US, everything NANO,
Feb 24, 2018
61) Pure Nootropics, US, pure nootropics,
62) STRUCTGLASS, AUS, Australia’s safest structural glass balustrade system,
63) Daniel R. Treccia, US, Innovative Books in Sports Performance and Exercise Immunology,
Feb 25, 2018
64) Mentevagante, freelance artist and musician,
65) Hamburg Maths Tutors, GER, Hamburg Maths Tutors,
66) Digital Media Design, UK, digital media design,
67) OB Club, US, non-profit medical marijuana delivery service,
68) Blade + Brow, US, Korean 6D Nanoblading (;-)), freckling, and hairlines,
69) Voetbal Quiz, NL, online football quizzes (in Dutch),
70) Cryptogirls, US, sexy shows,
Feb 26, 2018
71) Guess Winner, sports bets,
March 01, 2018
72) Cryptimber, UK, NANO wood art,
March 02, 2018
73) Wit Working, BRA, coworking space in shared environments,
74) Moriarti Watches, US, watches,
75) VPN Into China, VPN service to access chinese websites with ip restrictions in China,
March 03, 2018
76) Laser Trees, US, jewelery,
77) Kaizen, GER, sports socks,
78) Healthy Harvest, US, hydroponics and horticultural supplies,
79) Be A Little Chaotic, US, T-shirts, hats,
80) NANO is FAST, US, "PAY WITH NANO" stickers,
March 04, 2018
81) CoinSpec, US, hardware wallets,
82) Gecko Vapes, UK, Vaping and E-Liquids,
83) Sara Carli, US, art, contemporary realism in oil,
84) Black Block Research, US, 'On-Chain Investment Intelligence', research, analysis and insights into the cryptocurrency markets,
85) Luckygames, US, gambling,
86) ThinkHODL, US, crypto merchandise,
87) Canadian Bitcoin Giftcard, CAN, electronic gift cards,
March, 10, 2018
88) PINOY GAME STORE, PH, online game store,
89) mae., US, websites: design & branding,
90), service to spin up one's own Nano representative,
March 12, 2018
91) Shillshack, crypto decals and T-Shirts, US,
92) Astral Clouds, vape juice, US,
93) APShaveCo, US, unique knots and brushes,
94) BINARY CABIN, US, custom web applications, employee management, CRM systems,
95) betNANO, US, NANO lottery,
96) NANO Poker, online poker,
March 16, 2018
97) HODLFORK, US, cryptocurrency enamel pin collection,
98) WOODLAND SHADES, US, sunglasses, watches,
Please read this:
March 21, 2018
99) Xenogifts, Free games, gift cards and more,
100), NZ, E-Liquids,
101) RISING SUN RECORDS, JP, records,
102) Crypto Apparel Company, UK, apparel,
March 29, 2018
103) NANO meetups, NANO meetups info, best "NANO accepted here" sign so far,
April 02, 2018
104) VPWR, US, apparel,
105) nanoboxes (= NANO-digital-ebay), buy and sell your digital products with Nano,
April 24, 2018
106) InkHip, US, apparel,
April, 26, 2018
107) The Crypto Factory, NANO Collectible Coin,
April 30, 2018
108) Vityaz-Hotel, RU, hotel on Crimea,
May 01, 2018
109) Dreamlandmagic, US, Magic Shop,
May 14, 2018
110) SatoshiMarket, US, embroidered polos,
May 22, 2018
111), CW (Curaçao), sports & esports betting,
May 26, 2018
112) A Tempo, NL, classic car, nanocurrency
May 28, 2018
113) deleted
May 29, 2018
114) Silicon Lottery, US, processors,
June 1, 2018
115) Lynx Art Collection, US, artwork,
June 2, 2018
116) AlcoYoung, US, alcohol gadgets,
June 3, 2018
117) Nano Coffee, US, coffee,
June 4, 2018
118) Insight Music, UK, independent record label,
June 8, 2019
119) Menta za koktele, HR, mint cocktails in Croatia, Koktelmenta
June 10, 2018
120) What's Crypto?, GER, apparel,
June 20, 2018
121) EUTRINO, electronics,
July 06, 2018
122) Anonymous Venezuelan merchant accepted 29 NANO for 102 kg of food incl.cornmeal, meat, rice, sugar, beans, sauces and avocados.
July 25, 2018
123), US, NANO poker,
Aug 23, 2018
124) Bendigo Radiators, AUS, radiators,
Oct 26, 2018
125) Hair Care Studio Angelika, Venlo, NL, no website
Nov 03, 2018
126) 100MilaCaffè, Turin, ITA, cafe,
127) RIVALS, US, photographer,
Jan 05, 2019
128) Kirinos Pizzaria, Rio, Brazil, pizzaria,
Jan 11, 2019
129), US, apparel,
Jan 19, 2019
130) 35North, GR, Olive Oil,, (Welcome Greece!)
Jan 20, 2019
131) mickmon, IRL, music, (Welcome Ireland!)
Feb 04, 2019
132), US, INT, Online Travel Agency,
Jan 4, 2018
First recorded purchase with XRB/NANO: — 1 XRB bought 1 jar of toothpaste!
Jan 10 & 11, 2018
Second & third recorded purchase with XRB/NANO:
— Audio-Technica DSR7BT headphones sent to Mikael in Finland (claimed on March 13)
— 2 shock absorbers for a Land Rover for 1.5 XRB, (from the deep archives: )
Jan 12, 2018
Fourth purchase with XRB/NANO: — First album ever sold for XRB/NANO,
Jan 20, 2018
Purchase #5 and #6: It's toothpaste and peppers!
Jan 20, 2018
Purchase #7: -- It's sunglasses!
Jan 22, 2018
Purchase #8 -16: "So far there have been 8 or 9 successful XRB payments" for hot sauces:
Jan 26, 2018
Purchase #17: vape lemonade flavors,
Documenting purchases with RaiBlocks:
Jan 23, 2018
1) BlockVerse, RaiBlocks MarketPlace,
2) BITLIT, open marketplace for buying and selling items/services online,
3) NANO LISTING, US, marketplace where you can list goods and services for NANO,
4) OpenBazaar, Planning stage,
1) RaiBlocks App, US, Price, Graph, News,
1) First rent paid with RaiBlocks:
Anyone out there?
1) BrainBlocks, simple checkout for RaiBlocks,
How to integrate a NANO gateway via BrainBlocks to your website (Programmers Guide)
2) GetXRB Start accepting RaiBlocks payments for your business -- GetXRB is an API for generating XRB invoices on the fly. --
3) RaiPay for WooCommerce, WooCommerce payment gateway plugin that allows your customers to pay with RaiBlocks via RaiPay,
4) More:
5) BrainBlocks Shopware Integration,
6) ArrowPay. Use ArrowPay's prebuilt plugins and tools to quickly and easily start accepting RaiBlocks on your website.
7) Vaulty, one link for all accepted cryptos on your site,
8) python based program that displays the merchant's receive address as a QR code for the customer to scan, as well as displaying the transaction details in both FIAT and Crypto. More details:
Regular edits & updates.
Please let me know, in case I have forgotten anyone. Thanks.
submitted by Koba7 to nanocurrency [link] [comments]

2018.07.28 11:46 AHedgeKnight Development Diary XV: Boers and Border Wars

Development Diary XV: Boers and Border Wars
Hello and welcome to a new development diary for The New Order: Last Days of Europe. Panzer here, and I’m going to write my first dev diary in a while and I am soooooo readytodie excited.
Today we’ll be delaying our previously hinted diary and rolling back to South Africa, which we have recently doubled back to on the development team to flesh out and build up to make the war as expansive and dynamic as it should be.
Which means… well there’s a lot to peel apart in this one. In total, there are five main paths, with many more variations depending on South Africa and America. This is also just for the war itself and its results - there is also a lot more going on under the hood as well that we won’t show off quite yet, though we might just hint at some for it.
Regardless, let’s get to the diary.
South Africa in 1962 is frozen with internal conflict. The African National Congress has begun mass protests across the nation due to the restrictive nature of the nations political system. While Apartheid was defeated in the 40’s, the nation has remained strictly divided on racial lines. Segregation is still built into everything, from the military to the civil service.
In addition, the rising ideology of Pan-Africanism has also spelled cause for concern among both the South Africans, and their rivals across the border in Germany’s trio of Reichskommissariats. More and more Africans have proclaimed the need for a unified African state, free from foreign imperialism of all forms, united in purpose in repairing the damage that has ruined the continent.
Not only is South Africa dealing with the ANC and the Pan-African movement, but it has also spread to the Reichskommissariats. From the brutal slave labor camps of Ostafrika, where Reichskommisar Hans Hüttig rules a brutal regime dedicated to the utter annihilation of any dissent against German rule, to the massive plantations of Zentralafrika around the great sea of the Congo basin, where African SS legions watch over their toiling brethren. German shipping companies grow rich off of the massive shipyards around the sea, taking in German supplies from the various rivers and canals and sending out barges filled to the brim with the wealth of Africa.
Each Reichskommisars’ handling of this growing unrest is different. In the Congo, Siegfried Müller rules with the loosest hand of all, his regime almost being benign in its treatment of the locals. While slavery is the norm like in all of the Reichskommisariats, slaves technically have the right to earn their way to freedom, and most of the plantations have been given over to foreign corporations and businesses instead of simply run under the Nazi boot. Companies from all across the Unity-Pakt, Switzerland, Sweden, and elsewhere have grown rich over the labor here, and while the Africans still face a brutal regime above their head, thousands of them have found freedom either working for the local government or serving in the Reichskommisariats African SS divisions, two sure paths to eventual freedom for one and their family.
Müller himself however would rather adventure on the safari with his aides, hunting rare game and drinking and partying instead of actually ruling. When he is actually concerning himself with the state instead of allowing any foreign business interest to take control for themselves, he is simply joining his men on ‘expeditions’ to stomp out pockets of native resistance, seeing these battles as just more hunts with slightly different ‘trophies’ to take.
And when his men aren’t doing this or growing lazy on their plantation posts, they are selling themselves out as mercenaries to corporations, the other RKs of Africa, or even, under the table of course, as petty muscle to those who Germany considers their enemies.
In Südwestafrika, Wolfgang Schenck rules with a similarly lenient hand, though Südwestafrika does not have the industry of the other Reichskommisars. Taking in more supplies from the Fatherland than any other Reichskommisar, Südwestafrika remains the poorest of the states, but Schenck has developed his own plan to keep his colony afloat.
The air hub of German Africa, with the jungle only being cut back enough in the Congo for new plantations and shipping lines to be built, the deserts have become home to the largest and most well built airfields on the entire continent. While Zentralafrika is the shipping hub of German Africa, the beating heart, Südwestafrika is the air hub. Cargo transport is common, but due to cost, is nowhere near the level of the Congo. However, all German bombers leaving for Western Africa leave from the bases in the Congo, where they can safely fly sorties without fear of Triumvirate interceptors.
Schneck charges the Reich for the gas required to fuel them, as well as an extra amount for their use of Südwestafrika’s runways, with most of the money disappearing from the economic budget and going straight into his burgeoning air force. With the most modern and successful airforce in Africa, Schneck has ensured his planes rule the skies.
This has come with criticism however, as while his planes have made great use bombing insurgents across the deserts of Angola, he has allowed the economy to remain underdeveloped and, much like Müller he would rather spend time with his pet projects than in any government building. Schenck can be found more often flying than he can be found ruling, and has even joined Müller on several of his Safaris, piloting him in a personal helicopter or joining on the hunt.
Many claim this is because Schneck finds peace in the air that he can’t find in the horrors of German Africa, but he has given no image other than that of a loyal German, and his rule has yet to be challenged.
Finally, there is Hans Hüttig of Ostafrika, who, as mentioned before, rules with an iron first. Viewing Ostafrika as just yet another camp for him to run, the people there live rigid, militaristic lives, with only Germans being allowed into any position and the African being subservient in all means. The only Reichskomissar is the only one of his kind in Africa who refuses to use African SS divisions, giving him the smallest military of all of the RKs and, so far, the most difficult time handling the burgeoning rebellions in his colony.
His men, however, are elite. Not only does the German garrison drill and battle constantly, unlike those in the Congo who laze around in their ‘easy’ posts or those in Südwestafrika who have been utterly forgotten in favor of the air force, Ostafrika’s garrison remains the sharpest and finest in German Africa. His forces are also bolstered by the former Anglo population of Rhodesia. While not substantial, they had been given the option of joining the colonial government and military or finding themselves in a similar situation to the Africans, and now they help maintain the core of Hüttig’s military.
His relations with the other Reichskommisars are… cool, however, him seeing his two compatriots as weak and effeminate and having allowed their colonies to fall to degeneracy. Hüttig does not join in the Safari, does not take flights with Schneck, and Ostafrikans are seen as a distrustful and odd lot, the Reichskomissar maintaining an exceptionally isolationist policy with its brother states, only dealing directly with the Fatherland.
One thing is for certain, any alliance between the three would require a truly epic catastrophe…
Regardless, let's move on from these 3 pages of pure L O R E and get into the meat of it.
South Africa:
South Africa in 1962, as mentioned before, is on the tipping point. Frozen in crisis as the ANC has further and further pushed for equal rights and self determination, the situation has been further exacerbated by Nelson Mandela’s uMkhonto we Sizwe, or MK, the militant wing of the ANC that has begun several terrorist attacks across the nation.
The government has so far refused the cries for reform, nervous about losing the powerbase that has been maintained for decades and also angering the increasingly militant Boers, who have for decades been funded and trained by the Reich and the RKs. But with the ANC protests beginning to turn violent as their calls for change have been met with silence and police lines, change must come, one way or another.
One thing is for sure, South Africa is on the brink. It is time for action.
South Africa has two distinct paths that it may venture down. The government may either bend to the ANC and begin negotiating for sweeping reform to the political system and very society of South Africa, or they may go down… a less advised path.
For the first path, immediate talks will begin with the ANC to discuss the equalization of the political system, further attempts to integrate the military, the possibility of autonomy or outright independence for various areas, and more. With reform on the table, the ANC will stand down their protests, and only the most militant will continue their agitation.
Of course, not all will be happy about the decision…
Of course, reform will solve these issues. The main issue is with the Africans, and surely all can agree that South Africa must remain united in these trying times.
Well they’ll of course stand down as they realize that we truly are better together.
But at least they know they aren’t strong enough to revolt!
(the event in case y’all haven’t read our past diaries:
Of course that’s just one of the paths, if you’re a terrible person there’s another one too!
The ‘Send in the Army’ path involves the South African stomping down on these protests, refusing to accept change to its rigid racial system and give up power to the people. At least that’s what it comes off as with armored vehicles tearing through city streets and protests brutally being put down by the military.
Of course, brutally putting down a faction with an armed militant wing and wide ranging popular support can only end well…
Well, erm, it may be that this path is not exactly the best choice.
With both the Boers and the ANC horrified at the massacre, plus everyone who had previously sat on the sidelines, South Africa’s woes do not seem to have come anywhere close to peaking.
The ANC will move immediately to show the government that they too have teeth, and the nation will be thrown into chaos as the entire country begins to fracture.
And it isn’t only the Africans feeling attacked by the Massacre. Whether true or not, the Boers have seen it as an attempt to target key Afrikan figures in Capetown, and make their own moves to secession.
Which is how we get our second situation for the war:
With Oliver Tambo’s ANC and Albert Hertzog’s Boers all rallying to destroy the nation, it seems that South Africa may truly have reached its darkest hour. A three way war between the Boers and their German allies, the Africans, and a South African state building a system increasingly similar to the one once proposed by the Afrikaner so long ago.
Of course, no matter which way South Africa goes, the RKs will still invade, and America will still make its stand. ** America: ** With American politics dominated by a similar issue with the growing Civil Rights movement, the Republican-Democrat administration has been keen on finding ways out of their predicament. Luckily, that solution falls into their laps when the RKs invade South Africa to secure the continent once and for all.
South Africa has had an odd relationship with the OFN. When the Commonwealth collapsed after King Edward attempting to take control of the organization, South Africa was not one of the nations that joined the resulting Coalition of Nations, and thus was not one of the members of the OFN when the alliance was formed and absorbed the Coalition into itself.
South Africa has, however, flirted with joining the OFN several times, only stopped by strict isolationists in its government and a fear of attack from the German Reichskommisars.
On the other side of the ocean, however, the OFN has been keen on dragging in South Africa for years. Desperately desiring footholds abroad to give them a stronger foot in Asia and Europe, especially to help attract India to the organization, and wanting to shore up the US Navy’s control of the Atlantic, South Africa has always been desired by the Americans and their alliance.
So when South Africa comes crawling to the OFN for support, the United States is more than happy to lead the charge. With the Domino Theory widely accepted among the military, the government keen on restoring the faith of the American people, and the OFN and the USA both wishing for South Africa to join the fold, there is little stopping a move to war.
Of course, America can’t join the war alone. The OFN will need to be rallied to the cause, not only so they can lend military aid to the United States in its noble crusade to protect the free peoples of Earth (even if they’re protecting a racially structured state that just gunned down protesters), but also to legitimize the organization.
The OFN has yet to fight a war, their foreign outlook so far limited to arms to the Russians during the 50s and to other groups abroad. It has yet to be seen what exactly the OFN is. A defensive alliance or a total one? One tied to US ambition or one separated from it? An organization to be a beacon of liberty for all or a paper tiger slowly falling apart?
And so, the US will need to rally support, for there is one thing decided with the OFN, it is a democratic organization. If the US wants to force the members of the alliance to join, it’ll need to win a majority.
A variable will decide how each OFN nation feels about the war, with it being modified by their governments, their opinions of the US, and this tree. When you take a focus for building support in a certain area, you’ll gain a repeatable decision to rally each nation.
Taking this decision will raise the nations support for the war further.
The larger OFN nations will be able to send soldiers directly to assist in the war, while the smaller will be able to support in other ways. Namely, rallying their local national guards, in whatever form they be, in order to act as support staff.
Once the tree is completed, it’s time for the Summit.
The Summit can go either way, for or against the United States. If for, then all nations will be obligated to send support, in whatever form they choose, to the united OFN effort in South Africa. If the vote fails, individual nations may still assist, but not all, and the OFN’s reputation will be permanently smirched by their failure to rally to a cause…
Now this would be a good time to explain how, exactly, proxy wars work.
Proxy wars in TNO are simple, if you are embroiled in one, you’ll be able to send a small amount of ‘advisors’ to whichever faction you are supporting. Normally, this will be around 1 - 3 divisions of volunteers.
You can, however, escalate the war further and put in more divisions to the war. The more you increase this, the stronger both you and your client become, and with some time and work you can end up with up to around 50 divisions in your country of choice, effectively supplanting their military with your own.
However, the more you escalate, the worse the effect will be back home. While initially responses will be tame and negative events rare, as the war escalates, they will begin to become more and more common. They will be made even more common by taking higher losses and the war dragging on, and begin to expand even more if you find yourself on the losing end.
Each nation will have multiple unique events that will only happen as you progress, as well as multiple generic ones that will happen more and more frequently as the war loses popularity back home. All three factions will have multiple proxy wars to fight, four guaranteed ones and multiple that can arise as a part of certain paths, like the Vietnamese wars, and with so many you will need to decide if dragging yourself into yet another conflict is sustainable. Proxy wars are our replacement for the World War in the vanilla game, and will constitute most of your fighting as a superpower.
America will be more deeply affected by this than their rivals, thanks to not being able to repress any sign of dissent that springs up. The South African War especially will greatly inflame the political situation in the United states.
The problems with the war are many fold. The US has no clearly defined goal in the conflict, multiple generals and politicians claiming anything from the US simply trying to keep South Africa free to liberate the entirety of Africa from Nazism. In addition, many Americans feel that the war against the African Nazis is simply a futile endeavor, when the US should instead be focusing on their real enemy, Japan.
Not to mention the fact that the majority of soldiers the Americans face are native SS divisions, often conscripted or merely serving for survival, and it will become increasingly difficult to convince Americans you are fighting for African freedom while you gun them down in the thousands. Of course, the American military will thankfully never, mistakenly or on purpose, target villages that may be fostering some of these soldiers...
And this isn’t even bringing up things like the racking body count or the fact that it’s entirely possible the state the US allies itself with and brings into their organization of ‘free’ nations can be a racially dominated ethnostate increasingly resembling those of their enemies on the continent.
Of course, if the heat gets too high then the US can always withdraw, as can the rest of the OFN. The withdraw can be gradual, with you slowly winding down troop numbers in order to ensure a vacuum does not fill and attempting to prepare your ally for a war without you, or if you are really in a jam, you could always pull out immediately…
Of course beyond the simple vacuum you’ll create, there is no telling what terrible effects this will have on the organization of your allies military, made worse the further you had escalated the conflict…
*The War: * In order to push the situation more towards our desired outcome, and also provide challenge to stop a player from simply rolling over their enemies, each of the nations in the conflict get a unique idea at certain points in the war, namely based on how we see the war going.
For South Africa, the ‘Darkest Hour’ idea will trigger once the RKs and Boers push deep into their territory and when they near capitulation, giving them massive bonuses to their combat ability as they begin a final stand against Nazism, praying that American support will come and help halt the advance.
The Reichskommissars will get a similar idea as well when the US joins and begins shoving them back. Once the Reichskommissars find themselves fighting on their home front, they will gain a similar idea while they await for Germany, who by now has hopefully wrapped up their civil war, to come to their aid.
With Germany involved, the proxy war will expand greatly, and suddenly the Americans may find themselves being pushed back towards the border.
The Boers will have their own unique idea and decision chains for forming a resistance against the South Africans, not dissimilar to the Viet Cong of our timeline, and can begin the Werewolf program to sabotage the South African war effort once they find themselves on the losing end of the war, giving both the Boers and South Africans an idea (positive for the Boers obviously, and negative for South Africa).
In addition, you’ll be able to launch raids into South Africa and harass them with terror attacks to help fuel the anti-war protests in America and strike fear into your enemies.
Of course this can only go on for as long as you have men, and the Americans are quite good at carpet bombing any hint of resistance forces in the region. Perhaps a final push will finally break American morale and begin a blitz across the nation?
Finally for the war itself, we should talk about something a lot of people have asked about. What are some ways that nuclear war can break out? Or for a proxy war to go hot?
In TNO there is a system called the Crisis System, or Diplomatic Crisis, not to be confused with our Crisis Trees. In this system, an event will randomly fire depending on the war (though sometimes in peace) representing a possible flash point to war. You will be given a choice to let it slide, taking a pp hit and possibly more, or pushing the issue.
This event will trigger another similar one, and then another, and then another, until one side folds. The longer the crisis goes on, the worse the punishment for stepping down will be, but also increasing the risk each time that the crisis may go hot. Each chain has an end, and in this game of chicken, you will need to decide how great a risk you’ll be willing to take.
Here is one example with the Kriegsmarine having captured the American spy ship USNS Mission San Fernando.
This event takes place in the second phase of the crisis, where the US has decided to push for it to become a diplomatic incident, Germany then decided to ignore the complaints and push back. This event has around, subject to change, seven steps, and others may have more or less. If the crisis goes wrong, then a war will break out between your nations. Of course, more direct and… explosive responses can come as well, depending on the situation.
Finally for the South Africa portion of this diary, let’s look at the post-war situation.
At any time in the war, a ceasefire can be offered between the Reichskommissars or South Africa. The AI will normally never attempt to do so or accept unless under certain conditions which I’ll describe later.
Of course, a more total victory can be had as well if either side simply destroys the other. For both the US and Germany, that means capturing all of the Reichskommissars or South Africa respectively, and holding them for several months. Once done, victory will be declared for that faction to the great humiliation of their enemies. If rejected, the decision can still be taken by either side at any time.
For a cease fire, there are three separate possible endings. If the OFN has been on the winning end of the war, normally having dug in the southern regions of the Reichskommissariats and ending in a stalemate with the Germans, then the OFN friendly ceasefire can be proposed by either side.
This is the one we showed previously and the most likely ending, with the RKs trading away their southern halves and limping back to Central Africa to collapse further.
A stalemate can also ensue, with the lines freezing at the former border of South Afrika and the Reichskomissars and neither side finding any purchase in the other. In this case, thoroughly exhausted, the two sides would return to deal with their own fires and the border will remain unchanged. Even though this is technically a neutral agreement, this will lead to the RKs being much worse off, for while South Africa will have its own problems to deal with, their former enemies will quickly reenter a state of collapse.
And of course, the Reichskommissars can also push into South Africa and keep the Boer state alive but fail to secure a strong victory. In this case, the border of South Africa will be redrawn greatly, with the Boer state also expanding and becoming a puppet as the RKs help ‘rebuild’ it. Of course, unlike the Reichskommissars hopes, a victory against South Africa will not solve their myriad of issues, and the Boers may not like finding themselves under yet another foreign regime…
If you are playing as the US or Germany in this war, you can always pressure your ally to take or offer a ceasefire, and if you are in charge of enough of the war effort, can even attempt to deny them the right to do so themselves.
There are two other endings of course however, total victory for either side.
One has to remember though, that victory may not be the best ending for your nation and ally, for it also has its costs. For an example, see Germany post-WW2: or how not to age gracefully.
If the OFN wins, then they will find themselves in control of the majority of the second largest continent on Earth. The nations there have been torn down and destroyed, the RKs have left behind nothing but ruin and destruction, and there is a useless fucking ocean where half the congo was now.
South Africa will consume most of the southern Reichskommissars, whether they like it or not, at US insistence. The US will take everything to the north of this and put it under US military administration, and occupy the region to attempt to rebuild the area and nation build.
The US will have to make a choice here. They can use the old administrative lives of the RKs to build separately administered military districts to run the former colonies of Germany, though they will have to deal with three entire sets of problems, conflicting bureaucracies, and military infighting between the three, as well as a growing insurgency…
Or they can do the REALLY GOOD IDEA:
Establishing a single state under a military leader could only end well, especially when it spans across an entire continent and you’re not from there.
Needless to say, no matter what happens here, the US will be facing a mass of issues. Hopefully they have a kinder South Africa on the border so that more issues won’t come up.
Just joking, hell or highwater, this isn’t the end of the troubles for South Africa, who will have to deal with a new sling of issues in their newly conquered territories.
And then, of course, there is the possibility for an RK victory…
I’ll let this image be self explanatory, but look at the bright side, as long as the RKs work together then surely their luck will tur- ** GFX:**
Finally for South Africa, I want to give a shoutout to AtomicSoviet and the rest of our art team, who supplied us with some beautiful GFX this week. Here’s art of South Africa’s military men, courtesy of Atomic:
Oh and this:
Oh, and we ain’t done yet.
I am proud to announce that TNO has begun working with a very talented musician named Park who has beguin helping us build our soundtrack. TNO will heavily feature famous songs and bands of the era, covered by Park, who turns them into much more fitting tunes for the mod, normally slower and more relaxed. Here is the first song he implemented for us:
Yet others may only trigger for certain nations, who get into certain wars…
Oh, and a song made by our friend, admiralakbar1
One Last Thing:
Finally, I want to show off a new little feature we’ve added that I honestly think is really neat.
I call them Super Events. I’ll let the video be self explanatory.
Super Events will trigger for major game changing events. An example would be South Africa, or a Russian reunification, or the death of a major superpower, or of course, a nuclear war. They also play sound ques when triggered, as you can hear above (also keep an ear open for a few seconds of our rendition of Blue Monday :))
Here's a picture of one for South Africa:
Thanks for reading the dev diary! See you next week for our regularly scheduled racist mov- it was The King and I how did only like three of you get it.
We're going to Thailand baby!
Things less vaguely racist than The King and I: Discord, on Reddit, ModDB, the Paradox Forums, and
submitted by AHedgeKnight to TNOmod [link] [comments]

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